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  1. @VhudschNor2

    Coronavirus Post-Disaster Documentary Trailer

    by My group from the Radioshow, Lewis, Kyle, James, Lilian, and myself, will work together again for the Video project. Inspired by the great plague which is upon us, it will be a post-Coronavirus documentary set many years into the future. The economic depression has already begun, and I predict it’ll continue for about 10 […]
  2. @1215007705141780482

    Post COVID-19 Trailer

    Post Covid-19 The radio show group and I decided to come together and make a documentary about life after COVID-19. We had many options such as Group Video Project Topics: Pandemic Video 80s version TRL (with current songs remixed to sound like they are from the 80s) News or morning show (80s style) discussing COVID-19 […]
  3. @danielleerika4

    Video Assignment Week 1

    Video Assignments: Two options Choice One Complete at least 10 stars of video assignments this week. If you choose this option, you will receive a second set of video assignments to complete next week. Choice Two For those of you who really enjoyed creating the radio shows, you have the option of taking a similar […]
  4. @CommTweetWithMe

    Girl Power Comes On Screen

    Organize into your group as quickly as possible and decide on your approach to your video episode. You may use the Video assignments in the Assignment Bank as inspiration for your show, but you don’t have to. In addition to planning this week (deciding on format, choosing a story to tell, writing a script, planning […]
  5. @christinac106

    Video Show Plan

    This week we were given the option of two video assignments; one option consisted of working individually in order to complete 10 stars of video assignments, while the other option is to work in groups similar to your radio show and create a video show. So with that Christiana Meyers, Katie Rauch, and myself decided […]

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