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  1. @JHolburd

    The Final Curtain

    BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front):  From this course, I gained a tremendous amount of capabilities to tell stories in the digital world but also left a lot on the table.  When I first started the semester, there was a wide, open space in my mind, not knowing what I’d be experiencing but I knew I […]
  2. @JHolburd

    Final Project, Weekly Summary–Week 13 All in One Post!

    World War I Flying Aces and the Music! Movie At first, I thought about doing a short movie of popular aviation songs from 1918-1938 but it became apparent that I should focus on how an event like WWI flying aces and then Amelia Earhart’s last flight was memorialized in music both at the time of […]
  3. @JHolburd

    Weekly Summary–Week Twelve!

    Daily Creates Mashup Assignment 771, Actor Transformation, 2.5 stars Mashup Assignment 2124, On Broadway, 3 stars Mashup Assignment 1864, Mash Thyself, Before Ye Trash Thyself, 3.5 Stars Remix Generator, Where’s Waldo Jump Shrimp Remix The mashups and remixs were a lot more fun than I expected, and more straightforward. I was grateful to have found […]
  4. @JHolburd

    Jump Shrimp Remix

    This remix is intended to be one of opposites–find a completed assignment and create its oxymoron, something that is contradictory to what was made. My first assignment is the lower SoundCloud link, called Quote of the Day and it’s from my Audio Assignment 210. I pulled a quoted from my Calendar a Day (the photo […]
  5. @JHolburd

    “Happy” Exercising and (not) Socializing by the River

    For this VideoAssignments1537, “Exercise and Socialize” we’re supposed to record a video of ourselves, taking a neighborhood walk and play a song in the background that the neighbors would enjoy. Not being sure if I can record a video while playing music on the same iPhone (and knowing that as a human I am not […]
  6. @JHolburd

    Final Project Ideas

    Wade, Katie and I have started discussing final project ideas and are just in the brainstorming phase. We are thinking of a video format for the project and want to include the theme of joy of creativity, which will definitely be exhibited by our work! The assignment says the project should be something that matters […]
  7. @JHolburd

    Stories Created from Dailies

    We never knew what was going to happen in our lives. Some young people, early in high school and after, had it all planned out. They set themselves on a trajectory with a plan of education, training, family, maybe the military, where they planned to live and what hobbies they would pursue. And then came […]
  8. @JHolburd

    The Sunday Radio Hour +

    Tonight’s DS106 Radio featured Death of the Painter and Coroner’s Tale at the 8 p.m., slot. My team, Radio7, created Death of the Painter and it was fun to listen to our brainchild live! It was also a little surreal to hear it “over the airwaves.”   I was using my headphones and it sounded much […]
  9. @JHolburd

    Radio7 Progress Notes

    Our group, Radio7, is doing well, having finished our first week in the creation of our radio show that will be ready to air on Friday, March 11.  We have a vision and a task at hand with some granularity.  We know we are producing a murder mystery radio show that will last 35-49 minutes, […]
  10. @JHolburd

    Bumping in the Night

    This bumper is for AudioAssignments2616, part of our radio show that we’re putting together. I don’t want to give any more away so suffice it to say, I found two pieces of sound: background music and birds chirping. Then I recorded a message to keep listening to Radio7 for the continuation of the broadcast story. […]
  11. @JHolburd

    Radio7 Logo on the Brain

    For our radio show design project, I decided to create a generic logo for our radio show group. We are named Radio7. It’s simple, clean and there are seven of us doing a radio show that could always morph into something other vision! We didn’t want to be tied down last Sunday because we couldn’t–we […]
  12. @JHolburd

    Weekly Summary–Week Six

    Design Week was easier from the perspective that the apps were more straightforward and easier to use, saving a lot of time. This was a much less aggravating, and much more Joyful week. Bob would be in a more blissful place this week if he were taking the course and was introduced to some of […]
  13. @JHolburd

    Keep Moving Forward!

    For DesignAssignments 1887, Motivational Poster, the task was to find an image and design a poster for that situation. I went at it backwards because my mantra for many moons has been to Keep the Forward Momentum Going, and that also (hopefully) will fit in with my long story and with our friend Bob and […]

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