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  1. @eggstve

    ds 106: Splain That Dystopia In Six Slides

    The Crimson City once flourished as a grand, densely populated city that boasted military prowess and entertainment. The city was in conflict with the neighboring city of Leons, and in the hopes of gaining an edge in their stalemate work began on a secret bioweapon. A monster of huge proportions with equally monstrous weapons. It […]
  2. @CeliaSdigitally

    Animals Doing Funny Things… With a Prequel

    This is my second remix assignment of the week. I decided to do GIFs because these assignments are relatively low stakes and tend to make me laugh. This is also why I chose animals doing funny things because I thought it would be a good break from all the audio and video editing. As soon … Continue reading Animals Doing Funny Things… With a Prequel
  3. @wade_764

    Excellent assignment, but I found another method!

    Hey happy Thursday, Ds106ers! For this fun little GIF assignment, I got to work through a step-by-step procedure, and it was really well documented. I realized that while the instruction was written for a Mac, it might be nicer to focus on web-based converting tools.So, I found the video that I feel best exemplifies this semester! I have found that the key has been to do something every day, even the weekends, not just for this class but all of my classes! So I found my video on YouTube, but wait, you ask, I can not download these videos well,…
  4. @CeliaSdigitally

    Making a Cinema Mosaic…Frozen Themed

    For one of my weekly assignments, I decided that I would challenge myself by completing a five-star assignment that took more time and energy. I decided to go with making a cinema mosaic so that I could learn how to layer and add more aspects to my GIFs. I started by making my nine GIFs … Continue reading Making a Cinema Mosaic…Frozen Themed
  5. @CeliaSdigitally

    The Child & A Kitten… 5 Second Ending

    There once was a toddler who loved her family just so. She always came over to play and was the center of everyone’s world. The family decided that they would rescue a small kitten. Little did they know, it would take the child and kitten quite a while to get acquainted with one another. The … Continue reading The Child & A Kitten… 5 Second Ending
  6. @CeliaSdigitally

    Celebrating Too Early…

    Celebrating success too early can end up being a complete downfall. It’s like waiting until final grades are published on Banner to know what you actually got in the class. If you celebrate your A too early, and it ends up being a B, the level of defeat is unreal. In this case, a sports … Continue reading Celebrating Too Early…
  7. @wade_764

    Let’s all party like it’s 1699!

    This was a fun assignment! I got to listen to some music I hadn’t heard in a long time, and I learned another neat trick with editing GIFs. The project asked me to find a musician I like and make a GIF of one of their music videos. I wanted to make this post a follow-up to the animals’ post I made earlier! So the trick to this assignment was to find the video itself, which was not that hard. YouTube again failed me as they did not want me to download videos; however, I am including a link to…
  8. @wade_764

    Is the Internet for anything other than animal videos?

    I was tasked with finding videos of animals doing funny things and converting them to a GIF for this assignment. The process was simple once I found a good source for some videos. I started by using a program called youtube-dl, but I was unsuccessful with that method. YouTube makes it a bit hard to download their videos, it seems. So the next step was to try and find a reliable source to download some animal videos. I found this great source. They have lots of stock photos and videos for free. The next step was to find a GIF…
  9. @CeliaSdigitally

    Contradicting Thought???

    Can’t decide which direction to go? Can’t remember which direction you went? Lost in a maze? There are many contradicting thoughts that occur almost every single day. Personally, I am not very good directionally speaking so I constantly ask myself which way did I come from or which way should I go. In my head, … Continue reading Contradicting Thought???
  10. @wade_764

    So much stuff!!! Why GIF so Challenging!!

    Hey everyone, for my final assignment this week, I chose to do one that covered editing a GIF. I thought this would be a relatively easy assignment, but oh no, user beware… I started this assignment by looking up how to edit animations in Gimp, which has been a helpful tool this week, but it is not very user intuitive. After some time, I decided to look up a guide. This one here was helpful, and even more, I tried to install an additional plug-in from this recommendation. But alas, these were fruitless. My next attempt was searching for online gif editors. As a…

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