1. @Tyra13748487

    Design Reflection


    Design is a very interesting concept. It’s all around us. So much so that we even notice it. The late Bill Moggridge once stated that it doesn’t occur to most people that everything is designed — that every building and everything they touch in the world is designed. I find …

  2. @EmilyHutchins8

    Thoughts about Design and the Readings


    Before reading these articles, I had no idea about all that goes into design. Design is something that is easy to forget about because it is so common and we see it in everything we use. I like how Vignelli goes into detail about the purposes of design and how …

  3. @DigitalStoryTeller

    Design Thoughts Week 6



    “Graphic design is message-sending into the brain.”  I really liked this quote from graphic designer Chip Kidd. I never really thought of a design as being a message to your brain. Designs can be anything from simple to complex, just depends on what the design is trying to portray. …

  4. @fatolliecat

    This is my design


    Design is everything. Everything is design.

    It really is everywhere, though. We talk about it in HISP classes, mostly architectural, but occasionally interior as well. Design is what I knit, what I wear, how I arrange my ridiculously large collection of stuffed animals, and those stuffed animals themselves. Designs follow …

  5. @richelleholnick

    Design Thoughts


    Reading The Vignelli Canon by Massimo Vignelli was really interesting. I do not know much about design, but reading this booklet from him made me realize that a lot of components of design were very separate in my mind. Which according to Vignelli, is false. This quote from the booklet, …

  6. @Alexis54552906

    Reading and Reflecting!


    I learned quite a bit from the articles that were given for this week! You can read the main article linked here.

    It explains many different aspects to design. The way he explains it is the easiest of understanding since it is an explanation for kids. I prefer that instead …

  7. @FaulconerKyle

    Design and the World


    This week the topic was design and with that we were instructed to review a few pieces of literature that corresponded with design and the principles that pertain to the subject. Previous to the readings I really didn’t think to much about design and the part it played. However, after …

  8. @ArthurDrag1

    Design Thoughts


    This is really interesting to think about. I don’t think it’s that I never noticed that everything that’s not made by nature was designed by someone, I just think I took that fact for granted. Look around in my room, every single thing around me was created by someone sitting …

  9. @tifamonster

    Design Thoughts


    I am writing this paragraph before reading the required readings for this week. I am doing this because I am limited in what I know about design, but my older sister is a graphic designer. I have seen her work and I am always amazed and what she is able …

  10. @OraMyAura

    Wow; what a perspective!


    After reading the articles A Kidd’s Guide to Graphic Design, 100 Ideas That Changed Graphic Design, and Leo Tolstoy on Emotional Infectiousness and What Separates Good Art from the Bad, I have gotten a clearer sense of the perspective of those who understand Graphic Design and just Art as a …

  11. @chloversgarden

    Digital Designing


    I used to work as an office assistant where I had to create flyers and pamphlets. Looking at what links were up it made the process of creating art seem a lot more complex. Or at least there was more thought & creativity put into it.

    The art made in

  12. @JessicaDS106

    How To Design


    Our theme for this week of the course will be design, which is one I’m very much looking forward to! To start out, I read a few resources on design to learn more about it. Like many topics on this course, I don’t have much experience with design (except perhaps …

  13. @maci_winebarger

    Design: a mental thing


    After reading about Chip Kidd, I’ve learned that design is a very mental thing, and I can completely understand why. His comparisons using a speed bump really got me to understand where he was coming from. If the road was flat and all there was was a sign to the …

  14. @justzaying7

    Digital Designing of a Story


    This week will definitely be an interesting one. I’ve said repeatedly that I have about .2 artistic bones in my body. I have a feeling this will be exploited this week. After reading The Vignelli Canon, by Massimo Vignelli, I feel that I stand a fighting chance. There is …

  15. @KaseyMayer

    Thoughts on Design


    I actually found this reading very interesting. I knew advertising was more than simple pictures and text but I didn’t realize there were so many different aspects to design. Massimo Vignelli says that the three most important aspects of design are semantic (meaning), syntactic, and pragmatic. However, he then broke …

  16. @Eric Dorman

    Design thoughts


    Looking at Vignelli’s book and modern design software it is very clear that many concepts have transitioned well into the age of digital design, especially visual concepts such as contrast and proportion. Vignelli hit many nails on the head and talked about many of the concepts and methods that are …

  17. @TristenStevens3

    Thoughts/Ideas of Design


    Who knew design played such an important roll on how the reader/listener/watcher felt in a certain moment? What I learned was that the use of negative space in a comic book creates a feeling of emptiness just like it does in movies.  It is impressive how they can translate that …

  18. @Maggieo_13

    Read and Reflect!


    For this activity I chose to read The Vignelli Canon  and reflect on it.  I began reading the book and one of the first things he wrote in his introduction caught my eye “It is not the formula that prevents good design from happening but lack of knowledge of the …

  19. @courtkneelane

    Analysis of Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou’s Analyses


    I really like the way Otsmane-Elhaou analyzes and writes about the pieces of comic he analyzes. For the piece on the Jessica Jones comic, I found it interesting how he talked about how to stop time in movies, books, and comics then goes into focusing on comics. The idea that …

  20. @k8lynclements

    Reflection on Design


    I had read the Strip Panel Naked reading a few weeks ago because I am in the Design group. It was really interesting to me because I never realized the importance of designing comics. The placement of the comic images and text really are what make the comic, the comic. …

  21. @OliviaBreler

    Design thoughts


    Design is part of everything. It’s something that we see every day and don’t pay much attention to, but it’s there and it’s doing it’s job. Everything we look at is designed the way it is, to fulfill a certain purpose. Not just movies, comics and other artsy stuff, but …

  22. @PamlanyeJordan

    Read/Watch Reflect!


    For this assignment I decided to take the second option, I chose to look at a few of  Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou’s articles. I chose this because it is personally easier from me to look at specific examples, and each of these examples focusing on a specific design choice.

    This first article …

  23. @ashedwardz

    Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou Reflection


    Looking into Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou’s in-depth research about design in various manifestations of comic books helped me see design in a whole new light. I’ve been taking art classes seriously since I’ve been in the sixth grade. There have been multiple discussions of aspects of design in our work and the …

  24. @girlycurlyfries

    // design //


    You know when you make something really neat, or at least it’s neat to you and you’re all like, “graphic design is my passion!” Well, graphic design is much more than that. I truly did not know that but reading THE VIGNELLI CANON, has really opened my eyes (all …

  25. @Hannah Woehrle

    Reflecting on Design


    I looked at some of  Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou’s videos to get my bearings in terms of design. There’s a lot of overlap with design and visual storytelling, as I realized while going through the assignment bank, and I wanted to figure out the distinction.

    His video “Controlling Movement” looked …

  26. @melseykooring

    Thoughts/Ideas (Week Six):



    This week I was asked to read a few articles and write a reflection on how design can advance a story along. I decided to focus on the work of Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou. More specifically, his Strip Panel Naked segments.

    Before looking at his articles, I never consciously focused on …

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