1. @madelinek106

    Imagine x Yellow : Final Project


    My final project is done! Thanks to my amazing group we were able to complete a great final project that we all are proud of!

    This post will be a detailed walk through and reflection of each step we took along the way to make our final project. I will …

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    weekly summary 11


    This week went by so slow for me! I don’t know about anyone else – but I am so happy it’s Friday!

    This week I spent most of my time working on my 10 star “Draw My Life” video for my dog. It was a lot of work but I …

  3. @madelinek106

    “As you wish.” : Princess Bride Video Essay


    For my video essay I thought alot about what movies would be good candidates to analysize. I decided to look at “The Princess Bride” because the editing is great and highlights the satirical nature of the film. Making the video essay was more work than I thought it was going …

  4. @madelinek106

    Revisiting & Radio shows : Week 9 Summary


    This week I had the opportunity to listen and reflect on everyone’s radio show which was so great! I also had some more time to re do assignments using new tools and skills I have learned. Overall, it was a productive week and my favorite part was live tweeting to …

  5. @madelinek106

    Radio Listen Reflection : Childhood Stories


    On Tuesday night, I had the opportunity to listen to my radio show “Stories of Our Stories: A Walk Down Memory Lane” and “Operation Childhood Radio Show”. I had so much fun during the entire process and liked tweeting along with classmates! 

    I liked that both radio shows were childhood …

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