1. Downes

    Playing With Lexi


    March 26, 2017. I spent a nice Sunday working on my Contact North paper, listening to the ball game, and at suppor time played with Lexi (who has now decided she needs to play with the shoelace every day). …

  2. Downes



    March 24, 2017. We went to the Home and Garden show at the EY Centre today, picked up a good supply of Thai Chili sauce, and looked at backyard gardens, including one with a driftwood wall – this one. …

  3. Downes

    View from the Highway


    March 24, 2017. I was up in gatineau today doing one last presentation for our CSPS project. It went well and I got back home before dark – an accomplishment given how bad driving conditions were. This is the view of Casselman from the highway (the of,f-ramp, actually) on the …

  4. Downes

    No Longer Needed


    March 23, 2017. I wonder how long this filing cabinet sat in some office with its message of inspiration telling its owner each day to live life to its fullest. I wonder what the story is that leaves it in the basement of the CISTI building, surplus, no longer needed, …

  5. @mingea

    Censoring 22 Jump Street


    For my first web assignment, I decided to tackle a 5 start assignment. The assignment is “That Bleeping censor” and the task is to take a 2-minute movie scene and sensor out a recurring phrase. I decided to take the basic approach and find a movie with some curse words …

  6. travisj

    Group Map Presentations Tomorrow!


    Looking forward to seeing what you’ve done!

    Please also remember that your individual blog post “introductions” are also due.  These can be posted to your individual blogs.

    I also would like each group to send me the link to their map so I can post it to our site and …

  7. anndang65

    Chi?c h?p nh? c?a em #4


    M?i ng??i c? h?i là th? ng??i yêu ?i r?i thì có bu?n không. Bi?t rõ câu tr? l?i là nh? th? nào nh?ng v?n nh?t quy?t ph?i h?i. ?ôi lúc ngh? r?ng yêu xa thì c?ng không khó kh?n ??n th? ?âu, nh?ng ???c ? bên nhau m?t kho?ng …

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