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  1. @skyler0455

    radio show progress

    This week, my group, formed and started talking on our Discord server. I joined the group a little late, and got caught up about the idea for our project: to recreate an old episode of the Roy Rogers Show. We started working on a google doc to keep track of our ideas and work. We […]
  2. @skyler0455

    radio show logo!

    I made a logo for my group’s radio show! I used Canva to make it, by picking a logo template that I thought would fit our theme. First, I looked up pictures of advertisements for the actual Roy Rogers Show to get ideas for the design and color scheme. Since there were many pictures of […]
  3. @mgedney

    weekly summary seven

    This week was dedicated to preparing for the upcoming radio show. I started the week off with forming my group and coming up with an idea for our show. We settled on “Stories from Behind the Counter”. This will include stories from our past work experiences and your typical bumpers
  4. @mgedney

    radio show promo

    Within my group, I was responsible for creating the radio show logo. I used Canva and based the logo off of one of the sample formats. I tried to keep it relatively simple, yet clear it was for a radio show and with enough detail that it would be visually
  5. @MaddySlunt

    Radio Show Week One Summary

    Going into this radio show group assignment, I was really nervous and anxious because I didn’t think I was going to produce anything that I am proud of because I have never liked my voice on recordings and I have never had any confidence completing assignments like this. I am now writing this after having… Continue reading Radio Show Week One Summary
  6. @MaddySlunt

    Radio Show Commercial / Assignment 2

    80’s Product Radio Commercial I was late to one of my classes because I was having so much fun mixing this and putting it together. I wanted to have the vibe of those 2000s kids product commercials that would annoy my parents so much because I would BEG for the products. This, like the bumper… Continue reading Radio Show Commercial / Assignment 2

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