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  1. @eggstve

    Week 4 dev log

    This week was by far the most stressful thanks to the assignments and regular life happenings. My time management was way off this week and I’m not satisfied with my creative works this week nearly as much as some of my previous works. I spent more time struggling to get certain things to work or […]
  2. @eggstve

    Comments week 4

    After browsing some blogs, I found some posts I found to be really well made and slapped some comments on them. First up was Anna’s blog Her daily creates are very engaging and fun to look through, I had a hard time picking out which week I wanted to comment under. Next up was […]
  3. @eggstve

    Look, listen, analyze

    I picked out the Joker scene for this analysis, I remember seeing it a long time ago and thinking abut how I enjoyed it but couldn’t fully recall it. So what better way to rewatch it than to watch and learn from it! To start, I muted the clip and simply watched the scene unfold. […]

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