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  1. @MeMcMe3

    Audio Reflection

    Sound is universal. No matter where you are on earth, certain sounds may be attributed to almost anything. By that same association, language isn’t even needed for a combination of sounds to create a meaningful story. Language itself is just a coordinated accumulation of sounds. Mood, atmosphere, and meaning are mere consequences of the accumulation …
  2. @wade_764

    Boom Goes the Dynamite

    Jad Abumrad made many excellent points when talking about the advantages of audio compared to visual art. I connected with the statement he made, “[Talking about audio storytelling] In a sense, I’m painting something, but I’m not holding the paintbrush you are!” This statement exemplifies what I think is so creative about storytelling and music. Not only that, but if you listen to a live performance, no one take is identical. I like to compare audio to photography because it captures a precise moment in time that is unique and will never come around again (unless I finish my time-traveling…
  3. @JHolburd

    Audio Reflection

    I had not thought about audio storytelling as the story in itself but more to amplify and assist a story of words. As I listened to Abumrad, he brought it home when he explained that radio connects people with their imaginations by one person transmitting a visual image to the receiving person with their voice […]
  4. @CeliaSdigitally

    Sounds Impact the Effect of Stories – Audio Reflection

    After listening to Moon Graffiti, I was really astounded with everything that I heard and the emotional effect that this had on me. Abrumad’s perspective that he offers in his videos also illustrate the idea that audio work can help a listener dive deeper into the story and feel more of a part of it. … Continue reading Sounds Impact the Effect of Stories – Audio Reflection
  5. @Bendire Thrasher

    “Neil, You Gotta Hear This”

    I have dabbled in listening to audio storytelling, meaning basically that I have listened to almost all of the Magnus Archives, and sometimes Trixie and Katyas’ Bald and the Beaufiful podcast, but Moon Graffiti was completely different. Moon Graffiti somehow managed to create a world out of sounds. It was the opposite of a silent […]
  6. @skyler0455

    moon graffiti

    I listened to “Moon Graffiti,” which employed sound effects and changes in sound to tell the story ‘what if Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin actually crashed on the moon?’ I thought the techniques they employed to illustrate the story were very interesting and creative. In the beginning, alarming sounds before the crash happens creates a […]
  7. @PabloMccrimmon


    I love Foley sound design in movies. When I was a kid, I watched the special features for some random flick and one particular segment focused on the recording of the background noise. I found it fascinating how these sound effects artists were able to emulate real life sounds using a variety of unrelated materials. […]
  8. @ekardos106

    Moon Graffiti and Audio Storytelling

    When listening to the Moon Graffiti podcast, the sound effects and different audio elements added a whole new level of storytelling. The tone of the narrators’ voices, the sound effects, and the background music during narration really helped set the scene. The auditory elements made it easier to visualize and comprehend the story. I felt …
  9. @Egon2688

    Just Listen

    Sound completely MAKES each story! Could you imagine telling a story or listening to a movie/story without any sound effects or noises about what’s occurring? It just wouldn’t make sense to not have sound. I know there is materials out there that do not have sound but, in my opinion, it is not as interesting.… Continue reading Just Listen

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