1. Reverend

    Wire 106: Week 15 – Time to Get Real with the Final Projects


    Credit: Imran Ahmed (who rules)

    This is where we start winding down the perpetual motion machine that is #ds106. You all have been on your A-game throughout the semester, but finals are fast approaching and this semester cannot last forever, unfortunately. There will be some wrap-up assignments next week that …

  2. Reverend

    Wire106: Weeks 13 and14 – Re-ups & Mix-mas


    Imran Ahmed Rules!

    Wire Episodes
    Season 4, episodes 5, 6 & 7 (week 13)
    Season 4, episodes 8, 9 & 10 (week 14)

    Video Discussions
    Week 13
    Season 4, Episode 5: Wednesday, 2:00 PM
    Season 4, Episode 6: Thursday, 7:45 PM
    Season 4, Episode 7: Friday, 10:30 AM

    Week 14 …

  3. Reverend



    The above GIF is from an episode of The Wire from Season 2. The docks are ubiquitous in season 2, and this particular image is a visualization of a cloned machine that captures the vanishing container—presumably filled with illegal cargo. I’m fascinated by the representation of technology throughout the series, …

  4. Reverend

    Wire 106: Week 10 – “Let’s Go to the Videotape”


    Actually, it’s not really tape, it’s all digital these days.

    So now it’s time to start putting all the different digital media we’ve been exploring this semester—photography, design, and audio—into motion. Video is a magical medium in that it combines so many powerful elements into one, but that’s also why …

  5. Reverend

    Inspired by Wire 106


    Image credit: Nicky Memita

    With the beginning of week 9 here at UMW, we’ve officially crossed over the half way mark for the semester. The wire106 internauts have been amazing, they’ve published more than 1400 posts so far and created six original radio shows that have been broadcasting live on …

  6. Reverend

    Wire 106: Week 9 – Inspired


    This week will be dedicated to going back and looking through the work that’s been done in wire106 that has inspired you thus far. And if you have been operating in your own private Idaho, well then consider this the opportunity to break out of your own world and get …

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