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  1. @JHolburd

    Weekly Summary–Week Six

    Design Week was easier from the perspective that the apps were more straightforward and easier to use, saving a lot of time. This was a much less aggravating, and much more Joyful week. Bob would be in a more blissful place this week if he were taking the course and was introduced to some of […]
  2. @ari_squared

    ds106 Recruitment

    Assignment For my last remix of the week I chose to complete the Combophoto assignment under Visual Assignments. Summary: Use photo editing software of your choice to splice pairs of pictures into single images. Play with scale in delightful ways. See artist Stephen McMennamy’s great collection. Remix: Use this assignment to create an advertisement or […]
  3. @ari_squared

    Luigi’s Crossing: Animal Mansion 3

    Assignment I chose to complete the Mashup Assignment Video Game Cover Mashup for 3.5 stars. This assignment caught my attention as I had already done a video game related post this semester: Animal Crossing New Horizons: Video Game Review. Summary: This assignment will be completed through the use of photoshop. Take two existing video game […]

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