1. @jamesrxss

    Total Darkness


    For today’s theme, I’m going minimalist.

    What exactly is minimalism?

    And – Why am I going minimalistic?

    Well, strictly, I’m meant to do ‘extreme minimalism’, however, that would mean a blank blog post, and that wouldn’t be very exciting for you to read now, would it? However, I think that …

  2. @jamesrxss

    Slow & Steady Wins The Race


    When delving into the realms of unusual pets, a Tortoise has to be up there as one of them, I would say. Despite this, I am close, personal friends with two tortoises; once owned by my Grandparents, and another owned by some family friends. My Grandparents’ is called Tilly (it …

  3. @dandennis_media

    Unit 1 Summary


    Unit 1 Summary

    In the definition for Social Media Production it explains that the media created and online tools are used for varying degrees of collective action. This basically means that media is made with the intend use for it to spread to different platforms and appeal to the masses.…

  4. @Rep5- Hip Hop Life

    Bloggin’ Around: The First Go


    Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to figure out the reference in the title main title of this blog.
    I felt like meeting the minimum requirements of the assignment was a bit of a drag, a bit of a bore, basically not exciting so the above quiz …

  5. @girlycurlyfries

    distress signal outro


    From using the bumper assignment out of the assignment bank, I created an outro for our Distress Signal radio show. I first found a free song online that felt very superhero like. It’s entitled epic, how we depict our show to be. I coordinated with my group member, Ashleigh to …

  6. @shleighduque

    Grab a Box of SuperOats!


    I decided to create a commercial as part of my contribution to our group project. I hoped to incorporate the superhero theme while also making something that you might actually hear on the radio. I’ve heard several radio commercials about cars and events. Yet where did my mind go? Food, …

  7. @girlycurlyfries



    Here is a promo I’ve created for Distress Signal, a podcast where we plan to feature games and activities related to our superheroes, and include information on news about the superheroes (us) to help the listener understand the hosts more and be able to connect as if they are living …

  8. @shleighduque

    You’re Listening to Distress Signal


    Each member of my group was tasked with creating a unique radio bumper for our show. We know that we’ll feature news, games, and callers, so we figured it’d be best to market these details & give potential listeners an idea of what to expect from us. I found a …

  9. @shleighduque

    Distress Signal Promo


    Our group is using the Bat Signal as the foundation for our audio and visual advertisements. To create my first visual ad for the group, I searched for a bat signal photo, then covered the logo with the color of the spotlight in MS Paint. I used Photoshop to add …

  10. @courthardy2018

    Sweet n Sour Progress


    As we near the end of week 7, here is an update on our radio show Sweet n Sour:

    Our radio show is going to revolve around stories about each of our characters we have created for the class. Each story will be followed by a commercial and bumper before …

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