1. mflo

    Es hora de dejar de criticar a los alumnos


    Como padres o profesores en muchas ocasiones nos sentimos tentados a criticar a los alumnos. Lo hacemos con la mejor de las intenciones. Queremos que crezcan, que sean mejores y que tengan éxito en la vida. Pero la crítica no siempre es la mejor manera de conseguirlo. De hecho, es …

  2. @Sam_ara106

    Listening to & Learning Design


    Scher and Carson both made me question my definition of design. Some of the “designs” that they showed seemed like everyday things to me.

    When looking at this image from Scher’s talk, I simply saw a t-shirt. Of course, I knew that shirts have to be created, but I had …

  3. Downes

    Parliament in the Mist


    February 20, 2018. One thing I like about Ottawa is driving by the Parliament Buildings just in the course of an everyday day. Here I’m driving over the Alexandra Bridge after a workshop in Gatineau and traffic was slow enough (ie., stopped) to allow me to take this photo of…
  4. B. Short

    A Son Elaborates and Clarifies


    Dad’s last post encapsulates a lot of what I loved listening to while he was doing all of that research.

    First, it included a lot of the crazy, insane-seeming, ultra-detail-oriented fine-tooth-comb gumshoeing that dad always seemed so good at. Sorting through handwritten census records to find a name that had …

  5. neyser19

    Adding Authentication to YelpCamp


    This week I worked on adding authentication to the YelpCamp app I was building through the bootcamp tutorials. I used the npms express-session, passport, passport-local, and passport-local-mongoose. The first I did was call the npms and configure passport so that it ran properly on the app. This included making the …

  6. @hnystro2CPSC106

    New York City: June 18, 2058


    Week 3: Tell it/Tweet it

    Crystalline frost crawled across the landscape like an animated summoning from some Ancient Ice Demon, engulfing trees, creeping up buildings, glossing over puddles and fountains, and turning them solid. I watched from my perch on the ninth floor of my apartment building the ice sheet …

  7. Downes

    Parliament in the Mist


    February 20, 2018. One thing I like about Ottawa is driving by the Parliament Buildings just in the course of an everyday day. Here I’m driving over the Alexandra Bridge after a workshop in Gatineau and traffic was slow enough (ie., stopped) to allow me to take this photo of…
  8. @ShaBoy_Daniel

    Alex in his natural habitat


    I decided to create Alex in his natural/happiest place. Wouldn’t you like him to help you out at a local blockbuster? He shouldn’t be this buff but I got him as skinny as possible without it looking weird.

  9. @jetjenk43

    Carson Gordon in the Flesh!!!!


    I had fun creating the bad ass Carson Gordon on the website Hero Machine.  Carson Gordon Is a prior veteran from the United States Army who has a background in medical.  He is an expert in teaching and practicing life saving techniques and is an expert in shooting shit.  …

  10. @tweetingfortheend

    Winston’s Character Word Cloud


    For this assignment I had a lot of fun! I took time and thought of things and words that I felt best represented my character. I had to think hard about my character’s past, present, and future when creating this word cloud! I actually used the website called Word It …

  11. @tweetingfortheend

    RIP HUMAN RACE: Contradiction Creation


    For this assignment I had to create a graphic that was designed for a certain feeling or theme. For my graphics (I made 3) I decided I wanted it to kind of have a “End of the world propaganda” theme. I created these graphics to be ironic, like the assignment …

  12. @hnystro2CPSC106

    That Soft Rain Actually Won’t Be Here For A While So


    Alternative Ending: There will Come Soft Rain, Ray Bradbury, 1950

    Harry lurched forward, gasping as he came to. The image of a family’s white paint shadow silhouettes starkly contrasting against the charred wall in the middle of a wasteland was all he could see. He blinked his eyes, clutching his …

  13. @hnystro2CPSC106

    Apocalyptic Writing That Got All Up In The Feels


    Week 3: Short Story Readings



    Finis, Frank Lillie Pollock, 1906


    Well that was terrifying. This is one Apocalyptic concept that I had never originally considered before. At the beginning, I had forgotten the Apocalyptic element of the narrative – I too was excited about the concept of …

  14. mikeplamo

    Memes are ART


    Through using photoshop, I created these memes with what I found comical to me and what I was into…

    Just like the young Olympic gold winner snowboarder, Chloe Kim!

    And another from an anime I watched, K-On!

  15. plowenthal

    AECT Webinar: Veletsianos “Academics’ experiences of intrusion, cruelty, abuse, and intimidation online”


    The AECT Research & Theory Division (RTD) invites you to attend an upcoming FREE professional development webinar with Dr. George Veletsianos tomorrow Wednesday February 21st at 12pm CT (1pm ET, 11am MT, 10am PT). To attend please register here: https://cc.readytalk.com/r/fyzeytnutojl&eom

    Dr. Veletsianos (http://www.veletsianos.com) will be discussing “Academics’ experiences…
  16. @dannpannn

    Character Introduction: Faniel Kan


    Hello, my name is Faniel Kan. I identify as an expert in various forms of content creation. Primarily, video and photo editing. I am 25 years old from Long Island, New York. I grew up in a very prosperous family of lawyers. Sadly though the path of law was not …

  17. Tatiana.R



    I never really thought about memes being art but now looking into it an being able to create my first meme. It definitely is a way to express feelings or thought. I would definitely say memes and even gifs are still a form of art.

  18. Tatiana.R

    Project Ideas


    While looking into the DS106 site one of the assignments I found interesting is a 2-3 minute clip of your favorite actor mashed together. From their earliest movies to some more recent movies. You would have to explain why you choose this actor, and how they have developed over the …

  19. @dannpannn

    Films, Reflections, and GIFs


    I have actually seen La Jetee before!
    The first time I watched it was because I used to really be into stop motion movies. I tried to find the only I made in 6th grade but I couldnt Anyways I have always felt that it was a super cool and …

  20. @dannpannn

    Assignment: Storytelling with photos


    I have always felt like a black and white photo said abandonment. Since I was not allowed to use fancy digital editing software I chose a B&W photo as the during the apocalypse picture and a color picture to show the survival.

    the second assignment I chose was choosing my …

  21. @laasarge

    Week 5: Barely Alive


    As you can probably tell by the time stamp from this post, this week has been one of the harder ones for me. Time management went flying right out the window and everything got shoved into a few quick days of work. Would not recommend. Still, I got to explore …

  22. alisa.smith

    Meme & Her.


    Memes have become a popular way to express different emotions. They are usually made to make people laugh. In my Digital Storytelling class, I learned how to create my own meme. There are plenty of meme generators that can be used to create your own but I learned how to …

  23. @dannpannn

    Assignment: Thinking about photos


    I relearned some things I already knew as a photographer. I learned about the rule of thirds on the tips page which is something I will definitely be applying to my own photography. I went back and looked at some of my older photos that I have taken and the …

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