1. mdavis101

    “Say It like Peanut Butter” GIF


    The story

    Boobie Miles is the star running back of the Permian Panthers football team. This is the first game of the season and the panthers are crushing their opponent. Coach Gaines puts Boobie in with 2 minutes left, because the reserve running back lost his helmet. The playcall is …

  2. Christina Hendricks

    Number 2 as anvil


    In the episode of The Prisoner called “Hammer into Anvil,” Number 2 pretty much loses it by the end. One part that really intrigued me was when he was shown towards the end stroking the penny farthing. I’ve seen some suggestions online about what the penny farthing is all about …

  3. Andrew Forgrave

    Terminal Waypoint


    “Village Tunnel” image by @aforgrave

    I have continued to have success in avoiding the “sleep light” at lights out, and have made some additional progress in exploring the secret crawlspace I found beneath my cottage in The Village. After several successive evenings of further exploration, I have uncovered a vast …

  4. Andrew Forgrave

    BeTWEEN the Spokes of a Penny Farthing


    “BeTWEEN the Spokes of a Penny Farthing, Experiment 3, Step 3″ animated GIF by @aforgrave (click for full size GIF)

    This is the result of this afternoon’s experimentation into the capability of Photoshop’s Timeline TWEEN function.

    First, what I’m about to report are the results of experimentation only. Typically I …

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