1. Downes



    August 18, 2018. 25×50 Day 18. I didn’t notice them at first but there are two vultures on the roof of this abandoned pioneer home at Glenburn.I cycled 73km to the Ottawa River at Wendover, the first time I’ve made it to a river from home. https://flic.kr/p/N6bkJE
  2. Peggy Herrick

    Celebration: “Fiesta” – The Last Week in Coyoacan


    An unfulfilled goal of my trip to Mexico City last fall was to Xochimilco to see the man-made islands, the plant market, and the extensive system of canals where colorful boats carry revelers up and down the intricate waterways. We experienced Xochimilco yesterday. You may remember this place from a …

  3. plowenthal

    CIDER Sessions: Call for presenters


    CIDER Sessions: Call for presenters

    As we look ahead to our 2018-19 season of CIDER Sessions, we invite researchers working in distance, distributed, online, or blended education to present in our ongoing monthly seminar series.

    The Canadian Initiative for Distance Education Research (CIDER) is a research initiative of the International …

  4. Downes



    August 15, 2018. This beauty (specifically, a male male marsh bluet (Enallagma ebrium) damselfly) was hovering around the back yard. Today was a warm damp day I spent catching up on paperwork, doing blockchain research, and following ball games – a so-so game between the Tigers and the Chisox and…
  5. Downes

    The Chrysalis


    August 14, 2018. Today wasn’t a very good day. Not because I got nothing done – I actually got quite a bit done. But there was the fire alarm and I got wet waiting out in the rain and I was really tired in the evening and I couldn’t get…
  6. @llilli5163

    Introducing the Simple Payment Widget


    Since the introduction of the Simple Payment Button, we’ve been looking for more ways to streamline payments on WordPress.com and Jetpack-enabled sites. Today, we’re introducing a new variant of the Simple Payment Button, available to WordPress.com Premium and Business plan subscribers and to Jetpack sites on Premium and Professional …

  7. Downes



    August 13, 2018. This is a newcomer to our back yard this year. “Eupatorium perfoliatum or boneset is a common North American perennial plant in the aster family.” Today was a beautiful summar day; sadly, I spent most of it in an office. https://flic.kr/p/28FYvax
  8. Downes

    Autumn Joy


    August 12, 2018. It’s not autumn yet, and that’s why these sedum flowers have not yet turned pink. But they’re getting close. Today was a wipeout – I was up till 2:00 a.m. after the football game, and up early, and took a nap, and went to bed early –…
  9. Downes

    Caledonia Road


    August 11, 2018. It was a beautiful day for a ride Saturday and I took advantage of a light wind and cool tempratures to post my best speed of the year. Then, in the evening, we watched our RedBlacks defeat Johnny Football. https://flic.kr/p/28Ywqxq
  10. whcalhoun

    Space Junk Joyride


    I don’t get nearly enough chances to use Celestia in my classroom. I’ve loved messing around with Celestia for years, but it’s the rare student who shares my enthusiasm for astronomy. In class I will use Celestia to demonstrate gravitational orbits – moons around planets, planets and comets around suns, …

  11. ayu7kaji

    I’d forgotten.


    I had forgotten that I couldn’t live without music. Without the beats filling the walls, my ears as I slept, as I woke.

    I forgot that I loved lyrics. That I felt each word like a shot to my heart.

    I forgot that I thought in poetry. That I used …

  12. Peggy Herrick

    Food in Coyoacan


    Sunday’s very sweet mass at my neighborhood parish, San Diego de Churubusco, is a celebration where food is a focal point. Vendors park themselves in front of the 16th century church entrance, some of which probably support the tiny parish. Their umbrellas give a festive, somewhat mundane tone to an …

  13. Downes



    August 10, 2018. You have to look closely but there are nascent elderberries growing here in the red twigs that used to hold white flowers. Had a couple meetings, got a new CPAP mask, and worked on gRSShopper Chatter until the internet dies at the office. https://flic.kr/p/27eASKQ
  14. Downes

    Common Ringlet


    August 8, 2018. Another workday. I spent some time working the bugs out of the gRSShopper initialization script. Also did some work with the newsletter RSS-MailChimp setup. This is a common ringlet butterfly from the front yard. https://flic.kr/p/27bB8SG
  15. Downes

    Tent Caterpillars


    August 6, 2018. I put the back wheel from my old bike onto my new bike and was able to get out for a 57km ride. Sadly, I also had two flat tires (but these had nothing to do with the switch). It was *very* hot so I didn’t pause…
  16. Downes

    White Coneflowers


    August 5, 2018. These are backyard flowers, which means a day spent inside. Today I worked on installing Mastodon’s perl module (failed), setting up boxes with Zeit Now (partial success), watching a Champions game online (success) and a Jays game (loss). Also did a bit more reading on blockchain. https://flic.kr/p/29QRDFZ
  17. Peggy Herrick

    In the Neighborhood


    At the end of the half-way point of my time in Mexico City, I reflect that I have been saving many of the sights, sounds, and feelings from this neighborhood where I spend time walking, shopping, eating, and reflecting. These small nearby colonias of Coyoacan are typically not for tourists: …

  18. @Simmyish

    Type a Painting


    “Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics”
    -Victor Pinchuk

    So today, I did my first daily create as part of the ds106 course and posted it on twitter.  This was to use type a painting to… well… type a painting.

    I had a thought of what would …

  19. Downes

    The Ladderarians – 2


    August 3, 2018. 25×50 Day 14. This time my ride was successful and I did a loop around Larose Forest through Bourget and Limoges. Part of my intent was to visit Village Gagnon, a local historical site, to document this Ladderarian cross. I also took a whole set of Village…
  20. Downes

    Little Tomatoes


    August 2, 2018. I headed out on my bike ride and lost a spoke not even 4km in. The bike shop replaced it under warranty, but it was a lost day. Here are our tomatoes beginning to bear fruit. I agree that I should have spaced them out more, but…
  21. Downes



    August 1, 2018. Took a rest day from biking and finished up my analysis module for gRSShopper. This is in our front yard – we have very impressive goldenrods lining the front walk. https://flic.kr/p/MDFe6C

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