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  1. @grace_long88

    Final Project

    Recently I have been thinking a lot about my college experience. I am so happy I came to Mary Washington and had so many great classes and met so many good people. I am also thankful for how much I have changed throughout college. Looking back, I am nothing like
  2. @grace_long88

    Week Twelve Summary

    This week we worked on mashups and remixes. I thought it was really fun to take an assignment and change it a little to create a completely different assignment. With the holidays coming up, for my first assignment, I created an image that combined Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Thanksgiving
  3. @grace_long88

    Week Eleven Summary

    This week we continued working with telling a story through videos. I chose three different weekly assignments to get to my 10 stars. This first assignment I chose was to create a video of a vacation. I thought this assignment was perfect for me because I love filming vacations. I
  4. @grace_long88

    Golden Girls

    My roommate and I are currently watching Golden Girls together and when I was learning about video editing I thought this would be a great show to use for my video essay. Also Bob Ross was from Florida and Golden Girls is set in Florida so it connected to the
  5. @grace_long88

    More Project Ideas

    Reading through everyone’s project ideas was very inspirational. Everyone had great ideas and I am excited to see how they turn out. The first idea that really stood out to me was Carrie’s. She talked about how overcoming obstacles and achievements can tell a great story. I think this could
  6. @grace_long88

    Week Nine Summary

    This week we focused on looking ahead. I spent most of my week thinking about what I can do for the final project. This is a big assignment I am kind of nervous for it but I can up with a few ideas that I think would be fun to
  7. @grace_long88

    Happy Fall

    For my daily creates this week I wanted them to all represent Fall. Fall is my favorite season and it just started so I thought it would be perfect. I started the week by making a gif. I found a free image online that portrayed the calendar month of October.
  8. @grace_long88

    Take a Guess! (redone)

    I wanted to redo this assignment because I recently got a new phone with a better camera. The last time I did this assignment the photo was not good quality so I thought it would be fun to do it again with a better quality photo. So take a guess
  9. @grace_long88

    Before & After (redone)

    My favorite season is Fall. I love the way the leaves change and the temperature is perfect outside. I also love wearing comfy jackets and sweatshirts. I think it is remarkable how different outside looks in different seasons. For my first rework I decided to try the Color Changer assignment
  10. @grace_long88

    Progress Report

    Because of Fall Break, I got an early start on this week’s assignments. I signed up to compile my groups segments together and make them all uniform. So I also knew I had to get ahead of my work so I would have time at the end of the week

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