1. Reverend

    Linda McKenna is ds106 #4life


    Yesterday I had the opportunity to realize a long-time dream of reflecting on ds106 with one of the many awesome internauts that traveled where no student had gone before. Linda McKenna was just the internaut I was looking for, and as luck would have it she still hosts websites on …

  2. Reverend

    Happy Valentine’s Day #ds106


    I found myself thinking a bit about ds106 this weekend after Paul Bond asked me to look into a specific issue with a student’s site not syndicating. I got it working by deleting and re-adding the tag, but still not sure why or how that fixed it, but it prompted …

  3. Reverend

    Blog Islands in the Stream


    I’m not gonna lie, I have been spending the greater part of the last few days honing my karaoke game. Turns out I can spend endless hours on the web broadcasting to a radio/tv empire with no listeners or viewers and feel pretty damn good about myself all the while. …

  4. Reverend

    Archiving ds106 docs


    Part of moving ds106 to a new server is making sure you don’t leave a trail of dead links in your wake. With great classes come great responsibility I think I have the caching issues and some of the kinks worked out after the move, but one think I did …

  5. Reverend

    ds106tv: the Vertical and the Horizontal


    As you might have guessed from the bava recently, there’s something in the air besides COVID-19, namely the #ds106 reunion tour 10 years on! I’m not entirely sure how or why, but I am glad it’s happening, and I am going to unapologetically ride the wave for as long as …

  6. Reverend

    bavaradio: Some ds106radio Notes


    Note bene: I started writing this post 2 days ago (it was actually the 11th day of lockdown, not the 10th), but things have gotten a bit more intense since. Tinkering with this blog and writing throw away posts has provided one anchor in the mental storm of the virus …

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