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  1. @KendraB999

    Weekly Summary #12

    For this week, we were tasked to complete 3 Mashup Assignments, 2 Remix Assignments, and 3 TDC’s. For my 3 Mashup’s, I did “Storytelling Through Text“, which was where one of my friends and I, told a funny, but scary story through our texts. The idea was that we heard a suspicious noise in our […]
  2. @KendraB999

    Your Favorite Photo? (Remixed): Where’s Waldo? It

    For this assignment, I used the “Your Favorite Photo” assignment, that a previous DS106 student completed as a Visual Assignment. The Remix Generator gave me the “Where’s Waldo? It” remix card, where I had to place Waldo somewhere in a Visual or Design Assignment. Therefore, since this was a remix, I chose to add Waldo […]
  3. @KendraB999

    Week #12 TDC

    The Assassinated Witch & The 100 yr. old Criminal
    What’s The Magic Word
    New Cocktail
  4. @KendraB999

    Weekly Summary #11

    First, I would like to start off by saying that I really enjoyed this week and the assignments I was able to accomplish. I am proud of the creativity that I implemented into my video assignments. That being said, I did the equivalent of 10 stars, which allowed me to complete 3 video assignments from […]
  5. @KendraB999

    Week #11 TDC

    Me (As a Shark-Finned Chicken)
    Hint: Jaws (The Movie)
    My Spin of The Creative Prompt Generator
  6. @KendraB999

    Weekly Summary #10

    This week we got to expand on others’ Project Ideas, I enjoyed seeing what ideas my peers came up with. I think that there were many creative ideas and I was able to add to some ideas myself. We were also tasked to read a movie. I definitely got to get a better understanding of […]
  7. @KendraB999

    “It Takes Two” Video Essay

    For my video essay, I decided to read the movie, “It Takes Two”. This film consisted of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, two kids who find out that they are twins, but were living apart from each other, with two different lifestyles. After taking a look at the readings and watching the video, on “How […]
  8. @KendraB999

    Project Idea Expansion

    I think to expand on Josephine’s Project Idea, along with showing how marginalized people have had their voices silenced, I would include some of the instances where people have not been heard. I would also highlight the marginalization that occurs nowadays, along with creators who passed away too young. I think comparing the privilege of […]
  9. @KendraB999

    Weekly Summary #9

    For this weeks assignment, I enjoyed listening to the different Radio Shows. I like the different takes that people took on the shows, some were scripted, informational and conversational. I think that everyone’s different transitions, intros, outros, and commercials, flowed well with the content of the shows (Radio Show Listen). Looking ahead for the final […]
  10. @KendraB999

    Holiday/Season TDC Story (Week 9)

    Since, we are currently in the season of Fall, I wanted to allow my TDC story to outline a sequence of seasons/holidays. Hence, why I included the typical things that one would see during fall. Things being, leaves, pumpkins, scare crows, and the shift in weather. I wanted this poem to allow readers to feel […]
  11. @KendraB999

    Project Ideas

    For the final project prompt, I think I would like to work together with some of my fellow peers. The main idea I have in mind, would be maybe to do a podcast talking about the different benefits and areas of creativity that one is able to develop in DS106. I think that it would […]
  12. @KendraB999

    Color Changer (Rework)

    For the reworking of this Color Changer assignment, I decided to change the look of this photo of myself. Before, I had made myself look darker, with the background looking lighter. This time, I want to make the whole picture look lighter and brighter. I believe this makes the pictures stand out more and it […]
  13. @KendraB999

    Design Assignment (Rework)

    For the reworking of this assignment (The Vogue Challenge), I wanted to incorporate some suggestions that would make this look even more like a magazine cover. I took into account the layout of other magazines and tried to be creative with my wording, because this specific magazine cover is about beauty. I added more text […]
  14. @KendraB999

    Radio Show Listen

    When listening to the different radio shows, I really enjoyed conversing with my peers in the DS106 Discord. I liked the different forms of creativity that were included in the various radio shows. I think that everyone really took into account the idea of an actual radio show (i.e. intros, outros, transitions, commercials, etc.). Everyone […]
  15. @KendraB999

    Weekly Summary #8

    For this week my group and I furthered the completion of our radio show. We went into the distribution of parts, this way we would know who would talk about what, as far as content. After that, we decided to record our parts separately and then, we sent it to one of our team members, […]

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