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  1. Reverend

    A MBS Recommendation

    Last week I had the privilege of writing a recommendation for Michael Branson Smith to gain admission to the masters program in Interactive Data Visualization at the CUNY Graduate Center. And while I’m confident he will get into the program … Continue reading ?
  2. @JordanC61692137

    Signing Words

    This assignment was to research some American Sign Language and teach yourself several words. I have been taking ASL for several years in high school and college. In this video I signed “Hello my name is Jordan. I will be finger-spelling words with 6 or […]
  3. Antonio Vantaggiato

    Blue is the color and the movie: A review for the Web and myself.


    Rarely, sometimes, I feel compelled to write down a film experience. And curate, together  with the writing, videos and GIFs and links. The movie I watched yesterday–a three-hour-long session– is doing that. Not only, it reminded me deeply of the … Continue reading

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