1. iamtalkytina

    Well, ds106 IS #4life, bub!


    “DS106 IS #4life Spiral GIF” animatedGIF by @iamTalkyTina

    This is a little GIF that I made today for a little project I am working on. I will share the little project when it is done. But in the intervening time, just stare at this for a few minutes (put on …

  2. Christina Hendricks

    A Gif with Gimp by Jack!


    Well, some of the family wants to learn how to make an animated Gif and we could wait for a while to teach this on the right week of computer class but we have had a very kind gentleman doing the same computer class at the university make us a …

  3. Christina Hendricks

    Hendricks DS106 2013-12-10 01:00:00


    This is a guest post by the boy ghost in the image above, who has chosen to remain anonymous.

    I am so thrilled about my beta test of the GIFaChrome camera! I was able to get a version of the camera from my friend Ina, and she kindly agreed to …

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