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  1. @KHavertDs106

    Xena’s Second Chance

    This week we were given the change to revamp and redo some assignments that we crated in the past. I decided to redo my motivational poster design assignment. This choice was not because my Fluffer post was not good. The reason is due to something amazing that happened in our community recently. For some timeRead more "Xena’s Second Chance"
  2. @eendip

    Contradiction Creation

    I did the Contradiction Creation design assignment where you create some graphics where the motivational message contradicts that of the background mood/theme. Pretty much like an anti-motivational poster. I used Canva to make this. I used one of the photos they allow people to use for free, and added text to make it look like...
  3. @KHavertDs106

    A Dream Come True

    For this assignment I had to create a wedding invitation. Personally I did not want to download some big thing so I searched google. I found a free invitation creator with where you can choose a template for any occasion and then redesign it. I decided on this invitation because sunflowers have become aRead more "A Dream Come True"

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