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  1. @mto_morgan

    Week 8 Summary

    Nothing much to say for this week other than it was a lot of fun compiling our radio show! I basically handled the interview section of the show while the rest of the group had their own specific tasks. Here are my daily creates for this week: All of my work for the week can be found here: Essentially […]
  2. @mto_morgan

    Radio Show Progress

    We are now officially done with the radio show! Check it out here: I worked on the interview portion of the show. Last week we compiled most of the audio needed to complete the show this week. This week we essentially completed the show by adding everything together and adding more audio when necessary. We start the show with some […]
  3. @V20Kai

    It’s Been a Week

    It’s been a week, what with the coronavirus shutting down in-person classes and figuring out whether or not I would be able to stay on campus to get my internship hours for my major. Thankfully, I am able to stay on campus, but now my internship has been suspended. That said, I’ll be staying on […]
  4. @V20Kai

    It’s Show Time!

    At long last, the radio show has been completed! Over the past few weeks my group and I discussed how we wanted to approach our radio show via our text group chat, and we eventually decided to meet in person to solidify what we wanted to do and do our recordings. On Tuesday, Sterling reserved […]
  5. @eafinto

    It’s Been a Minute, Fellow Survivors

    Hello! I had a wonderful spring break and I wish I could have about two more weeks of it. Unfortunately, I had to come back to the real world. I went down to Kiawah Island in South Carolina to visit family. Kiawah is a very special place for my family and me. We have celebrated […]

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