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  1. Stephen Downes


    April 11, 2024. Today started with a meeting first thing in the morning, and this was the centrepiece on the meeting room table. I had a couple more meetings, but then the network began to sag (looks like they were running updates, to judge by my logs...
  2. Stephen Downes


    April 12, 2024. This is a souvenir from Australia hanging in my office. The plant in front of it is another from my Moncton office. I bought the artwork in Sydney; it was rolled in a tube. When I got home I got it nicely framed to display it the way i...
  3. Stephen Downes


    April 9, 2024. The bicycle, photographed during a break on a small country road. We drove home from Bromont this morning, I put in a few hours of work, then I took advantage of the beautiful weather to enjoy a nice ride in the country.
  4. Stephen Downes


    April 8, 2024. The eclipse, as seen from Bromont, Quebec. With cloud coming in from the west we got up early and drove out to Bromont. They had set up a hill in a park for viewing and conditions were nearly perfect. The photo doesn't do it justice; it...
  5. Stephen Downes


    April 5, 2024. Grackles and starlings sitting in the top of a tree in the back yard waiting, as we all are, for spring. Woke up very early this morning for one meeting, then had a presentation to do for a second. Meanwhile trying to get the crust off ...
  6. Stephen Downes

    Snow Day

    April 4, 2024. I did have a meeting scheduled in the city for today, but we had an early spring snowstorm instead, so we made do with Teams. Other than this I focused on cleaning up gRSShopper a bit more and working on my newsletter.
  7. Downes

    Mer Bleue in the Rain

    April 3, 2024. Squirrel at Mer Bleue forest. Worked from the office today, got 8 years of tax returns off the table, and stopped by at the forest in the wind and the cold cold rain to take a few photos.
  8. Downes

    The Scaley Sky

    April 2, 2024. The nice weather is coming to an end, as evidenced by the sky. Today was spend beginning to end solving a cron problem on my website, the last major issue remaining in the website move. It involved taking apart the authentication in the...
  9. Downes

    Pitcher Plant

    March 31, 2024. This is a pitcher plant from last year seen along our walk around the pond in Glengarry Forest near Alexandria. The rest of the day I spent working on the Europe project.
  10. Downes


    March 30, 2024. We visited my mother today while my brother Bill (centre) drove up with his family from their home near Elora. I also spent time working on my European project.
  11. Downes


    March 29, 2024. Grackle in a tree about 100 yards from me, photographed while sitting in my office chair holding the camera (with the big lens) by hand. Just messing around a bit to test different ways of using it. Most of the day I spent reading arti...
  12. Downes

    The Sun

    March 28, 2024. This is the Sun, photographed in late afternoon using my solar filter. There's a bit of horizontal cloud and a sun spot visible. I'm preparing for the Eclipse coming up soon. Learned so more things, specifically, that the camera produc...
  13. Downes


    March 27, 2024. Barn, as seen on my bike ride (nice day, finally). It followed a day of meetings and puttering. Typical spring day.
  14. Downes

    Epsilon Base

    March 25, 2024. This is Epsilon Base, my newest home in No Man's Sky, the video game I spend far too much time playing. In between bouts of playing the game I worked on restoring my web site and getting the newsletter software running again. https://f...
  15. Downes


    March 23, 2024. The Moon, as seen from our backyard. Photographed using the 600 mm lens. Not as sharp and clear as I would like - I learned a couple things, though it was too cold to go back and try again. I managed to get my website back up today, af...
  16. Downes


    March 22, 2024. Print by someone known as 'Ryan 100' in our room at the Brookstreet. I liked it, through it looked like it was water damaged. It was still the best art in the room. Worked through the morning, drove home at lunch (much easier!) and spe...
  17. Downes


    March 21, 2024. We went to the hockey game, unusual for a Thursday, but I worked from home, then we drove in, checked in at the Brookstreet Hotel (still not a problem-free check-in), and took the shuttle to the game. This is far easier (and safer!) th...
  18. Downes


    March 19, 2024. A look back at the back side of the office where I work. Had an interesting discussion on intelligence and worked to fix my site. That's about it. Still cold.
  19. Downes

    Canada Goose

    March 17, 2024. We went out to the Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary today for a short walk in the rain and snow pellets to take photos of birds. Even with the big lens, it's still pretty hard to do. Other than that, today was a work day. https://...
  20. Downes


    March 13, 2024. This is a decoration inside Feleena's, a Mexican restaurant across from the bike shop. They had to drill out the broken bit of extender in order to fit my bike pedals back in. I also paid a visit to an accountant to get started on taxe...
  21. Downes


    March 12, 2024. This is a spot alongside a road a shade under 10 km away from home. It's where I was stranded when the pedal on my bicycle broke off and went flying. It wasn't the pedal that broke, it was just an extender. Took a taxi home. Still - ev...
  22. Downes


    March 11, 2024. A stack of mini batting helmets that were filled with ice cream at a Blue Jays game. Watching or listening to spring training games is one of my favourite parts of the season. Today was another day with struggling productivity, but in ...
  23. Downes


    March 10, 2024. Snow. Even worse than the day before. We didn't even hike because of the weather. I did a little bit of work. But still spent most of it playing video games. No cycling, obviously. The cardinals were nice though.
  24. Downes


    March 9, 2024. Rain. No biking today. A quick photo of a woodpecker on the feeder, that's my creativity for the day. Spent the Saturday playing video games even though I should be fixing a website. Not that people are actually using the website. Despa...
  25. Downes

    Crab Apple

    March 8, 2024. The crab apple tree in the evening light in the back yard. This time of year it doesn't take much to send my emotions spinning; in this case it was an issue with a website that sent me into despair. So here I ham now uploading this phot...
  26. Downes


    March 6, 2024. I bought this in a hotel in Bogota in 2008 or so. Now it sits in my office and I enjoy the memories. It was kind of a down day today, so I put aside anything that resembles work and wrote an article 'On the Sentiment of Rationality'. ht...

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