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  1. @Bendire Thrasher

    Paint Knife in a New Light

    I used to listen to no podcasts, then my roommate recommended me the Magnus Archives and that is the only one that I have really listened to, well, besides the Bald and the Beautiful, but that is a whole other thing.  I am not the most knowledgeable on podcasts, but as of recently, I have […]
  2. @JHolburd

    The Sunday Radio Hour +

    Tonight’s DS106 Radio featured Death of the Painter and Coroner’s Tale at the 8 p.m., slot. My team, Radio7, created Death of the Painter and it was fun to listen to our brainchild live! It was also a little surreal to hear it “over the airwaves.”   I was using my headphones and it sounded much […]
  3. @wade_764

    Coroner’s Tale Reflection and The Death of the Painter

    Tonight was a lot of fun! I was very pleased with listening to the final product of both my group’s radio show and another group in class! Coroner’s Tale was incredible! They did an excellent job with sound effects, and the atmosphere was over the top! The different voice effects were done so professionally! What I liked most about this story was how it hooked me into wanting more of its crazy and dark tale! The commercials were also great and kept the same dark humor tone. I felt the isolation, and I think some inspiration was taken from the movie Alien?!…
  4. @PabloMccrimmon


    This week, I listened to The Undergraduate Monster Wash by Thomas, Mason, Bella, and Grace. This radio show focused on horror which was right up my alley, as Halloween is my favorite holiday. The show was broken up into multiple sections, including a radio play, a monologue about the Zodiac Killer, readings of poetry and […]
  5. @skyler0455

    radio show reflections

    Yesterday I listened to The Undergraduate Monster Wash radio show on ds106 radio. I really enjoyed this show! The group used consistent sound effects and background music throughout to really set the scene and add a spooky theme to the stories they were telling. The voice acting in each story also added to how well […]
  6. @Egon2688

    Music is life!

    I loved the opening music for The Joy of Music, it was very smooth. The intro conversation was also great too, very personal, and relatable. I have several playlists on Spotify as well with a variety of music and genres, I appreciated the selection of music used throughout the show. It’s all different. The anticipation… Continue reading Music is life!
  7. @MasonOberle

    Radio Listen


    Last night, I listened to two radio shows broadcasted on DS106 radio. These shows were How To Survive: Advice From The Five and The Tea on Social Media Radio Show. Listening to these shows was a blast, primarily because I think they both provided a lot of very useful information. How To Survive focused primarily […]

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