1. Bebo

    Navratri Digital Storytelling


    Navratri (Hindi: ???????? Gujarati: ???????? Oriya: ????????? Bengali: ???????? Kannada: ???????? Assamese: ???????? Marathi: ???????? Punjabi: ????? Kashmiri: ?????? / ????? Telugu: ???????? Tamil: ?????????? Malayalam: ????????) is a festival dedicated to the worship of the Hindu deity Durga.Navratri means … Continue reading →

  2. ryanseslow

    Synthesizing Ideas for Points!


    Synthesizing Ideas for Points by Re-Defining Photography!   I have been getting a few interesting inquiries about generating content for our class projects. It has been mainly about what qualifies as a “legit” contribution to the course projects criteria listed … Continue reading →

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