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    Weekly Summary 4


    Nearly there folks… nearly there.

    And this week it’s video week! The week I’ve been looking forward to most!

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    It’s always a fun time at the movies. Watching movies together is something my brother and I do all the time. We lock ourselves in the basement, and try …

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    a (brief) day in my life


    Let’s just all take a minute to be honest with ourselves, no shame, no judgement, this is an open space.

    We’ve all watched a YouTuber do a “day in my life” vlog. It’s okay to admit it, we’ve all been there. And their day looked great.

    Something like…

    So I …

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    yeah this was just a fail.


    So, I’m a big lover of any flora and fauna. I love plants, growing any kind of plant, collecting them, giving them cute names, the whole thing.

    One of the coolest video’s I had seen on youtube was this video of a plant that had been filmed throughout the day, …

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    I said… do you like apples?


    I’m not even going to gush about how much I love Good Will Hunting, because honestly at this point, if you don’t love Good Will Hunting, what’s up?

    It doesn’t help that I love Matt Damon and anything Boston.

    But besides Matt Damon and Boston, this movie is known for …

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    Weekly Summary 3


    THIS WEEK in DST106…

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    It was audio week!

    The only real audio media I have experience with is listening to the podcast Armchair Expert by Dax Shepard. It’s an entertaining podcast where he interviews actors, journalists, and really anyone who says yes. I listen to it on my …

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    not so mundane


    I was watching The Office, as I normally do each day. Isn’t that what everyone does?

    Anyways, I was thinking about Pam, and was inspired to do her day at work. Minus all the goofy shenanigans they get up to.

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    I downloaded some sounds from YouTube, like keyboards …

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    Tongue Twisting


    Disclaimer: I cannot say tongue twisters to save my life. Try as I might, I can never say them fast enough for satisfaction. I can’t sell seashells by the seashore. Peter Piper can’t pick a peck of pickled peppers. It just doesn’t work.

    So for the Tongue Twister assignment, I …

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    mixing it up


    Everyone loves a good playlist. One way I like to keep track of memories and time, is by making playlists for the time. I have playlists for different summers, moods, places, all the songs I was listening to at the time.

    A mixtape is similar to a playlist in the …

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    a real fake moon landing


    Space has always freaked me out. I think about how pretty the stars look, and next thing I know I’m going through an existential crisis. It’s just SO big. I can’t wrap my head around how infinite space is, and how small we are.

    Long story short, I’m scared of …

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    time to listen


    I’m a big fan of podcasts. Specifically I am a big fan of Dax Shepard’s poscast Armchair Expert. I make the 7 hour drive from VA to SC quite often, and I’ve found myself listening to more and more of these podcasts, which is really just story time.

    So …

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    Weekly Summary 2


    Week two was definitely more challenging than week one. I had a lot more on my plate this week, and finding the time to write posts about all of my projects were difficult. But I liked the actual assignments so that made it fly by!

    The week started off by …

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    again… lot’s of sneezing.


    As I’ve mentioned a couple times, I have the worst allergies.

    Seriously, the worst.

    When I was in elementary school during the spring time, I couldn’t go outside for recess time with the rest of my friends because my eyes would get so swollen I couldn’t see for the rest …

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    Bryce diggity dawg


    My dog, from the moment we adopted him, has been the biggest goofball ever. He has the biggest personality, and literally not a day goes by where we aren’t laughing at something he just did. We named him after Bryce Harper, because we are big Washington Nationals fans. But that …

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    Kartoon Kaylie


    I’ve never been one for cartoons, but it’s always cool to see different versions of yourself! So it was a cool opportunity to do the cartoon assignment.

    Oh hey, it’s me

    I used the website Cartoonify.com, because I have no drawing skills whatsoever. I went through the process if selecting …

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