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  1. @Tillysisland

    Becoming the Coroner

    The first week of creating this radio show was all about planning. This means finding a group, creating a vision, conceptualizing, writing the script, and other general preparations for production. The second week, though, is when the real fun came about. This week, we made our concepts reality, taking on
  2. @wade_764

    My posts

    Hey everyone! What a week, I’m starting to sound like a broken record… So, Monday night, Radio7, the group I am a part of, all met up at the HCC to record our parts for this week’s radio show! The final result, I think, turned out well, primarily because of the planning that went into it! I don’t think we would have had as much success if not for that planning. So taking away this week with the creative process, I learned that for group projects to succeed, there has to be some time spent discussing who is doing what…
  3. @CeliaSdigitally

    Radio Show Progress – Who is Bob Ross?

    My group for the radio show decided that over spring break, we would work on getting interviews for the discussion aspect of our radio show. We asked people to send us an audio recording back answering specific questions that we thought would spark conversation. Over the course of this week, we have been editing our … Continue reading Radio Show Progress – Who is Bob Ross?
  4. @KendraB999

    Radio Show Progress #2

    This week my group and I, made significant progress splitting the sections of our content up into different parts. Therefore, we all could talk about some of the pros and cons of a specific area. We did some previous research last week, and got together all of our content, this way we could determine how […]
  5. @KHavertDs106


    This week my group met up on Wednesday afternoon and got almost everything done. During this time we planned the audio arrangement for the radio show. Once we figured that out, we got to recording each persons story one by one. Once everyone finished recording Mason emailed each of our story audios to us toRead more "Progress:"

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