1. @keyris22

    An Apocalypse Vacation


    For my final 12 week assignment, I chose to do the Destination Post Card. I used the website canva.com to create my post card. My postcard, is a picture of a city, I used a city as my destination because I wanted the postcard to resumable the city like setting …

  2. @eleanorjo

    VFL 18 Project – 3


    Then next step in the Selfies of Leicester journey was taking the images! Charlotte and I went our separate ways to go around Leicester and get the perfect selfies for the insta page! We both used our iPhones to make the selfie taking as straightforward as possible. I saved the …

  3. travisj

    Presentations begin Monday


    Please email me with any questions or concerns.

    I will be on campus Thursday, May 3rd (projects are due May 4th), if you would like to meet with me.  We will not meet for a formal final exam.  May 4th will be our final meeting day, if you would like …

  4. @keyris22



    I created a meme on https://imgflip.com, for my one of my week 12 assignment. I had to incorporate the book that I picked to read this semester, World War Z. The scene that I toke from the movie when the professor, now zombie comes face to face with Gerry Lane …

  5. Downes

    Turtle Power


    April 9, 2018. By my count, two turtles equals five Iron Men. These are what I suspect are pinatas in the Whole Foods Store, where I went at lunch. Despite being ill, it was a good week, as I managed to finish three papers. Kind of makes up for the…
  6. @Jessica_herb



    WE UPLOADED OUR FIRST FEW POSTS! After hours and hours of cropping and editing all our photos we were able to post the first few letters of the alphabet.

    We posted all the way up to V which has made me very excited to finish the project finally! We have …

  7. @Jessica_herb

    Editing away.. #VLF18


    We’ve had another few meetings about the progress of the page and I think its going well! We’ve added a few more promo shots to the Instagram stories which is great as its keeping our current followers interested in what is coming up during the project.
    We’ve taken most of …

  8. rachs_story

    Following Evidence: Part 1

    Following Shannon

    Shannon’s discovery of beef on her front porch is definitely disturbing. On top of that, it’s so unusual. My mother has always said if something doesn’t feel right or if something doesn’t sound right, it probably isn’t right. So essentially, trust your gut!


    In regards to beef …

  9. amiddlet50

    Global #Twalkday


    Global #Twalkday

    Wednesday 3rd October 2018

    Theme: Doing, being, becoming, belonging and connecting

    Time: 3pm GMT (but options for other time zones to be decided)

    What is Twalkday?

    The Twalk will be co-ordinated globally and is planned to coincide with the start of a new academic year. It provides teachers …

  10. Tenelle


    This DS106 Assignment was pretty cool.  The assignment tells you to create your own spin on a propaganda poster for DS106-ers to influence or inspire them.  The message that I wanted to portray is that if your passion is in graphic design or creative arts then you should stick to…
  11. Mike Rowell

    Propaganda Poster


    So this week, we were tasked with editing an old propaganda poster and putting our own spin on it – much harder than it sounds, trust me.   I selected one from WWII and decided to motivate my fellow Cardinals to stay strong and dedicated as we come close to the …

  12. 10zin

    Worrying about Tomorrow, Today


    There is a song that I’ve been listening to everyday for 8 months now. The name of the song is called “Tomorrow, Today” by JJ Project. I listen to it every day because the lyrics is very relatable and it comforts me.  The first time I listened to …

  13. 10zin

    Gift of Nature


    “Every sunrise gives you a new beginning and a new ending. Let this morning be a new beginning to a better relationship and a new ending to the bad memories. Its an opportunity to enjoy life, breathe freely, think and love. Be grateful for this beautiful day” by Norton Juster.…

  14. @E6832051



    by Brendan Kilshaw.  

    Hello world,

    This is just a test blog post to see if my link into the DS106 experience works :)…

  15. nayan1204

    Majoritarian Rule

    We live in a time when majoritarian politics is at its worst, when the politicians of this country, whilst masquerading as leaders, have succeeded in doing what Malcolm X warned the world about. “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and
  16. @keyris22

    Back at it Again


    Week 11, Here we are back at it again with the videos, feeling like a youtuber. And once again the week has been hectic,but I had more time to get things done then last week. So one of the first things I did was go to the movie viewing on …

  17. @keyris22



    The 10th week was crazy, all that video making made me think I was a youtuber and that I should be getting paid because the process of creating a video toke a lot. I do not have much of a problem thinking of an idea because, the class pretty much …

  18. Downes



    April 18, 2018. The robin in the tree was singing up a storm this afternoon. Probably not happy songs either as the weather continues to resemble winter more than spring. Had a frustrating CPAP appointment this morning and worked on a report this afternoon. My cold continues to linger but…
  19. @Anne Armour

    I’m a Terrible Person



    I’m a terrible person because I totally forgot to finish the work for Week Twelve. I got the 12 stars worth of assignments done, but then completely forgot to do the rest. I’ll just quickly sum up my twelfth week in this class and then move on to the …

  20. @Jessica_herb

    Getting started #VFL18


    Today we met up and organised the rest of the photos that we need to take and when we are all free to take them. Some letters are proving more difficult than others to find something for but we’re slowly figuring out what the final project will look like.

    For …

  21. Downes



    April 16, 2018. OK, Icemageddon is perhaps an exaggeration, but we did have an icy coating over everything this morning, with the result that I stayed home for the day and worked on papers. Still struggling with my stupid cold. https://flic.kr/p/23uVNSy…
  22. @hnystro2CPSC106

    Emerging Evidence


    Emerging Evidence: Today I found the following flyer stapled to every tree/pole in my neighborhood. It was also trending on social media and on every office building I drove past. It’s everywhere – it seems like it’s from some kind of intel seeking/leaking organization… I don’t know what to think, …

  23. @hnystro2CPSC106

    Re-Wardrobing The Last Man


    For one of my media assignments, I went a different direction. I made a Pinterest boat for the The Countess of Windsor, who for reference is described by Wikipedia as, “Mother of Adrian and Idris, an Austrian princess and former Queen of England. She is haughty and ambitious, scheming to …

  24. @hnystro2CPSC106

    Re-Designing The Last Man


    After having read the novel, I realized that my first book cover was pretty much flawless. It fit the ending – the most significant part of the narrative – perfectly. So I decided to take it in a new, more satirical direction. This GIF focuses more on the internal emotions …

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