1. Reverend

    Thema 106


    This is my entry for today’s Daily Create:

    You look for a representation of DS106 in the world, and you find something close, but [not] quite it. Find something like that.

    Heck today’s tag #tdc1607 is like that. Almost a 106 but not.

    I have been looking at the …

  2. Reverend

    Repo Open


    Alan Levine threw out a fun #ds106 assignment asking folks to rework the OER16 ticket to ride design poster, which I personally think is a great design.

    Alan riffed with his own Beatle Mania take:

    Alan Levine’s “Ticket to Ride” for OER16

    And then I saw the venerable Tom Woodward

  3. Reverend

    Scenes from Trento


    Yesterday was Fat Tuesday, and Carvnival is a thing here in Italy. Just this weekend we went to the small mountain town of Villaggio in a nearby valley. The folks who dress-up spent the entire day going from town to town in costume drinking eating and generally reveling until the …

  4. Reverend

    Coffee and #ds106 at FredXchange


    I am back in Fredericksburg for a few days for some business and house cleaning. I head up to NYC on Tuesday, so it will be a fairly quick turn here, but it’s always exhilarating to spend some quality time with my pardner Tim Owens. Yesterday was particularly eventful …

  5. Reverend

    My Favorite Watering Hole


    I cheated a bit on today’s Daily Create, which asked us to “take a photo of your favorite watering hole.” As soon as I saw the prompt I knew I was going to recycle a short video I took a few months back when I was first discovering the …

  6. Reverend

    Anna Rinko is a Great Mind


    At some point soon I might stop writing about UMW, but that won’t be today. Damn you, UMW! You gotta give the devil it’s due, and the students at UMW I have come to know there have ruled. There are many, many  great ones, and I’ve written about a number …

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