1. @effyuwawa



    I found the info in Open Culture pretty dope. I never looked at a movie poster or logo twice, even though it’s obvious so much though and work goes into drawing your eye to it. It kind of surprised me that other countries create their own movie posters. I was …

  2. @TurnerM000

    Design Thoughts


    I learned a lot from this article. Many every day things that we all use frequently, such as signs, had to be designed at some point. I think that the fact that we sometimes forget how much thought goes into designing things like these, makes it evidently clear how important …

  3. @MoB4884

    Let Me Pick Your Brain About Design


    I really enjoyed reading the article about graphic design. I loved seeing some of the old school product designs and some cool newer-aged designs. It was really cool to also read about the author of the book that the article is based on. I loved how they discussed that the …

  4. @AJSt0rm

    Design: Taken for Granted


    How often have you looked at a stop sign? You’ve probably seen a ton of them in your lifetime, even if you can’t drive. However, have you ever considered that someone, at some point, had to design that sign? How about the title scene to your favorite movie? Do you …

  5. @sunglasses260

    Deep Thinking on Design


    Although I haven’t ever really thought about becoming a graphic designer, and I don’t think that’s what’s in store for me in the future, thinking about visual design and reading and watching this week’s assigned material was quite fascinating for me.

    The first couple things I checked out were the …

  6. @MaddySlunt

    Week Six Thoughts


    Being honest, I understood that a lot of time, money, and energy go into the design of most products around us, but I always felt that it was such a waste. I had heard stories of medical companies spending so much money and time to ask people questions about a …

  7. @AndrewWaite17

    Design Blitz Time!


    This is my Design Blitz assignment for this week.

    This photo represents unity as all the individual elephants are the same shape and size, but together they make something much bigger. There is a sense of wholeness and unity because they are all touching.

    This photo represents dominance. There is …

  8. @AndrewWaite17

    What a Wonderful Design


    This post is about what I learned from this weeks readings. I learned how color can focus the viewer on what is important. For instance, a white background allows the view to focus in on the objects or people in the photo, given there is little background distractions. Color can …

  9. @Rachel91499872

    Design Thoughts


    My initial thoughts design were basically non existent. I never thought about what went behind designing for public consumption. The article and short book made me think harder about what goes on around me. I liked what Vignelli said that design requires discipline in order for the whole product to …

  10. @imatutu_

    Kidd Design


    My brother used to be heavily interested in graphic design when he was in high school and I remember him explaining a ton of these concepts to me, being a young middle schooler who’s got no clue what he was talking about. I think the notion that “the best solution …

  11. @actuallyjonathanpulido

    Reflection: Design


    “Everything that is not made by nature is designed by someone,” is a sick way of re-looking at design. As a christian, thinking of this in the sense that God designed and not just the world, but the entire universe is pretty psyching. Heck, the article also mentions another quote …

  12. @trippthrumylife

    A Tripp Through Design


    An important fact about me: I LOVE movies. But it isn’t so much the storyline… it’s how the story is told. The color schemes, the angles of the camera, the editing style–every step of design that is taken in order to produce the story, is what I love.

    Because of …

  13. @RMdigitally

    RM’s Design Thoughts


    When I started reading the original Brain Pickings post for this week, I quickly realized how easy it would be to fall down many different rabbit holes. Actually, the first time I was trying to read through it, I ended up on some article about Freud and his work. This …

  14. @madelinek106

    Ferris Bueller Poster Design Thoughts


    I had never thought much about design in terms of movie posters and book covers before. The video “Movie Poster Expert Explains Color Schemes” was really interesting and made me look at movie posters differently now. 

    I learned that red and white movie poster designs are used for comedies. 

    One …

  15. @jclark22umw

    Design Reflection


    While reading “A Kid’s Guide to Graphic Design” the following quote stuck with me…

    “It doesn’t occur to most people that everything is designed — that every building and everything they touch in the world is designed,”

    Bill Moggridge

    I know this was the first line of the article, but …

  16. @VhudschNor2

    Chip Kidd Reflection


    I thought the article was interesting, in that it went in-depth into trying to describe design overall. I’d disagree with the author’s statement, “Everything that is not made by nature is designed by someone.” Neanderthals weren’t people, and they designed tools, and birds design nests. His other insights are interesting, …

  17. @sincerelysterls

    Week 6


    Insert more positive and technical prelude…

    This week’s challenge was time and energy: I had to take the “L.” Being in two plays and involved in several clubs and projects has been eating my time. I’m getting exhausted thinking about my 9 AM – 11:30 PM day tomorrow with practically …

  18. @Maeve_ds106

    Graphic Design


    When I first read the Chip Kidd piece I was reminded of my high school Humanities course and where we talked extensively about style and design, especially in regards to art. We even took a trip to the Virginia Fine Arts Museum (if you haven’t been, I highly recommend!).

    I …

  19. @rachelds106

    design reflection


    I want to start out this reflection by saying this book and blog post were both beautifully designed (no pun intended). I especially loved the blog post reading, it was so nice and easy to follow.

    After reading Vignelli Canon’s book, I put way more thought into my designs than …

  20. @HidalgoUmwd

    A Beautiful Nightmare


    I was a bit worried this week when I realized we were working with graphic designing, as I am not blessed within this talent or expertise. Nevertheless, I was eager to gain some more insight on this skill as what I may consider my worst nightmare, the content created by …

  21. @1215007705141780482

    Chip Kidd & Design


    Reading this article about Chip Kidd’s book, Go, really opened my eyes to design. Day to day I walk around and witness so many different designs but I never really questioned it. After reading this article I started looking around my room and asking myself ‘Why was this designed …