1. shaunv1

    Is Travel the road to Nirvana?


    While travelling in Europe last year I met a lot of interesting people. All travellers in their own right. Some more travelled than others. A few on their first international trip. Many who love the life on the road, others taking a short break to escape the monotony of their …

  2. Antonio Vantaggiato

    I found some Visual Thinkery on the open Web


    Sometimes, the Web feels too big. Like this planet, it instills in me a sense of impossibility: I’ll manage to know but a tiny bit of its wonders. And so I skate through it, sometimes getting tired of the browsing, always discovering something worth pursuing. And thus I have got …

  3. @jwoodds106

    The Jenna Show


    The concept for The Jenna Show came about in a meeting of producers from several reality tv networks in the mid 1990’s. Their ratings were consistently falling and reality tv wasn’t bringing in the big bucks like it had in the past. The only problem was, about half the channels …

  4. dielmer fernando

    Microclase electricidad estática (con subtitulo)

    La electricidad estática es un tipo de electricidad muy frecuente en nuestras vidas, diariamente nuestro cuerpo roza con diversos objetos, este roce con alfombras, con el aire, carga nuestro cuerpo  de pequeñas cargas eléctricas. Una consecuencia de este fenómeno que es a veces frecuente son las tormentas eléctricas. Así, los…
  5. @vd678

    Week 5


    Final Project

    For my final project, I chose to create a story called Let’s go on a Trip. While it was not the most creative title, I thought it was a pretty creative tale. It is a story centered around a young woman named Cassie, who lives in New …

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