1. @Chris_tastrophe

    I Wool-dn’t Say This Week Was Bad


    I’m glad I got to appreciate my novel of choice, Wool, this week. My favorite creation this week was making a theme song for the book, which you can see below! Fan fiction is interesting – I didn’t choose any writing activities because I felt this is the stereotypical route …

  2. @Sam_ara106

    The Beginning


    I completed the conversation five star assignment! I chose a conversation between Frida and Anika in California. Frida and her husband joined a Community run by her brother, and this is a fairly long conversation between the two friends about how the Community became afraid of the color red. This …

  3. @KatieHartraft

    World War Z Remixed Ending


    The ending to the movie World War Z is much different than that of the book, but it lent itself into remixing quite well.

    I went through a good number of scenes online to see which I wanted to remix, and the ending was the one with the most normal …

  4. @dannpannn

    Radio Show Reflection


    I felt like a celebrity answering the radio show questions on behalf of my group lol.

    Seriously though, I was really happy with the way it turned out. I knew as soon as we finished recording the audio on my camera that it was going to be awesome. I think …

  5. @Chris_tastrophe

    Radio is Rad


    The process of creating this project was really fun! Ideas came easily with such a creative group to work with. That being said, it took much longer than I thought it would. Audio editing certainly takes a lot of time. I’m glad we decided to do the faux listener …

  6. @Anne Armour

    Week 9 Reflection


    This week was nice little break from all the work on the radio show I was doing the last several weeks. I had been stressing about that project, so it being over and moving on is a nice change. I liked doing the project, but it was something really new …

  7. @Anne Armour

    Tuning In!


    This week I was able to listen to our fully produced radio broadcast on ds106radio. I don’t think there were too many classmates tuned into it, but I at least got to see some of Professor Burtis’ reactions to it. Overall, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I …

  8. @Chris_tastrophe

    Revise the DJ


    I decided to revise the song I posted originally in my Play the DJ assignment. I thought the middle part was a bit plain and the ending came too suddenly, so I changed it up. It’s fun to revisit an old project and rework it. You come in with fresh …

  • @dannpannn

    WEEKS 7&8



    Tune in on Tuesday March 20th at 10 to listen and ask any questions you might be have!

    I was really impressed by how quickly my group finished it

    It also only took my about an hour to compile and edit the entire …

  • @dannpannn

    Weekly update #2 for Radio Show


    The show is all finally coming together!

    the squad has united over wings and we are recording all the stuff on my camera

    this is the beast (my baby) that is making this radio

    I also attached a pic of our wings because they look beautiful

    We came up with …

  • @umwequestrianista

    Weeks 7 and 8 Reflection


    So spring break was awesome! I traveled to Florida for a wedding and spent tons of time with family soaking up the sun.  With only 54 days left until graduation…. SAY WHAT?! …. I have been really stressed and the break was much needed.

    When I got back from break, …

  • @Anne Armour

    And That’s a Wrap!


    So we finally finished our broadcast! Yayyyyy!

    We put a lot of hard work into it, especially since none of us were really experienced in working with audio. It was a learning experience for all of us I think.

    Despite the issues we had run into with recording the previous …

  • @dannpannn

    Radio Show: Week 1


    Pre-spring break

    morale is low

    and so is productivity lol

    The only thing we managed to do thus far is come up with a name for our Radio Show. It will be called “The Eagle Report”

    the role are divided based on our strengths and weaknesses. Haley is good at …

  • @Chris_tastrophe

    Sad to See Audio Go


    I loved working with audio this week – I picked up some skills with crossfading clips, looping, and adding reverb in audacity. I’ll never forget you radio-project-week, you will be missed:


    So, what happened?


    Daily Creates

    @ds106dc I’m afraid of becoming this really huge bald guy who steals …

  • @Chris_tastrophe

    It’s a Wrap!


    Well it was certainly a journey – thank you to all of the great group members I worked with: Katie, Jenn, and Daniel.

    We spent the early week recording our audio, and the remainder of the time editing (which took a long time). Especially when we misplaced one of our …

  • @Anne Armour

    Moving on from Spring Break


    This past week was Spring Break, but now it’s time to get back to work!

    This past week (yes, during Spring Break), my group and I had assigned ourselves to write out our scripts for our broadcast. We had planned on writing them all out and then meeting up to …

  • @Anne Armour

    First Week with WUMW


    This week we had got in contact with the other members of our groups, so we were able to get things started!

    We had gotten each others cell phone numbers to start up a group chat with each other and we also got emails in order to start a Google …

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