1. nitinbothra25

    Wanderlust Couple – Our first step


    We all wish to meet people with similar interests. Well, I met and married one. We both love traveling and we traveled to Sri Lanka recently.

    We recieved a beautiful gift from Printoctopus, Wanderlust Tshirts, which were perfect for our beach vacation. The tshirts had a soft fabric which …

  2. Downes



    December 11, 2017. After a series of eleven photographs Alex has decided he’s tired of posing. This is a yawn, not a roar. But it’s also indicative of the way a cat will feign boredom to disguise interest. Cats are very dishonest. Unlike dogs. http://ift.tt/2Aw4Gc5…
  3. Downes

    Highway Snow


    December 12, 2017. We’re having a bit of a snow event, nothing major, but enough to slow the highways to a crawl and cause a dozen fender-benders. This is the scene on Anderson Road as I wait for traffic. http://ift.tt/2yifOTU…
  4. @KatSlech

    Final Project


    I decided to create my own, and with this I kinda wanted to emphasize the animals that get left out in the cold over the winter. My biggest thing over this is that if it’s too cold for you to be outside, then it’s too cold for them. Bring your …

  5. @jayce_hovis

    Designing a Logo Final


    I decided to design my own logo and came up with these results, please feel free to give me some of your thoughts/ideas.

    I decided to design a Logo and this is what I came up with.

    Everything was made by me and/or CC0, in which means i was able …

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