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  1. @Katie___Donovan

    Daily Create Week 6

    a crisp sprite #tdc3549 #ds106 #ds106— Katie Donovan (@Katie___Donovan) October 5, 2021 #tdc3550 #ds106— Katie Donovan (@Katie___Donovan) October 5, 2021 Words on the wall #t...
  2. @Katie___Donovan

    A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing

    For this assignment, I had to combine the logo of rivals. I decided to do Popeyes Chicken and Chick-fil-a. I began by getting a picture of both of their logos. Then, the photos were imported into Adobe Illustrator. I removed the P from Popeye’s logo and replaced it with the C of Chick-fil-a’s.
  3. @Katie___Donovan


    I’ve taken design courses in the past, so I am fairly familiar with it. The elements of design are: line color shape size space texture form contrast value typography symbols & metaphors balance rhythm unity & harmony Graphic design is purposeful planning that uses any combination of forms, pictures, words, and meanings to achieve one’s goal.Continue reading "Design"
  4. @eendip

    Weekly Summary

    This week’s assignments were fun to do. There was not much, but I really enjoyed the design assignments I chose to do and the daily creates were nice as always. The daily creates I participated in are below: I did 4 design assignments: Laptop Lingo, Contradiction Creation, The “Vogue Challenge”, and Cartoon You. The posts...
  5. @eendip

    Contradiction Creation

    I did the Contradiction Creation design assignment where you create some graphics where the motivational message contradicts that of the background mood/theme. Pretty much like an anti-motivational poster. I used Canva to make this. I used one of the photos they allow people to use for free, and added text to make it look like...
  6. @kjax18271


    Minimalism This an advertisement for an event called Renew Gathering over fall break. I thought this was a good example of minimalism because it is simple black text on white paper. It outlines some basic information about the event. In addition, it has a simple outlined drawing at the top to give it some character… Continue reading DesignBlitz
  7. @mto_morgan

    Week 6 Summary

    I have never seen design like I have this week it is a lot of fun viewing everything from a different perspective. I have been wanting to get into design more and maybe start trying my own digital drawing or graphic design. Below are my daily creates for the week: All of my work for the week can be found […]
  8. @mto_morgan

    Design Blitz

    Due to covid, I have to quarantine so I had to take photos of things around my house. There are great designs anywhere though! First lets start with a design that is minimalistic. Above are my skis. As you can see the design is pretty minimal, but the spacing and wording is well placed making it look pretty good. The […]

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