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    Living Life in Peace; Week 14 Summary :)


    We made it.

    Sometimes, there didn’t seem to be an end in sight, but we made it. I’m proud of us. As we all know, this week has been about finishing up our final projects. I am incredibly happy with my group’s work. Go read alllllll about our final project …

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    RM’s Project Video Post


    Hey, guys! We finally finished the last component of our project today! We combined our audio with images of the past year to create our video. Check it out!

    To make this happen, we all put images into our Google doc that we had been planning the project in. We …

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    Imagine/Yellow Audio!!


    Hey, guys! Long time no see! Our group has just finished the audio element of our final project so I wanted to go ahead and share it. As I talked about last week, Maddie, Maddy, and I have been working on a project together that fuses design, audio, video, and …

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    Imagining Week 13


    Hello! Happy Thursday! This week has been literally the worst for me, but thinking about my final project has been a bright spot. Let’s dive in to what’s going on.

    I’m working with Maddy and Maddie on a final project. We decided that we wanted to create a song as …

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    Hey, John Lennon!


    Hey, guys! I hope everybody is doing alright as we’re approaching the final weeks of class and working on our final projects! I have been working with Maddy and Maddie this week to come up with a concept for our final project and I gotta say, I’m really happy with …

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    Shakin’ it up for Week 12


    Hi, friends! I hope everyone is having a good week. I spent my ds106 time this week having fun and laughing with my friends. Check me out ->

    These are my daily creates from this week! We had some pretty cool ones this week.

    uh oh! idk how he did …

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    Third Time’s a Charm?


    Hey guys! I’m back at it with some goofy design content. You may remember that I made a wedding invitation for the wedding between me and Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries. If you haven’t seen that, you can look at my original post. I also used this design for …

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    Cotton Candy Skies


    For my first attempt at a remix this week, I wanted to use one of my visual assignments because editing photos is really fun for me. I chose to remix the photo I edited for the Colorize It assignment, which you guys can read about in my original BLUE Ridge

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    Watching Week 11 ;)


    Hey guys! I don’t know about y’all but it’s been a rough week. I’ve been very busy and not very excited about my work. I think that the products from this week have been uplifting though, so I’m excited to share them with you all!

    Here are my daily creates …

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    The Story of CRLL Party!


    Hey, guys!!! Happy Friday! Work has been a little slow going this week, but I’m excited to finally show you what I made! My theme this week has been trying to tell the story of me and my friends. I’ve been trying to find something to create that I feel …

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    My Special People


    I was feeling a little burnt out this week, so I wanted to try to switch things up. I came up with an idea for the narrative I wanted to center around this week. I’m working on telling the story of my best friends from school! My first step is …

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    Video Essay: The Notebook


    As an English major, I’m used to looking at novels and poetry to find hidden or different meanings, but I don’t think I’ve ever approached film in that way. I was really interested in our readings/videos for this week because they introduced me to this process of treating film and …

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    RM’s Gag Reel


    Happy Monday! Hope everyone has a great start to their week!

    For my third project this week, I attempted the Personal Gag Reel assignment worth 3 stars. This assignment just tells you to “create a gag reel of your funniest moments captured on video!” I found that to be easier …

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    POV: ur a cat


    Hey y’all! Let’s kick off Week 10 with the Point of View assignment worth 5 stars.

    Basically, the project is to create a short video that conveys the perspective of someone or something else. This assignment was originally made for people who were using a character, but I decided to …

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    RM’s Project Ideas :)


    With such a broad theme like ours with so many paths to take, it almost makes pinpointing ideas even harder. I’ve been really trying to think about ideas for longer narratives and bigger projects that don’t feel superficial or disjointed. I still don’t have any super solid ideas but here …

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    The United Japanese Kingdom of Outer Space


    Long ago, the human race became too cocky and self-absorbed. As they disregarded the Earth and its nonhuman inhabitants more and more, the animal kingdom evolved to protect itself. There was a horrible and bloody war; many lives were lost. In the process of reclaiming the Earth for animal-kind, the …

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    Childhood Radio Vibes


    Last night, I tuned in to ds106radio to listen to Operation Childhood- Radio Show and my group’s show, Stories of Our Stories; a trip down memory lane. What a blast! It was really interesting to listen to the other group’s show because we a similar theme, but we approached it …

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    RM’s Reworks!


    Hey friends! Hope everyone is having a good start to their week nines! I decided that I would go back and tackle my reworks to start this week off. The first rework I did was on my wedding invitation design project. You can find the original one in my Wedding

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    Radio Waves from Week 8


    Hey gang! Welcome to my weekly summary. This week has been focused on my group’s radio show, but we can touch on some other stuff too! First, here are my daily creates from this week. I had some fun working on these

    The One Sentence Travel Review prompt was really …

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    RM’s Radio Show Progress Report 2.0


    Hello all! our group had another Zoom on Friday to talk about the work we still needed to do and the actual editing process. Our assignments this week were to record and edit our individual segments and then put the whole show together. Over the weekend, Madeline and Maddy had …

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    We’re Getting There! ~week 7 updates~


    Hi hello!!! I hope everyone has had a wonderful week! Here’s a look into mine.

    This week has been going pretty well. My group has been making really great progress on our show and I haven’t been having any issues! I started this week with my daily creates, so you …

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    Radio Show Progress Report


    Soooo my group has been very on top of things for our show! I’m very proud of us! We started talking in a group chat on Twitter about show ideas and how we wanted to go about the process and we ended up having a Zoom meeting where we talked …

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    RM’s Radio Commercial


    Hey everybody!!! Happy Tuesday! This week feels like it’s been going on for a million years already. Anyways, welcome to my post for my second audio assignment this week. To help fulfill the radio show project requirements I decided to go ahead and make my commercial. I used the 80’s

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