1. @MatthewJLetts

    Make Your Own Mixtape


    I enjoyed this assignment a lot, as I got to listen to a load of my favourite songs with my main being David Bowie’s Heroes, which I started the mixtape off with. The point of the assignment was to create a mixtape that people used to decades ago, with your …

  2. @MatthewJLetts

    Auditory Hell


    This assignments probably the easiest I’ve done so far. The aim was to create the worst sound ever. To do this, I used my Microsoft Headset, which has a very competent microphone that picks up every little sound. This allowed me to put the microphone in my mouth and just …

  3. @dandennis_media

    Hearing places…


    This ds106 assignment was part of an audio unit and was called “Create a place“. The aim of the assignment was to use audio to paint a picture of a scene and put the listener there in the location. This assignment really shows the importance of audio in …

  4. @charlottelfish

    Auditory Hell (Audio)


    For this assignment I had to think of the worst sounds I’ve heard or could think of, and put them into one soundtrack which would make anyone cringe.

    The process:

    Firstly, I thought about the sounds I disliked or make me cringe. I then went to find them on YouTube…
  5. @MatthewJLetts

    Funny Singing Voice Over


    This assignment was one of the funniest I’ve had the pleasure of doing, as it involved me and a mate singing at 4pm in a recording booth to the most ridiculous songs we could imagine. We booked out a microphone with Av Loans, booked out a recording booth, set up …

  6. @dandennis_media

    Unit 4: Sound Effect Story


    Sound Effect Story

    For this assignment I was required to make a story out of sound effects and audio files without the use of words. The duration for the final result should also be no longer than 90 seconds.

    I decided to tell the story of an Elk walking through …

  7. @ldeitrick

    Weekly Summary


    The past two weeks have been really stressful.

    On a personal note, my dog, Angel passed on the 7th of October. She was 24 years old and I’d had her since I was 19, so for 14 years she was my sole companion. It hit be hard and it was …

  8. @ldeitrick



    I’ve been pleasantly surprise how easy the collaboration between most members of the group has been solely through online communication. I live and work in Arlington, so meeting in person wasn’t an option for me. And while online communication made my life easier, it also made me nervous about putting …

  9. @girlycurlyfries

    distress signal outro


    From using the bumper assignment out of the assignment bank, I created an outro for our Distress Signal radio show. I first found a free song online that felt very superhero like. It’s entitled epic, how we depict our show to be. I coordinated with my group member, Ashleigh to …

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