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  1. @Egon2688

    NĂşmero Dos

    10-Step Photo Challenge [Remixed]: In Another Language-Take ten steps in any direction and with each step take one photo. Think about angles and lighting to create interesting photographs. Create a collage in a photo editor. Remix Card: “In Another Language” Translate the story or add a foreign language to any assignment, take it elsewhere in… Continue reading Número Dos
  2. @Egon2688

    Once again!

    I have to say I really like creating films! However, the issue I always have with YouTube is the copyright with other movie scenes in my films. It’s annoying that I created three different projects this week just for YouTube to tell me they needed to be trimmed in order to upload and be shareable.… Continue reading Once again!
  3. @Egon2688

    Happy Accidents

    I had to do a lot of research and explore what worked best for me to complete this assignment. I read the tips repeatedly but I couldn’t download the scenes I needed through the site provided. I also looked through the assignment tutorials but only one seemed to work. I had to take several breaks because… Continue reading Happy Accidents
  4. @Egon2688


    In my last week’s post for project ideas I wanted to share the story of peace and love through music. I think that music can connect us through emotions, experiences, and most importantly memories. I looked through my peers blogs and they all had great project ideas. The two who I believe I could expand… Continue reading Suggestions
  5. @Egon2688


    The two assignments I decided to revise were the radio audio we completed a couple of weeks ago for our project. The professor had mentioned the music was lost somewhere. My peers also had mentioned they could not hear the audio very well on their end. I liked both audios for our radio show project… Continue reading Revamped!
  6. @Egon2688

    Music is life!

    I loved the opening music for The Joy of Music, it was very smooth. The intro conversation was also great too, very personal, and relatable. I have several playlists on Spotify as well with a variety of music and genres, I appreciated the selection of music used throughout the show. It’s all different. The anticipation… Continue reading Music is life!
  7. @Egon2688

    Radio Music

    I created this audio for The Fab Five’s remake of The Roy Rogers Show! I thought it would be neat to replace parts of the scripts musical suspense with these bumpers or transitions. I used pieces of audio from Art, Music, & Painting because I think it works well with our theme. I used the… Continue reading Radio Music
  8. @Egon2688

    Group Development-The Fab Five!

    Discord was a great help getting our group together! I saw Lyndsey’s text stating she needed partners for the project, so I reached out. We quickly formed our group of five. We all decided to use Lyndsey’s theme idea to recrate an old radio drama called ROY ROGERS “Missing Atomic Scientist”. We’ll be incorporating Bob… Continue reading Group Development-The Fab Five!

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