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  1. Downes


    January 14, 2024. This was the back ward today - bare trees and plenty of snowfall. A pretty good storm is brewing. I stayed indoors all day and worked on my European project, making a ton of progress. I'm also waking up early because I have a 4:00 a....
  2. Downes

    The Goalie

    December 2, 2023. This goalie posed for me while participating in the 4-on-4 road hockey tournament at the Casselman Christmas Fair today. We walked down, I had some focaccia, and we visited the Swiss Bakery seasonal store as well as a number of booth...
  3. Downes

    Nation River

    March 29, 2023. This is the Nation River near the 417, seen on a quick noon-hour bike ride (taking advantage of a few warm hours while we had them). Up early this morning, did a bunch of work on the tech barriers, then a meeting, then more work, and fi...
  4. Downes


    January 24, 2023. This is just an ordinary house I see when I go on my walk, but it's funny how a few trees and some snow make any old house a postcard picture. Had a few meetings today, discussed ontologies and instructional strategies, and gave an in...
  5. Downes

    Snow Angel

    January 23, 2021. This is an angel at the cathedral in the centre of town. I went for a short walk today instead of the usual hike, because of the cold weather. Otherwise, I spent the entire day working on gRSShopper and watching football (it turned ou...
  6. Downes


    October 8, 2021. This is a very healthy spider sheltered just outside the downstairs bathroom window. I liked the way just the centre strands of the web were lit up by the sun. Tough day today as I couldn't figure out why my presentations weren't displ...
  7. Downes


    April 23, 2021. This is a Robertson screwdriver, also known as an ANSI Type III Square Center screwdriver. It's one of several I keep handy at my work desk and became my photo of the day for lack of anything else to photograph. Had a meeting today, a d...
  8. Downes

    The Water Tower

    March 6, 2021. This is Casselman's water tower taken from a parking lot along Principale, from a longer-than-usual walk today. I played a bit with HDR, shooting bracketed photos with the camera and merging them in Lightroom. I otherwise spent the entir...
  9. Downes


    March 1, 2021. I spotted this very large and healthy woodpecker along the Nation River on my daily walk. Today was a good day: I started by giving back-to-back presentations to different groups, both of which went well, then I successfully ran a gRSSho...
  10. Downes

    The Bridge

    November 20, 2019. This is the railway bridge at Casselman (I can also see it, at a different angle, from my kitchen window). I've been focused on my current paper on ethics, preparing for a trip that might not happen, and watching the days grow shorte...
  11. Downes


    January 23, 2019. Working from the home office today allowed me to miss the snowstorm, pamper my sore throat, and actually get some stuff done - I got a contribution for a book written, and watched Tim Bouma's presentation on identity.

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