1. Andrew Forgrave

    Artoo vs. The Degobah Swamp Creature


    “Artoo vs. The Degobah Swamp Creature” animated GIF by @aforgrave

    The Daily Create for August 7th tdc942 asks us to riff on an image from the Spielberg-Lucas “congratulations letters” which were written each time one director’s film surpassed the other’s at the box office. (The Daily Create for August 6th …

  2. iamtalkytina

    Don’t Try this at Home, Kids!


    “Playing on the Stairs,” animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina

    First, please understand that as a trained actress, stunt person, ninja, and generally responsible person, I have a deep understanding and heathy respect for stairs. Those of you who know me will understand this.

    Second, know that as the designated and contracted …

  3. Andrew Forgrave

    A Newly Improved Boo


    REVISED version of “Boo” animated Anaglyph-A-GIF by @aforgrave, based on p8 from Geo. Wither’s Emblemes (1635)


    In revisiting the “George Wither, page 8, ‘Boo’“ GIF in order to update the misspelling in the “view with Cyan-Magenta 3D glasses” text, I have uncovered another issue and made another …

  4. karenatsharon

    My first gif (in a very long while!)


    Well I believe I have done it. I have created my first ever animated gif for DS106 ( a very easy one I admit.) Once upon a time, there was a program called Fireworks that I did know how to use, but Macromedia was eaten up by Adobe and it …

  5. brian b

    In ds106, Shark Jumps YOU


    It was one of those days, and I couldn’t pass this one up.

    The Headless ds106 is in full swing, and this week is Design Week. I love design work because it makes me think hard about how to communicate ideas both subtly and artfully. You can see some of

ds106 in[SPIRE]