1. @rayers2umw

    First week’s Weekly Summary


    In my humble opinion I think that my first week of ds106 has been a success. I have never done anything remotely near to using all of these different websites, so it is interesting to see how they work and what you can do with them to express who you …

  2. @rayers2umw

    Thoughts on Mission 106


    I think that mission 106 is one of the coolest themes this class could take on. I am very excited to see where the class takes this theme and how we get to use it throughout the semester. My personal favorite secret agent is of course James Bond. My favorite …

  3. @rayers2umw

    Multimodal introduction


    This is my first time using the websites flickr and soundcloud and I am very excited to see how they work!

    My first tweet expresses the excitement I have right now:

    Excited to see how many forms of social media and sharing websites can come together to express what is …

  4. @kateybug17

    “10 Ways” Reading by Katey M.


    I kind of like the point that Kleon is making, to let others learn from you and take the things that work. I believe that creativity/the creative process isn’t something that someone can own, so if you are able to help another person by what you’re doing, it benefits you …

  5. @kateybug17

    Hello World! First YouTube


    I know that this isn’t me or anything having to do with me, but this is what I sit in my room watching for hours on end, under the covers, while taking a break from Netflix.…

  6. @niceguythrive

    Surrender into Who you are with Dr. Strange



    This is a life changing movie filled with many important realizations that I started taking out my phone in the middle of the theater and writing down each realization and insight as it happened. This one is a realization which can help out all the soul seekers from anywhere. …

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