1. victoriamadness

    Our FUTURE Bill Board!!


    So instead of just doing the regular assignment which was to take a poster and change it to propaganda that supports the class, I decided to make a sort GIF to promote or convince people to take this amazing class, and I put on a Bill Board instead of putting it …

  2. aalmberg

    Animal Gif


    This assignment is worth  3 stars.  I really love to make gifs. I created 3 gif to show a bit of progression of Selene. They are all from youtube, none  are actually her since she is still actually a very young puppy. I used an online site to pull the …

  3. aalmberg

    Gif List


    This assignment was worth 3.5 stars. I took random photos of my planner. I downloaded them into my computer. I used a site online that will animate and create the gif for me. I uploaded the photos I wanted to use. Then I downloaded the completed project.…

  4. brittg

    GIF the Portrait


    My mother will get like the image above if anyone hurt her kids and let me just say she knows all and speaks from her heart! Now, Do you get why I chose her I need to resize the image so … Continue reading →

  5. vivrolfe

    Jet-lagged Gifs


    What better way to overcome jet lag than with making some art. (Big fan). Visited New York on a rainy day last week and the ‘High Line‘ was spectacular. A planted-up disused railway line provides an amazing splash of colour right through the city, and what a back …

  6. ryanseslow

    GIF the Portrait!


    Dear Students, We love the individual blog posts that are being generated about the GIF the Portrait project! Please do not forget to E-MAIL to me your final GIFS from the exercise! Aside from the GIFs living on your blogs, … Continue reading →

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