1. @Darth_Pipe

    War Slug


    Just saying the phrase spirit animal conjures the narrator’s exploits in Fight Club.

    Today’s Daily Create called for creating your dream animal, forcing one to ask ‘what qualities represent me?’

    Well, laziness, for sure, combined with hatred of the outside world. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, War Slug.

    Most …

  2. @https://twitter.com/RealJflood

    Wolfenstein’s Security


    I have mentioned several times my love of games. For this next project, worth 3 1/2 stars, I was tasked with creating a company logo for any “character” of my choice. I choose to interpret this as any video game character. The assignment can be located here:  http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/branding/

    I quickly …

  3. @https://twitter.com/RealJflood

    A piece of Home


    My next visual assignment was a two star assignment that called for me to create a collage of places where I am comfortable. The assignment can be located here: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/places-of-peace/

    The collage has five pictures in it of various places I find comfort. The first picture is of me laying …

  4. @https://twitter.com/RealJflood

    Let me Take a selfie


    For my first visual assignment of the week I tackled the ardous task of taking a selfie with my dog. This assignment is worth 2 1/2 stars and can be located here: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/selfie-with-your-pet/

    The assignment did not give much direction other than creating a post with the selfie in it. …

  5. @kasc96

    Start of the Finale


    This week, I will be using a bunch of different media in order to create a cohesive story. Since my brother just graduated high school, I have decided to center my story about his graduation and his future.

    I have picked four different mini-project for me to work on in …

  6. @https://twitter.com/RealJflood

    From the North to West


    My next assignment is another writing assignment. The assignment calls for us to detail an account of our move in day freshman year. The assignment is two stars and is located here: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/i-like-to-move-it-move-it/

    My move in day began a day early. I live in New Jersey and since my move …

  7. @https://twitter.com/RealJflood

    A dogs perspective


    To kick of the week my first assignment is telling a story from a nonhuman perspective. I based my work off of the assignment located here: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/nonhuman-perspectives/

    mhhmmm that was a yummy breakfast and the water was nice and fresh too. Now I need to go to the bathroom let …

  8. teresa

    14 Summer Science Experiments:Easy and Absolutely Awesome Fun

    Inside: Summer science experiments get children stoked for cool summer learning fun. Beach activities, tornadoes and storms in a jar and experiments with cool treats make summer vacation a blast. Summer Science is all about Asking Questions

    Summer science experiments are a fantastic way to get in tune with the …

  9. @Hollis Pultz

    The Bad and the Good

    I Bring You Design

    Following the audio of Hollis with his kidnappers, I chose to create the design elements for my final project. There were two images that I wanted to create: one to advertise ANTISA and one to urge people to report sightings of ANTISA to the FBI.

    Also, …

  10. B. Short

    Nick Spencer and Ramon Rosanas’s Astonishing Ant-Man


    There’s a tendency in comic book circles—on blogs and in podcasts—to start a conversation about a superhero with that superhero’s first appearance or with their biggest and best-known outing. For Iron Man, it’s pretty much either 1962’s Tales of Suspense #39 or it’s 2008’s Jon Favreau-directed Iron Man film. For …

  11. @Hollis Pultz

    Steam World Revisited

    Starting Off

    For the final project, I finally get my chance to continue the Steam World saga and let you the viewers find out Hollis’s fate. The story opens with audio of Hollis after the attack by ANTISA on the Detroit steam-plant.

    Part One: Audio

    Hollis only felt his eyes …

  12. @DanielZeineddi3

    The Aqueous Killer


    The first murder seemed like an accident. A girl, no more than the age of twenty-three drowned in the public pool. At first, many people believed it was an accident. “Maybe she didn’t know how to swim?” This was a lie. It was discovered that she was on the local …

  13. @YousephAsaad

    12 Stars In 12 Hours


    Week 4

    This week of assignments was a lot different than previous weeks. Getting the hang of creating and editing videos was a bit of a struggle for me, but I managed to get it done. As with my journey with learning audio creation, it took some dedicated time to …

  14. @LeslieMiyazono

    Humpty Dumpty did NOT sit on a wall…


    The assignment posted for the end of week four seemed to be a little confusing.  Minimal instruction was provided, unlike in previous weeks.  While the mid-week assignment was filled with various cinematic filming techniques, there was never any direction given on the actual video editing aspect of film.  As a …

  15. @YousephAsaad

    My Love For Videogames Knows No Boundaries


    What do you love? (2 Stars)

    Love is a strong word. When you use it, you are implying that you have an intense and deep feeling of affection towards something. My feelings for playing video games is that way. As a kid, I would play for hours upon hours of …

  16. @Michael Dietrich

    I Inch Closer to My Calling in Life


    I’ve probably stated before in one of these numerous blog posts that it is my dream to one day work within the entertainment industry. The problem is that this is my dream job only in theory. In reality, I had never had enough hands on experience to confirm whether or …

  17. @YousephAsaad

    Some Video Game Highlights


    Videogame Highlights (3 Stars)

    Going back and looking at some of the better moments in your gaming experience gives you a chance to revisit some pretty sick moments that you may have forgotten about. Most of the time when we game, we don’t have an incentive to record our gameplay, …

  18. @Pringleduckface

    Get Ready For A Movie Trailer


    For the movie trailer assignment I created a movie I would love to be in. I love Spider Man so much! I even wrote my college essay about him. So for this assignment I combined Little Miss. Muffet with Spider Man. I was on break at orientation and asked some …

  19. @tabbycat07

    Song Visualization


    For this video assignment, worth 3.5 stars, I had to pick a song, or a minute from a song, and have pictures correspond with the lyrics to tell a story. I chose to make a video based on my answer to the question of the week, giving a new …

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