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    Final Weekly Summary


    Well folks… we did it!

    Welcome to the last weekly summary. Such a bittersweet feeling.

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    The final project for this class was a fun way to stretch your brain, and use all the information and tools we learned these past 5 weeks!

    For my story, I turned the …

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    DS106 reflection


    This class, Digital Storytelling, was one that I had been waiting to take since I was a freshman. I was extremely excited to start!

    The one real regret I have about taking this class, is that I wish I was able to do it during a full semester, not an …

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    The Little Astronaut Popstar


    Once upon a time, there was a mermaid named Ariel. She was beautiful and loved to sing. She dreamed of being out of the ocean, where she had lived all her life.

    One day she spotted some posters hanging around on some coral that advertised something she was interested in!…

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    Final Project How To: Gif


    The gif part of my final project was pretty fun to make!

    I started by looking up a video of rocketship explosions on youtube (morbid, I know), and I found this video:

    I then used the website imgflip.com to make this clip into a gif!

    I selected the duration, frames …

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    Final Project How To: Posters


    The first part of my final project was to make posters as if Ursula was advertising space singers to lure Ariel in. A weird sentence I know.

    I used Canva.com to create my posters. It’s a free website for making any kind of design, and it’s very easy to navigate. …

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    Weekly Summary 4


    Nearly there folks… nearly there.

    And this week it’s video week! The week I’ve been looking forward to most!

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    It’s always a fun time at the movies. Watching movies together is something my brother and I do all the time. We lock ourselves in the basement, and try …

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    a (brief) day in my life


    Let’s just all take a minute to be honest with ourselves, no shame, no judgement, this is an open space.

    We’ve all watched a YouTuber do a “day in my life” vlog. It’s okay to admit it, we’ve all been there. And their day looked great.

    Something like…

    So I …

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    yeah this was just a fail.


    So, I’m a big lover of any flora and fauna. I love plants, growing any kind of plant, collecting them, giving them cute names, the whole thing.

    One of the coolest video’s I had seen on youtube was this video of a plant that had been filmed throughout the day, …

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    I said… do you like apples?


    I’m not even going to gush about how much I love Good Will Hunting, because honestly at this point, if you don’t love Good Will Hunting, what’s up?

    It doesn’t help that I love Matt Damon and anything Boston.

    But besides Matt Damon and Boston, this movie is known for …

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    Weekly Summary 3


    THIS WEEK in DST106…

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    It was audio week!

    The only real audio media I have experience with is listening to the podcast Armchair Expert by Dax Shepard. It’s an entertaining podcast where he interviews actors, journalists, and really anyone who says yes. I listen to it on my …

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    not so mundane


    I was watching The Office, as I normally do each day. Isn’t that what everyone does?

    Anyways, I was thinking about Pam, and was inspired to do her day at work. Minus all the goofy shenanigans they get up to.

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    I downloaded some sounds from YouTube, like keyboards …

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    Tongue Twisting


    Disclaimer: I cannot say tongue twisters to save my life. Try as I might, I can never say them fast enough for satisfaction. I can’t sell seashells by the seashore. Peter Piper can’t pick a peck of pickled peppers. It just doesn’t work.

    So for the Tongue Twister assignment, I …

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    mixing it up


    Everyone loves a good playlist. One way I like to keep track of memories and time, is by making playlists for the time. I have playlists for different summers, moods, places, all the songs I was listening to at the time.

    A mixtape is similar to a playlist in the …

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    a real fake moon landing


    Space has always freaked me out. I think about how pretty the stars look, and next thing I know I’m going through an existential crisis. It’s just SO big. I can’t wrap my head around how infinite space is, and how small we are.

    Long story short, I’m scared of …

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    time to listen


    I’m a big fan of podcasts. Specifically I am a big fan of Dax Shepard’s poscast Armchair Expert. I make the 7 hour drive from VA to SC quite often, and I’ve found myself listening to more and more of these podcasts, which is really just story time.

    So …

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