1. @simplytelling

    – the introduction –


    Well, hello to all of my fellow classmates and random folks stopping by!

    I wanted to do a fun little post today where I use multiple platforms to introduce myself to you all and hope that you’ll find me hip enough to be a university student. Please note that my …

  2. Andrew Brasher

    The Missing Hunter


    My name is Gareth, I am a Warlock of the Praxic Order. This log is for the records because I doubt anyone else would care.

    A missing guardian. Or rather, another missing guardian, because it’s not like a Hunter going missing was anything new. They are constantly going out and …

  3. Rebecca

    The Secret World of Arriet-flea


    Let me start off by saying this: humans are dumb. They are so self-centered, they think that only they could be smart enough to be historians, or spies, or the great thinkers. I’m living, hopping proof that anyone can be brilliant. I’m a flea, and I’ve got a tiny conspiracy …

  4. de-norm

    One Final Story (The Story)

    Final Project – Stuck in the Gutter of Boredom

    This is yet another normal, boring day for Neil. Sitting in the gas station, sipping on something he grabbed from the back room that didn’t have a large sticker on it, and listening to the rain outside. It’s just Greenhill’s Red …

  5. @vd678

    Down on the Farm


    The goal of this assignment was to record sounds that I hear daily, but may be unfamiliar to others and turn it into an audio story.

    For this assignment, I chose to let everyone hear the sounds I hear everyday out on the farm. The audio clip below will walk …

  6. Andrew Brasher

    A Hero’s Quest


    When the town is attacked, when the villagers are terrified, someone has to step up and go face these bandits. Save the town. I’ve always loved the classic tales of evil doers and the heroes that step up and become legends by doing great and heroic deeds. Typical D&D stuff. …

  7. Andrew Brasher

    An Audio Mood


    Audio storytelling is something that I thought I had some knowledge of but, listening to the stories I realized that my experience with audio storytelling was simply stories that were told via audio podcast. There wasn’t really any storytelling to it.

    Listening to Jonathan Mitchell’s podcast Moon Graffiti I realized …

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