1. @peterlaceynh

    ds106 Keychain assignment


    I have finally gotten around to setting up and recording my key chain video as described in http://tdc.ds106.us/tdc603/. The main cause of delay is evident right in the video, I am more interested in tools than in using them to finish a project:

    So I have two explanations of how …

  2. @leniwstory

    Week 5 Summary


    So, our last week of class was all about the final project. I thought it was the perfect way to tie together all that we’d learned, and I knew right off that I wanted to create something a little silly. I was inspired by the new Spiderman movie to create …

  3. @leniwstory

    Tutorials, Sweet Tutorials



    The first step in creating my comic book cover was to give it some comic book-worthy title text. I did this by going to a comic book text generator online, customizing just how I wanted my title to look. After I had that saved, …

  4. @leniwstory

    Manspider #1


    A child browses the comic book store, searching for entertainment in this cruel place we call “the world”. In a bargain bin, they come across a strange title, outlined in a bold red. The book tells the story of a small arachnid. After biting a scrawny teenager, the arachnid gains …

  5. @kerlass1

    Learning to Rise Again


    The journey began a year ago. I signed up to take INTE 5340 and chose the focal theme of vulnerability. I did not know it would become a person theme or that my life was about to be broken open- wide open.

    Brene Brown wrote, “Vulnerability sounds like truth and …

  6. @viletroop_ds106

    Instant Replay


    After a show, and after some people had a little too much to drink, my band did an interview with a local music promotion group (Cult XLV on Facebook, check ’em out). The wipe-out was probably the best possible instant replay I could think of, so I replayed it sped …

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