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    E.N.D. Fiction: End of The End Final


    The year is 1978. Reclaim DNA Hosting has accomplished a great feat: birthing the first test tube baby. The program was headed by renown doctor, Shannon Hauser. It was celebrated everywhere and represented a new dawn for mothers who were struggling to conceive. What they didn’t tell the public was …

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    S.I.I.L Broadcast: End of The End Prt. 2


    If you not have seen the first half of this breakdown of the End and the E.N.D., refer to this post. It’s important for your safety and wellbeing to be aware of the infection and its possible causes and symptoms. Once you have, continue on.

    Annalise Zerweier of the …

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    Week 13/14: The Ultimate End


    This is sadly what I think is my last post for DS 106. It’s been a whirlwind and I’ve enjoyed engaging with everyone on Slack, commenting, working together and sharing my own work. This is even more emotional because of my impending graduation and I know I’ll miss working with …

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    S.I.I.L Flyer Found: End of The End Prt. 1


    In the midst of my heavy investigations into The E.N.D. and all the evidence of the infection surrounding us all, I had heard rumors of someone from an organization looking into the same suspicious activities. It turns out this is true! Annalise Zerweier of the Suspicious Infection Investigation League has …

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    The End of The End: Part 1


    With impending graduation and impending doom on the menu, it’s been a little stressful lately. Not on my best work schedule but we’re getting through! I’ll get you guys up to date on what I’ve been up to and what I plan to do in the coming week.

    First off, …

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    Week 12: A MishMash of Media


    Did I survive? Did I make it? Just barely, I think. This week held a lot of challenges for me and it was difficult to get through but here I am, alive. I really feel like I went through The End.

    I accomplished three assignments this week related to Sea …

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    A Story in Songs


    The second media assignment I did for my novel was the Poetry Playlist assignment for 3 stars. I’m a sucker for all assignments involving playlists because I love music and creating playlists that evoke certain feelings or have more meaning than just a list of songs. I also love poetry …

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    A Tangled Web


    For my first novel assignment, I did the Harness Relationships assignment for 5 stars. In this assignment, you are asked to use the website Kumu to create a web that connects settings, people and events from your chosen novel. The novel I did, Sea of Rust, has a motley crew …

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    Two Infections?!


    I have a strange occurrence to report that ties into some of my thoughts for one big theory–stay with me here! First off, I’ve been seeing weird remnants of food left in the fourth floor of the UC… it looks pretty gross. I documented it in these gruesome pictures so …

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    Week 11: Video Extravaganza


    Hello, folks! We’ve made it through another week. I feel the end of The End is near and that makes me both relieved and sad. So this week was another week of video and I made some amazing content that I’m really proud of. Video has given me a chance …

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    Life Hacks 4 Life


    This assignment let me achieve my dream of being a beauty guru YouTuber. I thought of a life hack that I use in my life and looked up another to try and recorded them in my well-lit bathroom. Then I zoomed to iMovie to import the footage and edit it …

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    Breaking CDE Interview!


    This week we had to complete an interview with a doctor formerly with a team investigating what’s going on in these parts with the infection. Even though I was the one answering questions, I feel like I came out of it with a lot more questions for her! Still, I …

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    28 DS106-es Later


    I did the impossible. I made 28 Days Later look like a happy, totally normal movie. At the same time, I also created a sick ad for DS106. I’m insanely proud of what I did with this assignment so I hope you guys check it out! You might see yourself …

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    Assignment Creation Station


    This week we were asked to contribute two assignments for our fellow classmates to be able to complete. We could make two daily creates, two media assignments or one of both. Funnily enough, I submitted my first media assignment on a whim just last week! So for my second contribution, …

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    Week 10: Now on VHS and DVD!


    This week was the beginning of our two week exploration. iMovie and I became very well acquainted. I started out by watching 10 Cloverfield Lane and resources about analyzing films, which you can read here. I also completed two video assignments. The first was making a trailer for the …

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    Foley á Deux


    I love puns. Anyways, the second video assignment I did this week was Charlie Chaplin’s Foley Artist, worth 4 1/2 stars. The assignment was to add sound effects for an originally silent Charlie Chaplin short. I chose one called Recreation, which was one of the few able to be …

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    Analyzing With Ebert: 10 Cloverfield Lane


    Hey, folks! This week I learned a lot about looking deeper into the visual aspects of films. I took a film studies class last semester and loved it so I was ready to roll with it. First off, I watched a video that drew me in with its scandalous title: …

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    Week 9: A Week in Review


    Hello, my fellow survivors. This week was a bucket of fun and I really mean it this time. I was satisfied with the time I had to do everything, pleased with the results, and I’m actually doing a summary post before Monday night. Amazing!

    This week had me listening to …

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    Word Cloud Remiiiix!


    A while ago I completed the 4-star design assignment called Character World Cloud. In my original blog post, I described how the word cloud generator the assignment linked to gave me a hard time. I said it fought me and I lost. So for our remix assignment, I challenged …

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    The Survivors at Sunrise Debut


    This past Wednesday, our show: Survivors at Sunrise, debuted at 10 PM. It had laughter, it had tears, it had some sick beats and cool bumpers. To be honest, I was nervous to hear the final result. I had a good time recording with everyone and we had good chemistry …

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    Week 8: Recording, Bots and Daily Creates


    It’s week 8 and yet it doesn’t feel like it at all! It’s almost weird not having a weekly post to look at, the normal influx of comments and the usual flow of work. And yet, I can’t complain because it was because of spring break and that wasn’t a …

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    Sunrise Survivors Debut


    This Wednesday we began the recording of the Sunrise Survivors official first (and last) episode. We met in the HCC and rented a USB microphone to begin our recording. I know many people have come up with scripts and we considered doing the same but in the end we opted …

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    Rise and Shine, Listeners!


    After a long struggle with internet following the insane windstorm this past Friday, I can finally share the beginnings of our radio project.

    Last Thursday was the first meeting of The Sunrise Survivors: Elaina, Jillian, Alyssa and me! We coordinated a time to meet at the HCC and immediately began …

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    Week 6: Playing Catch Up


    By now, my desktop has become littered with saved images, PhotoShop files, drafts, transparents, half-edited messes and more. Spring break is calling my name and my computer would like a clean out, please. But I had an enjoyable week of doing one of my favorite things for this class: making …

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    Contradiction Creation


    For this design assignment, Contradiction Creation (2 1/2 stars), I wanted to take an apocalyptic and creepy Big Brother state approach. I wanted these contradictory text and image pairings to seem almost like propaganda while also showing the “truth” of the situation. I simply used stock images and PS to …

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    Less is More: New Cover for Sea of Rust


    This week we were supposed to create a new cover for the books we’re reading and I did just that. I’m really drawn to the minimalistic redos of classic books and I wanted to try to attempt that for my new cover for Sea of Rust. I’m honestly pretty proud …

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    Word Twister


    I’ll be honest. I fought a battle with WordCloud and WordCloud won. Although it’s meant to be a highly customizable and personalized wordcloud generator, I had a difficult time figuring out how to make it anything like the one in the example. I depended on pure randomization to make it …

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