1. @Hannah Woehrle

    Reflecting on Design


    I looked at some of  Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou’s videos to get my bearings in terms of design. There’s a lot of overlap with design and visual storytelling, as I realized while going through the assignment bank, and I wanted to figure out the distinction.

    His video “Controlling Movement” looked …

  2. @melseykooring

    Thoughts/Ideas (Week Six):



    This week I was asked to read a few articles and write a reflection on how design can advance a story along. I decided to focus on the work of Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou. More specifically, his Strip Panel Naked segments.

    Before looking at his articles, I never consciously focused on …

  3. @courthardy2018

    Reflective Designs


    I decided to start design week off with reading The Vignelli Canon by Massimo Vignelli. To begin his booklet, he explains the most important principles of design to him; semantic, syntactic and pragmatic. Semantics to Vignelli is the meaning behind the design. I think this is important as when artists …

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