1. stylishness26

    The plan


    I’m so excited to see what this class brings me at the end of the semester.  I plan on blogging, doing the digital story projects, commenting, doing the weekly reflections, being involve into my personal website, being on time and also possibly creating … Continue reading →

  2. Sincerely_Mel

    When People Challenge Me


    **At a popular LA cafe, the ladies are gossiping** Jackie Christie: I design way better than Draya. I don’t think she knows what she’s doing? Sunday: Girl Please! Draya ain’t no damn designer, hoes don’t have successful careers. **walks into … Continue reading →

  3. Sincerely_Mel

    I Can Do It


    Even though a mojority of Blogging and Posting seems like a foreign language, I think i’m up for the challenge. My game plan is to really emurse myself into it all. I want to complete a lot of blogging assignments … Continue reading →

  4. Katelyn Kemble

    Hello, Internet!


    I hope to really get my creative juices flowing this semester especially for a class like this one that sort of forces you to be overwhelmingly imaginative and expressive. I plan on making a variety of gifs; playing with different … Continue reading →

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