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  1. @JHolburd

    Radio7 Progress Notes

    Our group, Radio7, is doing well, having finished our first week in the creation of our radio show that will be ready to air on Friday, March 11.  We have a vision and a task at hand with some granularity.  We know we are producing a murder mystery radio show that will last 35-49 minutes, […]
  2. @Tillysisland

    Establishing A Narrative

    This week has been both extremely stressful and extremely exciting. Things started off a bit confusing for me, admittedly, as I was under the impression that the radio show assignment would be individual work. Because of this, I slotted myself into a group pretty last minute. After this, a few
  3. @skyler0455

    radio show progress

    This week, my group, formed and started talking on our Discord server. I joined the group a little late, and got caught up about the idea for our project: to recreate an old episode of the Roy Rogers Show. We started working on a google doc to keep track of our ideas and work. We […]
  4. @HumIsDum

    What’s Up With This Radio Show?

    by Thomas Pulsifer Progress on the radio show group project is coming along great! Having met with my groupmates, Mason, Grace, and Bella, we’ve put together a plan for our show that we’re really happy with. Currently, the show is planned to be a Halloween spectacular, with a collection of spooky stories, discussions, and reviews.Continue reading "What’s Up With This Radio Show?"

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