1. stephvelaz

    My Favorite Imagery


    A few GIFs I made of one of my favorite YouTubers, Connor Franta. The GIFs come from the trailer he made for his newest book, Note To Self. The tutorial for this assignment was very easy to follow. It took one or two tries to get Imgur to work, but …

  2. ryanseslow

    A “How To” Net Art & GIF Making Tutorial.


    A “How To” Net Art & GIF Making Tutorial. GIVE IT TRY! This is a fun exercise to add to your NEW WEBSITES! Lets use a NYPL Digital Collections Archive Image. Its no secret, you can find tons and tons of great historical images in the NYPL Digital Collections Archives. …

  3. @simplis

    DS106: Digital Storytelling Assignment #1


    I have done quite a bit of video editing using several video editors, but haven’t created an animated GIF. Its’s actually pretty simple, but does require a few programs to complete. Luckily, you can find them all for free. Below is my first assignment for the DS106 course. I call …

  4. aurabynature



    This is my first DS106 assignment it’s called Say It Like The Peanut Butter, Where I had to pick a scene from my favorite movie, a major scene. I had to put very little movement into the gif also. This is … Continue reading →

  5. iamtalkytina

    Coding in Base DS106 is Where It’s At!


    It was interesting yesterday when The Daily Create tdc1500 said to celebrate 1500 creates in some way, and my patented @iamTalkyTina Handy-Dandy Base-DS106 Secret Decoder Ring had just arrived in the post from Zazzle! It was so easy for me to test out my ring to translate 1500 into Base …

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