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  1. @KellyPratt27125

    Video Summary

    Video Week Assignments: Video Summary What did you learn? I learned about camera angles and what they might mean. Things like zooming in/out, over the shoulder shots, low/high angles, etc., all have different meanings. Each one tells a story to the viewer even if the viewer isn’t quite aware of it. The newest concept for […]
  2. @thisist00hard

    Assignment Bank

    This week, we were assigned to pick 3 projects from the DS106 assignment bank. I chose to do a video assignment, gif assignment, and a design assignment. At first I was overwhelmed with all of the choices. It was difficult to decide what I wanted to do based on its difficulty and how much time […]
  3. @jclark22umw

    Vlogging Journey!


    For the third assignment this week, I chose the every hour vlog assignment from the assignment bank. On a typical week day, I take kids to school, have lecture at 11, and pick up the younger child at noon. Today was the perfect day to do this assignment because my Professor is out of town, […]

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