1. Rebecca

    We Amélie the guy


    Someone’s been into Erik’s house and messed with all his stuff. They left a letter saying six things were changed, but in reality, they changed seven things just to drive him crazy. I wonder what he did that made him deserve such a thing.

    This is another one I’m particularly …

  2. Downes



    May 24, 2017. Practicing my portraiture on Alex. Spent the day coding; but by bit it advances. Getting pretty good at Ajax/JQuery. …

  3. @jwoodds106

    Daily Create 1


    #tdc1962 : My three wishes, in order of greatest to least importance.


    Stop and reverse the effects of climate change. I am very passionate about the earth and how humans are having such an adverse effect on it, and it is my ultimate goal in life to make some…

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