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  1. Reverend

    ds106 Salad Days

    I’ve been admiring assignments like the Shakespearean LOLcat for a while now, and this time I decided to stop analyzing and start paralyzing with my awesome art! I knew the quote I wanted to do right away. It’s a line I’ve repeated regularly … Continue reading
  2. Reverend

    Red Moon

    I went through the assignment bank to see what hadn’t been done yet, and I was surprised to see the “Image Manipulation and Historical Narrative” hadn’t been done, so I decided to fix that. I figured I would take one … Continue reading
  3. Reverend

    Judge Rawls on Justice

    I wanted to start warming up with a nice “Troll Quotes”assignments, one of my all time favorites. This troll quote is actually inspired by the theory that the hard-ass character Major Bill Rawls in The Wire is ironically named after the political philosopher … Continue reading
  4. Reverend

    Wiring Supercuts

    John Johnston’s post yesterday about Videogrep really piqued my imagination. Videogrep is a python script that searches through dialog in videos and then cuts together a new video based on what it finds. Basically, it’s a command-line “supercut” generator. In other words, if … Continue reading
  5. Reverend

    Scenes from the Wire

    Last week Zach Whalen reminded me of a tumblr site Ryan Brazell turned me onto last year: “Scenes from the Wire”. The tumblr is run by a bot—an art form Zach turned me onto yesterday—that automatically creates GIFs with subtitles numerous … Continue reading

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