1. @simplytelling

    now kiss – visual assignment –


    Ah, yes. My love for Gundam lately is unreal and the visual assignment I chose for today was essentially a movie poster parody. Let’s just say, my love for memes exceeds many things. Here’s what I ended up with after dwelling all day on what movie to parody…

    I can’t …

  2. @simplytelling

    whom ever smelt it – visual assignment –


    Ah, yes. The final post for today…what better way than to end it with a fart joke. The 24-year-old in me is displeased with this sense of humor, but the 12-year-old in me is giggling uncontrollably.

    So, for this visual assignment, we were to create a “spubble” with pictures of …

  3. @simplytelling

    – the introduction –


    Well, hello to all of my fellow classmates and random folks stopping by!

    I wanted to do a fun little post today where I use multiple platforms to introduce myself to you all and hope that you’ll find me hip enough to be a university student. Please note that my …

  4. @herbangerr

    Deferring the doughboy voice


    For my fourth Assignment for my final project I chose to do an Audio Assignment worth 4 stars, totaling 15 stars. The assignment instructions were to take an existing piece of audio and use audio tools (I used Audacity) to change the sound.  The original audio I used was from …

  5. @herbangerr

    Describing the doughboy


    For this Design Assignment I had to create a word cloud that describes my character, for 4 stars.  I chose the closest shape that they had available that looked like the doughboy.  Finding words that described him was the easy part! Chubby, fluffy, giggily, fat, puffy, etc…

    The residents of …

  6. @herbangerr

    The horrors of Pillsbury


    For this Visual Assignment I created a silly movie poster using my final project character, the Pillsbury Doughboy.  I had to create a movie poster that then was transformed to silly, and then incorporate the doughboy. This was for a total of 4 stars.

    The horrors of Pillsbury is a …

  7. @herbangerr

    My favorite thing to do in my spare time


    For my second assignment I had to record myself preforming my favorite hobby in my spare time.  It was 4 stars, and I decided to do it with me playing video games.  I do a lot of other things in my spare time, but video games is defiantly a big …

  8. @herbangerr

    Ohh sweet college :)


    The first video assignment that I chose to do was 4 stars, and what I had to do was create a video that showed off my college career so far.  I chose to use just pictures that I had on phone through out the 3 years so far.  I started …

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