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  1. @DigitalStoryTeller

    Picture in Myth Visual Assignment

    You in Collage Form. Make it about the character that was created last week. This is a preview of my character that I created in last weeks assignments. Week 4 Visual Assignment 2 Stars Places of Piece        Create a collage of photos with all of your favorite spots where you feel relaxed or …

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  2. @JessicaDS106

    Vampurr Collage

    View this post on Instagram My character, Callen Zelrich as told through a collage #ds106 #VisualAssignments #VisualAssignments1890 #vampire #mythology #surgeon #character A post shared by Jessica (@jessicads106) on Sep 20, 2018 at 6:39pm PDT This week, I’m representing the character I created in my previous post, Callen Zelrich, in collage form! While this assignment doesn’t … Continue reading Vampurr Collage
  3. @tifamonster

    La Señora Luz in Picture Collage

    Last week, I introduced La Señora Luz in this post. I highly recommend checking out her biography in last week’s post to understand my collage better. I chose this assignment over the “What’s in your Bag?” assignment because this one seemed like a good way to create a visual representation of my character. To create … Continue reading La Señora Luz in Picture Collage
  4. @ldeitrick

    My Invisible Cape

    I’ve always been a fan of vision boards. Make them. Hang them. Mediate in their general direction. Usually this is a solo activity – partially because most people don’t seem into the vision board idea, and partially because I never asked. So when I stumbled upon a vision board workshop at a local arts collective with the promise of meeting …

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