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    Week #14


    It is here! The final week. This week was a busy one for sure. I still have 2 papers, 1 presentation, 1 project, and 2 exams to go until I am completely finished with undergrad! Overall this week went well in finalizing my plans for my final mission and executing …

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    Final Mission


    It’s here! My final mission! For my final mission I chose to string a story of my character through several social media sites. Here is what I came up with:

    Introduction to Nadia’s story:

    Nadia’s Trip:

    Nadia’s Arrival & Mission:

    (Photo of my Instagram picture since it will not embed… …

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    Weekly Summary #13


    I am super excited about our final mission! I am also excited that the idea of the project was something that I had in mind when we were coming up with our final mission suggestions. I loved the idea of pulling together a story of some sort into multiple multimedia …

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    Mission Remix


    For our mission we should get into groups and create trailers for a movie. We should then be given a real spy mission to complete, like in detail. How will we complete the mission? We should use multiple social media sites in order to complete the mission. Even work together …

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    Remix Spaceballs


    So the original assignment was to pick our favorite movie and mashup the best scenes from it which explains the story of that movie. The remix card was to do the opposite of what the assignment said to do. So I decided to do my least favorite movie and instead …

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    Remixed Mashed-up Logo


    We were asked to do two remix assignments. This first one we were asked to turn this assignment into a really bad power-point presentation. We were asked to do everything wrong in terms of design, bad colors, dense text, bad graphics. This was super cringe-y to make but here is …

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    Oreo One Tutorial


    I decided to do my tutorial for the one star assignment in which we were asked to use one brand’s advertisement for another brand by replacing the logo of one brand with the logo of another. I thought this was a pretty interesting concept so I was excited to try …

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    Text Story


    For this 5-star mash-up assignment, we were asked to grab a friend (or two phones and text yourself back and forth) and text each other to tell a story. I thought this was a pretty cool idea because I had seen it done before on Facebook and other social …

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    Disney Mash-up


    For one of my 10-star assignments I chose to do the Disney Mash-up (4-stars). We were suppose to take our favorite Disney songs and mash them up! Here is what I came up with:

    To do this assignment I went to Youtube and found three of my favorite Disney songs …

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    Weekly Summary #11


    Finally it is Fri-YAY! This week was ok. I wish the weather would stay consistent but I guess we can only expect so much from VA! Since we chose to do a talk show episode, we really only had three posts this week: Daily Creates, Our video progress, and our …

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    What’s the Mission?


    I believe our next mission should involve several things that we have learned so far this semester (that includes our characters). I like the idea of creating a video collage or a video story of our characters. I have really enjoyed looking and playing with iMovie and think that a …

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    Progress/ Wrap-Up


    This post includes our progress this week and wrap up of how the filming went! Last week our group used GoogleDocs to come up with a solid plan. This week our group got together over Google Docs as well as in person to finalize our ideas for our episode “Girl …

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    Weekly Summary #10


    Week number 10! One week closer to graduation, I cannot wait! Overall this week wasn’t too bad. Here are the daily creates, our group episode update and video essay.

    Daily creates:

    Welcome to the Internet
    Grab a board, surf the web
    Check your email, say hi to friends
    Don't forget …

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    Video Essay


    This assignment was interesting! It felt very awkward to talk about the scene as it was rolling but I think it turned out pretty okay. This scene is hilarious, the whole movie is really, but I tried not to chuckle too much during recording.

    To create this video essay, it …

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    Talk Show Plan & Trailer


    For one of the assignments this week we had the option to work with others in a group to come up with a video episode. Our group is choosing to do a talk show/game show. Here is a trailer I came up with for our show:

    Creating this trailer wasn’t …

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    For this re-make assignment I re-created and fixed up the dollar bill! This was pretty simple and I am happy that I got to remix my previous assignment. I added a mustache and horns using PhotoShop on my phone, sent the photo to my computer and uploaded it! …

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    Weekly Summary #9


    This was a veryyyy busy week! Unfortunately I had to start my assignments later in the week due to other obligations but I’m proud that I finished! It is definitely much harder to get all this work done late in the week. This week we had to discuss the radio …

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    My Daily Create Story (Lol)


    So one day a little girl walked up to a Buddha. She said she wanted to know everything there is to know about being a Buddha. He said:

    Of the Buddha,

    Truly worthy,

    Deeply attached,

    by the life…

    of the Buddha
    truly worthy
    deeply attached
    by the life #ds106 #tdc2623

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    Super Secret Opinions


    The Super Secret Opinions radio show was great! I think their group did a great job replicating what a real radio show is like. They had a lot of good conversation about the secret agent theme and I like how they incorporated real life characters such as Mr. and Mrs. …

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    X-Ray Chanel’s Page


    Check out Nadia Smith’s website!

    Nadia, who is currently in Paris waiting for an assignment from her boss, has decided to create an online store while she waits! Her store consists of Fashion, jewelry, watches, eye-wear, fragrances, make-up and even skincare! She hopes to advertise to other secret agents. …

  21. @Katie73536604

    Happily Ever After


    See if you can figure out this story made out of gifs!

    I close my eyes and the flashback starts
    I’m standing there on a balcony in summer air That you were, you were throwing pebbles
    And my daddy said, “Stay away from her” Take me somewhere we can be…
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    Weekly Summary #8


    This week was awesome because we were able to finally finish and post our radio show! Check it out!

    This show actually ended up being a lot of fun and I was able to get a feel for what an actual radio show is like! We prepped a lot for …

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    Girl Power – Progress/ Process #2


    Whew! Lets see how our project progressed over the past few weeks:

    Week before spring break:

    My group members and I were put into a group together and immediately began to brainstorm what our topic of interest would be through a GoogleDoc. From the beginning we knew we wanted the …

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    Weekly Summary #7


    Lucky number 7! Overall this week was productive in not only the assignments but also the progress on our radio show, Girl Power! I will start off the weekly summary with our progress thus far on the show.

    Our progress for the radio show is going well. We are excited …

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    Annoying Sounds


    Check out my annoying sounds! This 1-star assignment was short but interesting. Mostly because I got to think about the most annoying sounds that bother me.

    I used FreeSounds.org to gather my annoying sounds. I used a baby crying, a squeeky noise, a bunch of birds chirping and a goose …

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    Girl Power Progress


    So far, so good! This week were able to come up with a majority of what we plan to do for the radio show. We decided on the name “Girl Power” because we want to bring more female secret agents to the spotlight. We hope to bring light to more …

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    Radio Show Ad!


    Check out this radio show ad I created for our Radio Show, Girl Power!

    I had fun creating this poster for our radio show! I created it using a website called Canvas. It’s a pretty simple website to use, you pick out a background and from there you can add …

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    It’s a Beautiful Day


    …Don’t let it get away! For this 2-star assignment we used one favorite quote and recorded a sound that fits well with the quote. One of my favorite quotes went really well with my all-time favorite song, It’s a Beautiful Day by U2!

    This assignment was pretty easy to put …

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