1. paul bond

    Chuck on the Clash


    I listened to the Stay Free podcast a few months ago. It’s Chuck D of Public Enemy narrating the story of The Clash. It bleeds off the edges of our ds106 80s theme, as The Clash was late 70s-early 80s and PE was late 80’s into 90s and beyond, but …

  2. @shika_f

    Harima’s Voice


    I knew what kind of dramatic background music I wanted to use for my recording. However, after surfing around on sites like Royaltyfreemusic.com and Bensound.com, I came to a sudden realization that the perfect piece of music that would be my the Japanese composer Toshio Masuda. He had composed music …

  3. @MattMDL106

    Sound Effects Story


    The purpose of the Sounds Effects Story assignment was to create a story using only sound effects. In my case, I got a number of sounds effects from freesounds and created my story. The story is about a person leaving their house and driving away. The idea for this came …

  4. @shika_f

    Dead and Gone


    This is the tell a story assignment from the assignment bank is worth 3.5 stars. Wow! This was an absolutely amazing assignment. I had a bit of trouble deciding on the topic and tone I wanted the my story to have. So, in the end, I actually came up with …

  5. @ec__stewart

    Sounds of the Streets


    The point of this assignment was to create a place using only sound effects.  For this process, I went to FreeSounds which is a free-use platform with thousands of user generated sounds.  My goal was to make the listener feel as if they were sitting on a bench by a …

  6. @ec__stewart



    For one of my Audio Assignments this week, I decided to record and upload my own sound to Freesound, a free sound sharing platform.  The assignment said to pick a sound that I thought was lacking from the website.  I was inspired by my dad making us dinner.  I …

  7. @ec__stewart

    Mystery Music


    I absolutely love music, so this assignment was right up my alley.  The idea of simplifying your favorite song to just the instrumental version is such a cool concept.  By taking away the vocals of the song, I heard different parts in the instrumental version that I never caught in …

  8. @ec__stewart

    A Knight’s Tale


    The assignment, Sound Effects Story, was one of my favorites for this week. It was so fun to create a whole story without any dialogue or visuals.

    To accomplish this, I first downloaded sound effects off of the website, Freesound.  This website is filled with user-generated sound effects …

  9. @TreeStand_98

    Sick Beat

    My Sick Beat

    I used GarageBand to mix all of the sounds together to make a “Sick Beat.” Feel free to click on my tutorial video to see how I put this all together.

    Sick Beat Tutorial…
  10. @shika_f

    Moon Graffiti


    Listening to this was absolute fantastic! Already, I really enjoy to listen narrations and stories from storytellers on YouTube who read from Reddit about people’s true or not so true encounters with the supernatural or terrible people. However, I can say with great confidence that this was many steps above …

  11. @katelync106

    what a song means to me


    When I read the requirements for this assignment, I knew immediately that I could choose one of the most famous songs by my favorite bad: Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles.…

  12. @BensonKaylie

    Tongue Twisting


    Disclaimer: I cannot say tongue twisters to save my life. Try as I might, I can never say them fast enough for satisfaction. I can’t sell seashells by the seashore. Peter Piper can’t pick a peck of pickled peppers. It just doesn’t work.

    So for the Tongue Twister assignment, I …

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