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    Node 2, I’m Through


    I really enjoyed Node 2 and I feel like I got a much larger understanding of AI out of it. To pull from my “Impressions on AI” discussion post:

     On a broad spectrum, I like to use technology as a creative outlet, but I also know I need break from …

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    The Trolley Problem(s)


    Well, I had more than one problem when it came to the dilemma with “The Trolley Problem”. I was able to get FlashPlayer downloaded to my Mac; however, I was unable to get the link in step two to open (whether I tried to drag it, or open it in …

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    Coded by Cailyn


    I honestly think… and I’m weirded out by the fact that I’m saying this… I may actually not hate coding.

    WHAT?! I KNOW.

    Before this semester started, coding was quite honestly one of the scariest things for me. I’ve always done well in school, and quite honestly I’ve never really …

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    The Hard Truth


    “The Soft Truth” by Leigh Alexander faces the hard truth of our currently technologically obsessed society: we are constantly chasing the endorphins released from the digital world.

    The narrator turns to satisfying videos for an escape of the anxieties of the real world–and honestly it’s terrifying. Sure, I don’t go …

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    Just Getting Started…


    I’m not going to lie… coding is not coming naturally to me.

    Usually, I’m good with puzzles. I have my final picture, there are a lot of separate pieces, and I test the placements until I have my final product.

    However, I feel like in coding I don’t have my …

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    And that’s a wrap.


    This feels weird to say the least. I really am having a hard time comprehending the fact that this course is basically over. For the first time in my life, I was learning about things that genuinely intrigued me. My curiosity and willingness to go outside of my comfort zone …

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    I finished Week 12… can’t you tell?


    So this weekly summary is coming a little late, but for a pretty important reason. I found out Friday morning that I was a close contact for someone for COVID and have spent the past 48hrs going back home to North East Maryland/getting everything together back home for isolation.

    But …

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    More Daily Creates!


    If I’m being honest with myself, I wasn’t much of a fan of the Daily Create prompts this week. Usually when I keep up with them, if I see one I like, I will do it, and if I see one I don’t, then I’ll wait. But my last two …

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    T-Swift? More like C-Tripp.


    This has probably been one of my most simply made, yet well thought out assignments to date.

    Technicality wise, this wasn’t difficult to make. I just went to my messages and sent myself a video of me lip syncing to Taylor Swift.

    But I did struggle a bit with what …

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    Week Eleven was Heaven


    I think this week put the most amount of time, effort, and thought into my work. I only created two videos, but they both took many late nights and a lot of storage on my computer (seriously I had to wipe it like two times because I just kept needing …

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    Created Daily


    This weeks daily creates weren’t exactly my favorite. In all honesty, I feel like I’ve had much more creative ones in previous weeks, but either way, lets see what I’ve done!

    My Uncle loves to go to Longwood Gardens with me around my birthday. It’s always so pretty and they …

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    I’m not gonna lie, I have had my idea for my final project since the first week of this semester. I love using digital media as a creative outlet, and especially to tell stories. This class has provided me a space to do that, so I promise my mind has …

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    All Gas, No Breaks


    This week I did a vlog from our lacrosse teams game vs CNU! I had a lot of fun editing the video and I think it shines through in the editing.

    I used Final Cut Pro, and made sure to include funny clips/memes to add to the humor and fun …

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    What I Would Have Missed


    I have been making videos my entire life, and I am probably the most proud of this one.

    I used Final Cut Pro to edit this, but I used a lot more than just a camera and a computer to create this.

    When I saw that this week it was …

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    Week Ten, I’ve Done it Again


    This week has probably been the longest one yet… but it’s been my favorite one. I’ve been making videos/telling stories through this medium since I was little, so I was completely comfortable in this sphere. However, everything took me a while because since I’m very experienced in this area, I …

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    On The Road Trailer


    This week I spent the most time on my vlog I posted earlier… 4 days to be exact.

    So when I was searching for other assignments to do in the assignment bank, I knew I wanted them to either be completely different or relate back to it in some way, …

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    What legacy do you want to leave behind?


    My dream in life is to make a documentary. I want to make something meaningful that inspires people. Although this project was nothing huge, it was still a step in that direction and I could not be more proud of how it turned out.

    I first started off by deciding …

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    Cailyn Tripp’s Day Off


    Here is my video essay on Ferris Bueller’s Day Off! I used iMovie to pick apart all of the editing/camera decisions. I love editing videos in general and I’ve always been one to “read” movies. So when it came to this assignment, I was excited to get to pick apart …

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    Like and Subscribe!


    Welcome to the day in my life on game day!

    I vlogged my away game against Shenandoah and got to show my entire day!

    It has taken me DAYS to edit it, but I love the way it turned out! I filed through music, brought back memes, and kept the …

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    Rad Radio Reflection


    I gotta say, it was really cool getting to hear myself on the ds106 Radio on Monday!

    Unlike a lot of people, I love to listen to myself talk (lol… maybe that’s why I talk so much). Ultimately, I think it was just cool knowing everything my group created was …

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