1. iamtalkytina

    Again, It’s All About Friends!


    “Tina True Friends Selfie,” by Talky Tina, on Flickr

    Well, today was a very nice day for Friends.

    Wonderful Music

    It was so wonderful when I woke up this morning and heard that wonderful song “Look What Happened to Tina” that my wonderful True Friend Vivien Rolfe (@VivienRolfe, …

  2. iamtalkytina

    Dali Bobblehead


    “Dali Bobblehead” animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina

    Well, a month is a long time to go between a GIFfight challenge, so I figure that since this Salvadore Dali  one was posted on November 24th and it is now the 27th of December, it is time for someone to make the next …

  3. victoriamadness

    Our FUTURE Bill Board!!


    So instead of just doing the regular assignment which was to take a poster and change it to propaganda that supports the class, I decided to make a sort GIF to promote or convince people to take this amazing class, and I put on a Bill Board instead of putting it …

  4. aalmberg

    Animal Gif


    This assignment is worth  3 stars.  I really love to make gifs. I created 3 gif to show a bit of progression of Selene. They are all from youtube, none  are actually her since she is still actually a very young puppy. I used an online site to pull the …

  5. aalmberg

    Gif List


    This assignment was worth 3.5 stars. I took random photos of my planner. I downloaded them into my computer. I used a site online that will animate and create the gif for me. I uploaded the photos I wanted to use. Then I downloaded the completed project.…

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