1. @carrie_vogel

    Story by Sounds, Listen Closely


    This assignment was much more fun after breaking through the anxiety wall of recording myself in the previous assignment. I made a story with audio only, different sounds to be exact. It’s pretty simple, comment with your idea of what the story tells you below.…

  2. @carrie_vogel

    Radio Mic Check, Bump


    I will have to start by saying going into Unit 4 of DS106 was a little nerve-wracking. What’s funny about it is that I work in a call center, I know what my own voice sounds like and am familiar with being recorded. But this, this, in the end, was …

  3. @carrie_vogel

    Working on Audio


    I Was Just Trying to Help Audio Clipon This American Life, hosted by Ira Glass I’m listening to this story interviewing Sharon Snyder by Ira Glass, on his piece from This American Life, and the first thing that comes to me is the emotion swelling inside of anger at how …

  4. @chloversgarden



    My name is Aitana Rorcshen. I started as an archeologist, I wasn’t famous, I just followed my passion. Along the way, I happened to find someone who shared that passion with me, her name is Rama Deloid. Rama was also an archeologist, but as I came to find out, …

  5. @chloversgarden

    Radio Show Critique


    The Myths, Legends, & Character Conversation radio show was very intriguing. A lot of the characters were new to me. The first three characters Gallapher, Maria Segreti, and La Señora Luz all had background music which I had given no thought to. It was really inspiring to hear how much …

  6. @chloversgarden

    Week 8


    This week had a very different structure to it. It mostly involved communication with team members and constantly checking back to see if something went awry or was incomplete. We finally completed our Radio Show by Wednesday!

    Because there were no assignments this week, Fall Break was very relaxed for …

  7. @chloversgarden

    Radio Show Progress 2


    This week we had some trouble making each person’s audio tracks (bumpers, commercials, and radio clips) downloadable. Thankfully Zae found instructions on how to make them shareable so we all had to go back in an edit our SoundCloud settings.

    We had set the goal of finishing our individual work …

  8. @chloversgarden

    Radio Show Progress 1


    Explain what progress/decisions the group had made, what individual work you’ve been doing, what tools/tech you’re using, what’s going well, what’s not working, etc.

    We have come together to agree on the subject matter of our radio show, a newscast site that features all the stories of multiple universes. We …

  9. @chloversgarden

    Call Me, Beep Me


    For this assignment I chose to be Phoebe from Friends, and call Rachel and Monica to tell them to cancel their house party. I wanted to emphasize the events that happened to her throughout the day so I used free sound.org to get sounds of her walking through a graveyard, …

  10. @JordanC61692137

    City Accidents



    Walking through the city streets you can hear and experience many things. In this audio recording made with Audacity you travel with someone in the streets until something horrible happens. While walking in the street the footsteps encounter a car crash. This crash then leads to several sirens and …

  11. @tabbycat07

    Audio Time


    What a start to the week. We hit it off with learning about audio, which was similar to learning about design, creating emotion and connections with the audience. Listening to Jad Abumrad and reading tips for audio editing was very enjoyable and engaging. I had a page understanding that a …

  12. @JordanC61692137

    MidWeek Three Reflection


    This week our assignments revolved around the audio world. Our first assignment was listening to two short videos from Jad Abumrad explaining some of his experiences with radio and digital storytelling. Abumrad brings up thought-provoking points about how people interact with digital storytelling. To see these videos and read a …

  13. @JordanC61692137

    Moon Graffiti Reflection



    While listening to this audio story there were several factors that increased the realistic aspects of the story as well as creating heightened emotions. During this podcast there was a lot of description of what the scenes would have looked like. This ties into the idea of co-imagining that …

  14. @tabbycat07

    Audio Resources


    Coming into this class, my only experience with audio is layering it on a movie in iMovie. Jad Abumrad talks about how the radio takes you in a different state of mind and paints images in the listeners’ minds. The radio connections people with co-imagining by putting certain images in …

  15. @JordanC61692137

    Reading & Resource Reflection



    During this video, the speaker Abumrad mentions that radio has said to have died over 50 times however, it has not died yet. Abumrad attributes the life of radio to the theory of “co-imagining”. Co-imagining is when someone speaks but not visuals are shown, similar to what the radio …

  16. @Chris_tastrophe

    I Wool-dn’t Say This Week Was Bad


    I’m glad I got to appreciate my novel of choice, Wool, this week. My favorite creation this week was making a theme song for the book, which you can see below! Fan fiction is interesting – I didn’t choose any writing activities because I felt this is the stereotypical route …

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