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  1. Reverend

    Daily Patterns

    The above photo, “Transformative,” was my entry for the first #ds106 Daily Create four years ago. The assignment was a straightforward photo assignment: “Create a photograph that features a repeating pattern.” Simple, suggestive prompts like this were very much in the … Continue reading
  2. Reverend

    Johnny Guitar

    After seeing today’s Daily Create priming folks to do some research for the coming Western-themed ds106, I got the urge to write about a particular Western (although not a Spaghetti Western) that rules: Nicholas Ray’s 1954 Western dream vision Johnny Guitar. It has got … Continue reading
  3. Reverend

    The Horror of Dolls

    This week in Tales from ds106 Paul Bond and I discussed a couple of classic horror stories focused on dolls: The Twilight Zone’s “Living Doll” and Richard Matheson‘s episode “Amelia” from the TV movie Trilogy of Terror (1975). One of the questions we wanted … Continue reading
  4. Reverend

    List Remote Comments

    I already blogged about Mark Luetke‘s awesome Motherblogs Made Easy plugin, and I promised there was more. Well, here’s more. Martha Burtis already experimented with Mark’s List Remote Comments plugin on the aggregator blog she is working on for Freshman Seminar she … Continue reading
  5. Reverend

    Six of One

    I’m thrilled Talky Tina suggested the 1960s U.K. TV series The Prisoner as the theme for this summer’s open version of ds106 for two reasons: 1) it’s a brilliant show, and 2) it’s a welcome opportunity to get back in the … Continue reading
  6. Reverend

    Noir106 Highlight Reel

    Maggie Stough’s Highlight Reel from Noir106 There were many, many amazing things about this semester’s noir-themed version of ds106. And I want to try and capture some of them before they slip into oblivion over the next couple of weeks. I’ll start with one … Continue reading
  7. Reverend

    UMW Groks GIFs

    Following up on my last post, Michael Branson Smith‘s Animated GIF presentation and workshop will take place at UMW from 1:00 to 2:30 PM this coming Tuesday, April 14th. Michael’s GIFs are poetry in motion, his Hitchcock Animated Movie Posters series … Continue reading
  8. Reverend

    Mark it Zero

    Spencer Scott has been en fuego with all things ds106 this semester. I could feature so many of his assignments, such as his Solo Voice Trio or his Noir We There Yet? bumper sticker. He performed his own musical commercial for Demarco’s Fedoras—keeping … Continue reading

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