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  1. @mto_morgan

    Week 7 Summary

    So for this week we all pitched in and recorded enough audio combined to make a radio show. For my assignments I made a commercial for a made up company called, “Mart’s Auto Parts” and I also made 5 questions and interviewed one of my peers. I used audacity a lot this week and I am starting to really like […]
  2. @mto_morgan


    For this assignment I interviewed a peer and recorded the answers. We will be using these for our radio show next week! The questions are: What would you say is your biggest achievement to date? What are you so passionate about that you would have a hard time living without it? (Figuratively) If you were a candle, what scent would […]
  3. @mto_morgan

    Radio Show Progress

    So for starters, I will lay out our plan. This week, we plan to have everyone do their own share of work with each of us making a short commercial and also each person asking and answering five interview questions. These answers will be broadcasted on the show. Next, we plan to have everyone record some funny or overall interesting […]
  4. @mto_morgan

    DS106 Radio!

    Come join us and hear some of our stories. They may be funny or sad, but I promise you will not be disappointed. We plan to tell some engaging stories from our lives and maybe add some sound effects when needed. It will be a fun way to hear some other peoples’ stories! We plan to have some music, commercials, […]
  5. @V20Kai

    Before Break Begins

    This week was all about getting our radio show groups together and bringing in our ideas. However, before that, I did my daily creates. The first one I did asked us to say what kind of storm we would be and why, and I said that I would be a thunderstorm. In my second daily […]
  6. @V20Kai

    Production Planning

    It’s been quite the week, hasn’t it? At the start, I was so anxious about who I would form a group with, but thankfully, one of my friends reached out to me first. After that, another person asked if I wanted to join them to make a group of four, to which my friend and […]

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