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  1. Downes


    February 11, 2024. Spotted this squirrel in the bird feeder along the Mer Bleue trail on our walk today. I was trying to photograph birds (without a lot of success) with the telephoto. Puttering on some projects otherwise, maybe watching football this...
  2. Downes


    April 27, 2023. Just another dreary spring day commute. I spent the morning preparing all my slides for my presentation (I didn't even have time to join the strike over lunch) and then the presentation was postponed for a week. These things happen. ht...
  3. Downes


    March 9, 2023. This is the Nordstrom at Rideau Centre in Ottawa. I had never been to a Nordstrom, and with news that the chain is now closing in Canada, I thought I'd peer in before they disappear. So today I had a doctor's appointment in the morning (...
  4. Downes

    World Cup Bound

    March 27, 2022. I know I already shared a version of this, but this is my official 'daily photo' version. Yes, we're headed to the world cup. I watched the game (and also the Blue Jays game before it) as I worked all day on my data literacy presentatio...
  5. Downes


    October 8, 2021. This is a very healthy spider sheltered just outside the downstairs bathroom window. I liked the way just the centre strands of the web were lit up by the sun. Tough day today as I couldn't figure out why my presentations weren't displ...
  6. Downes

    The Blade

    September 3, 2021. This is on display at the RedBlacks game and inscribed on it are all the season ticket holder names (I looked and ours were there). The game itself was one-sided the wrong way, but we saw enough flashes to give us hope. I also had a ...
  7. Downes


    April 23, 2021. This is a Robertson screwdriver, also known as an ANSI Type III Square Center screwdriver. It's one of several I keep handy at my work desk and became my photo of the day for lack of anything else to photograph. Had a meeting today, a d...
  8. Downes

    Roof Work

    January 28, 2019. I was pretty sympathetic with the people working on the roof on this freezing cold day. As it turns out, the noise of the work right above my office caused me to leave early so I didn't have drilling sounds in the background for my on...
  9. Downes


    January 23, 2019. Working from the home office today allowed me to miss the snowstorm, pamper my sore throat, and actually get some stuff done - I got a contribution for a book written, and watched Tim Bouma's presentation on identity.
  10. Downes


    January 22, 2019. I went into the office today and while I got some work done my throat bothered me quite a bit - the offices are very dry this time of year. These are Andrea's shirts in our closet.
  11. Downes

    Frozen Rose

    January 20, 2019. This is a frozen rose bush as seen from the bathroom window. The snow continued through the day along with brutally cold temperatures. I amused myself by building a GitHub-based website in Node (which was really an exercise in Node ro...
  12. Downes


    Janyary 7, 2019. This is what happened to my pepper plants after two weeks in the office. Pepper plants really need their water. It's also a pretty good metaphor for the day, which was a complete waste of time as my desktop computer decided to crash ev...
  13. Downes


    January 5, 2019. Spent the Saturday working on an Electron RSS reader. Again, the code on the Udemy course was corrupted. I recreated it, but something doesn't work. Bleah. These are the geraniums in the kitchen, still surviving.
  14. Downes

    Eagle Moon

    December 3. I bought this lithograph by Roy Henry Vickers at an art shop in Metrotown in 1990 when I was in Vancouver - yes, it is the same trip when I attended the Connectivism conference. I also attended a CFS conference that week, stayed in New West...
  15. Downes

    Bathroom Tile

    January 4, 2019. I'm still in deep focus mode studying Electron for the holidays. So the only photo for today is this one of the tile on the bathroom floor. I've spent enough time studying it, surely it deserves inclusion in the photo album. https://fl...

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