1. @Rachel91499872

    Week 14 Summary


    LAST DAY OF THIS CLASS!!! This class challenged me in ways that I was not prepared for. For instance, the amount of work that was required to complete this class blew me away. Some of the assignments were interesting and challenged me in a good way, but others I felt …

  2. @Rachel91499872

    Week 13 Summary


    The weeks are coming to a close for the semester, and I could not be more excited. This week was challenging with all of the projects I had to complete and work. This project was at the back of my mind all week because I could not decided what I …

  3. @Rachel91499872

    Week 12 Summary


    This week was not so bad for this class. Other factors in my life like other school classes, medical decisions, work schedule, and my daily stress has made this week hard for me. I am feelin the pressure of these final weeks with teachers piling on their final projects and …

  4. @Rachel91499872

    Space Jam: A New Legacy


    For this mashup assignment, I decided to do:

    “Create a poster or ad for an upcoming movie. Let the ad’s theme and movie contradict themselves.”

    I was looking around for upcoming movies and did not find anything that sparked my interest. Later I realized I could do a movie …

  5. @Rachel91499872

    Week 12 Daily Creates


    The daily creates were not interesting this week, but I am thankful to be done.

    The first prompt for daily create was to respond with the DS106 agent. I looked up gif for a spy and saw this gif! I thought it was perfect for this response.

    @ds106dc #tdc3379 My …

  6. @Rachel91499872

    Remix: Make a Simple Program


    For this remix, I decided to build off of my computer program I did the first week of this class.

    The remix instructs to do the opposite of what the instruction says. Check out my simple program here! To remix, I decided to do a program that requires user …

  7. @Rachel91499872

    Holiday Mashup in Cafeteria?


    Fourth of July. Thanksgiving. Christmas. All in a cafeteria?

    I followed the assignment here! I first thought of some fun characters from the holidays and put them into a cafeteria/school setting. The turkey (Thanksgiving) represents the lunch workers. The Grinch is the kid who does not want to be …

  8. @Rachel91499872

    Final Project Idea


    I was impressed with everyone’s ideas for their final project. Everyone seems to have a firm grasp at their own ideas and they want to do for their final project. I, on the other hand, am having a hard time deciding what to do for my final project. Though the …

  9. @Rachel91499872

    Video Show Progress


    For my video project, I decided to do a video about my favorite things excluding family and friends to avoid asking everyone for their permission. I decided to settle on my everyday life things like my cats, baking, dogs, and my garden. These things are important to me, and they …

  10. @Rachel91499872

    Week 11 Summary


    This week was stressful! I can not believe we are this far into the semester, yet we have so much left to go. Professors are starting to pile on the work and giving out their final projects which feels overwhelming when there are so many to do.

    Read about my …

  11. @Rachel91499872

    Week 10 Summary


    This week was incredibly challenging. I am terrible at editing anything. Video editing was extremely hard for me to accomplish. I do not feel any better about my skills in this and am nervous about doing work for this class. I have looked at my peers work, and I have …

  12. @Rachel91499872

    Video Essay: Anne of Green Gables


    This was a particular hard assignment for me to complete. I enjoyed reading the material to learn about video production, but it was hard for me to implement the learned skills on a movie.

    To begin this assignment, I spent a lot of time setting up the video program to …

  13. @Rachel91499872

    Video Show Plan


    For my video, I decided to make a video dedicated to some of my favorite things. I am not a fan of being on camera, but I do have lots of pictures of my favorite things: cooking, baking, gardening, my cats, and more TBD. It applies to our theme of …

  14. @Rachel91499872

    Looking Ahead: Project Ideas


    There are so many ideas that we could do for video production. I think personally for me, I will do what I did for the radio show. See what ideas people have and join the group that I feel most comfortable with working on that topic. I really enjoyed doing …

  15. @Rachel91499872

    Dua Lipa out of Place pt. 2


    For this assignment, I first put Dua Lipa singing in a barn full of horses. I still love that post, and I decided to put Dua in a new place. For this idea, I took a black and white photo and put her in the most colorful background that I …

  16. @Rachel91499872

    Roll the Dice pt. 2


    For one of my first assignments, I decided to write Java code to roll dice. See the original code here!

    Highlighted changes:

    Receive user input to continue rolling the dice using a while loop.

    Created a end message

    Here is an online java compiler with an example run.

    Sample run…
  17. @Rachel91499872

    Week 9 Summary


    This week was slower than other weeks in this class, and I am thankful for the slowed down pace to catch my breathe.

    To start this week, I listened to radio shows that my peers produced. I originally planned to listen to one show, but after having so much fun …

  18. @Rachel91499872

    Week 9 Daily Creates


    The first daily create featuring a random cat off the internet that looks like my grandma’s cat, Marigold.

    @ds106dc #tdc3358 My response for Today's #ds106 Daily Create is:

    When it gets too much, I close my eyes and return to my centre. I have the wisdom and tranquillity of a …

  19. @Rachel91499872

    Reflection on Listening to Radio


    On Tuesday, March 23 I listened to two radio shows: Operation Childhood-Radio Show, Stories of Our Stories: a trip down memory lane

    Operation Childhood-Radio Show:

    I really enjoyed this radio show. Their transitions and commercials were so smooth and the commercials were really well done. I enjoyed hearing each one …

  20. @Rachel91499872

    Week 8


    This week felt slow in this class. I was fortunate that Lucy volunteered to edit the whole radio show together. This means that I had to complete my part of the show which I completed toward the earlier part of the week. I was very thankful for this as my …

  21. @Rachel91499872



    Check out the completed radio show below. It was so much fun recording this with Lucy and Cailyn. Lucy was willing to edit the whole radio show for our group.

    Let me know what you think below!…

  22. @Rachel91499872

    Week 8 Daily Creates


    The first daily create was to edit the picture to show me on the moon. I prefer to keep my face off of the internet when it comes to this class. I decided to edit one of the dogs that I dog sit into this picture. I got this idea …

  23. @Rachel91499872

    Radio Show Progress Week 2


    This week, my group decided to record un-University on Zoom. This allowed us to be flexible with the times that we could meet. This also allowed us to feel safe while recording the podcast, and it took out the factors of having to record audio through a mask.

    We had …

  24. @Rachel91499872

    Week 7 Summary


    This week seemed less hectic than other weeks in this class. This did not mirror my other classes, and my week felt very hectic as a result. It was very interesting working in a group this week.

    To start, I wrote about the progress of the radio show that I …

  25. @Rachel91499872

    Radio Commercial


    For this assignment, I created an old computer commercial for my radio show. I was anticipating doing a commercial for a modern day laptop that would keep in line with the theme of college life in the pandemic, but I had a hard time finding commercials that had words …

  26. @Rachel91499872

    Radio Transition


    For this audio assignment, I decided to make a transition for our upcoming radio show that is focused on college during a pandemic. Every movie I have seen about an epidemic/pandemic always has that part when the main character is surrounded by multiple news sources, at the same time, …

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