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  1. @carrie_vogel

    I Ran Out…

    I can’t believe it almost, my first set of face masks all sold out! There were not too many of them but enough that they sold quickly. I have more supplies on the way to make more, shipping is the longest part. My Etsy shop has received many many views...
  2. @jacobhilker1


    “My name is Garulf, second son to Lord Eadric of Blackhill, a small town in the northwest of Byrne. I’ve been a part of the King’s Rangers since I was but a lad of 17. The past isn’t what matters in this case.” “Recently I received an urgent message from King Godric saying the Skuldi […]
  3. @jamesrxss

    How is the Use of Social Media Contributing to Digital Transformations in the Fabric of Everyday Life?

    This post discusses the affect social media has on modern life, and to what extent the world of social media is merging with real life. The focus will be on education and how education has changed, reflecting on the popularity and engagement of social media. Social media has been defined in many different ways. According […]
  4. @StaceyElouise

    My Place or yours?

    My place or yours? This scene given this context changes everything! I decided for this post to make a Gif from a scene from my all time favourite tv show: Sherlock and added alternate subtitles. I quite like the way this turned out but I would like to experiment more with gif’s now I have … Continue reading "My Place or yours?"
  5. @natashabmedia

    The creation of my perfect imaginary bedroom!

    Hello, Hope you’re having a moderately adequate day, if not better? This blog post will contain the imaginative task of ‘Create Your Own Room‘. Using Pinterest I went to search for different rooms, furniture and colours in order to create my dream room. I decided I would create a bedroom, my taste has definitely changed.… Continue reading The creation of my perfect imaginary bedroom!
  6. @natashabmedia

    Photo mash 2 actors= create a bizarre scenario…

    Greetings! Hope you’re having a moderately adequate day, if not better? Now this blog consists of mashing 2 actors into a setting, it’s specifically called ‘Photo Mash‘. This really appealed to me, I am a massive fan of all sorts of TV and Film. If you read my blog posts regularly, this is something you… Continue reading Photo mash 2 actors= create a bizarre scenario…
  7. @BenjoBangs

    Unit 9: Video Reacting to Spaghet Based Humour

    SOMEBODY TOUCHA MY SPAGHET. It’s the freshest and newest meme of 2018, sweeping the internet like an absolute storm. I’ve decided to record a little video of me reacting to this meme, since I’ve placed it as my meme of the month January 2018. Admittedly, I didn’t get very far through reacting to these memes and … Continue reading "Unit 9: Video Reacting to Spaghet Based Humour"
  8. @ceejay_97

    Giffing Revenge

    Finally, to end this assignment, the next task from the ds106 bank within the animated gif assignment was to create an animated gif from a television show that uses subtitles to tell the story. For this task, I had decided to go with my favourite tv show ‘Power’  and turn it into a gif. The reason […]
  9. @ceejay_97

    Guess them songs

    For this assignment in the ds106 bank, I had moved onto the mashup category. This task required me to mix some songs together and have the person listening to it guess what the song is. This assignment I enjoyed and got carried away because when I was looking for the songs to use on youtube I kept on […]

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