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  1. @Katie73536604

    Week #14

    It is here! The final week. This week was a busy one for sure. I still have 2 papers, 1 presentation, 1 project, and 2 exams to go until I am completely finished with undergrad! Overall this week went well in finalizing my plans for my final mission a...
  2. @Katie73536604

    Weekly Summary #13

    I am super excited about our final mission! I am also excited that the idea of the project was something that I had in mind when we were coming up with our final mission suggestions. I loved the idea of pulling together a story of some sort into multi...
  3. @Katie73536604

    Weekly Summary #12

    Week 12! This semester is flying by! This week we needed to accomplish a tutorial, 10-star mash-up assignments, 2 remix assignments, mission remix post and two daily creates! Daily Creates 10-star Mash-up assignments For this 5-star assignment we had to create a text story with a friend! For this 4-star assignment we had to mash up our favorite Disney songs. This assignment was my favorite! For this 1-star assignment we had to create a mash up logo. I also included the tutorial I did for this assignment to this post. Tutorial Again, this is a two in one post with the one-star assignment. I chose to put them together so that viewers could see the final product with the tutorial. Remix Mash-Ups This first remix mash-up was actually a remix of the logo assignment I did. Instead for the remix I had to create a very cringe-y power-point for the assignment! This second remix mash-up was an interesting remix. We had to do the opposite of what the assignment asked us to do. Overall this week wasn’t too crazy! I think the mash-ups were really cool and I enjoyed working with different applications to create these assignments. Very excited for the upcoming weeks!
  4. @Katie73536604

    Oreo One Tutorial

    I decided to do my tutorial for the one star assignment in which we were asked to use one brand’s advertisement for another brand by replacing the logo of one brand with the logo of another. I thought this was a pretty interesting concept so I w...
  5. @Katie73536604

    Text Story

    For this 5-star mash-up assignment, we were asked to grab a friend (or two phones and text yourself back and forth) and text each other to tell a story. I thought this was a pretty cool idea because I had seen it done before on Facebook and other soci...
  6. @Katie73536604

    Disney Mash-up

    For one of my 10-star assignments I chose to do the Disney Mash-up (4-stars). We were suppose to take our favorite Disney songs and mash them up! Here is what I came up with: To do this assignment I went to Youtube and found three of my favo...
  7. @Katie73536604

    Weekly Summary #11

    Finally it is Fri-YAY! This week was ok. I wish the weather would stay consistent but I guess we can only expect so much from VA! Since we chose to do a talk show episode, we really only had three posts this week: Daily Creates, Our video progress, and our weekly summary. Daily creates: Mission Ideas: I had several ideas about what our next mission as a class should be, but I believe some were a bit far stretched so here are a few that we could actually do. I think it would be super awesome to thread a story through all the social media sites that we created for the sites. Progress of Show: This is our show progress! I think our group worked really well together in order to come up with this great episode! We all had very similar ideas about how we wanted the show to look, so that also helped. We were able to use a GoogleDoc to create a majority of our ideas since we all have very busy schedules. We were then able to get together in person before we started to film to make sure we had the basic outline figured out for the show. Here is our final product! This show was fun to film and to put together! As I mentioned in the Progress of the show, we decided to use an iPhone to record the videos. We split the show up into several segments in order to add in commercials. To do this we simply would do a take, say we will be right back after commercial, and then start filming again. One person would record while the other two would do their interview portion. Then when it came time to have all three of us on screen, we propped the phone on one of our laptops and had the video run while we did the game show. The commercials were also a lot of fun to create. Each of us were able to come up with a commercial to tie into our show. Personally, I love the wiener dog- Heinz ketchup commercial and I think it throws in a little fun just before the game. After we recorded ourselves doing the show and made the commercials, we uploaded all videos to iMovie. iMovie for the Mac makes things pretty simple from there. Once you upload the video(s), all you need to do is put them in order, edit the pieces you do not want in the clips, and add any sound effects or transitions that need to be put in! For this specific project we needed to include opening and end credits, which luckily iMovie provides many options. For the opening credits we places a quick opening description and for the closing credits we also placed the links we used for our commercials along with our names. Tip: transitions are something I have never really worked with before but decided to use them for the episode this time and they actually make a huge difference! Obviously they help with transitions between one clip to the next but it also makes it seem like a real show. Once the show was finalized, we were able to upload it to YouTube and share it to this weekly post! I am very happy we all decided to go with this episode assignment. Although we did have our work cut-out for us, it was fun to go through the steps of creating a show and I think ours turned out pretty well. I think our show provides good storytelling techniques, conversation and is engaging. I was also able to play around more with iMovie which is very helpful for future assignments. Can’t wait for next week assignments! Enjoy this GIF that accurately represents my week this week. Which happens to be one of my favorite kid movies, Boss Baby!
  8. @Katie73536604

    Progress/ Wrap-Up

    This post includes our progress this week and wrap up of how the filming went! Last week our group used GoogleDocs to come up with a solid plan. This week our group got together over Google Docs as well as in person to finalize our ideas for our episo...
  9. @Katie73536604

    Weekly Summary #10

    Week number 10! One week closer to graduation, I cannot wait! Overall this week wasn’t too bad. Here are the daily creates, our group episode update and video essay. Daily creates: Episode Update: Our group is very excited to shoot our talk show next week! This week we took the time to gather ideas and decide what we want to do for our show. Here is the update and here is my trailer: Video Essay: Here is my video essay. This was fun to make but also very different from assignments I have done in the past! This was another very busy week. All these busy weeks are making this semester fly by, and although I am very excited for this semester to be over, I wish I could slow down to enjoy a little bit more. I am excited to start my assignments for next week earlier this time, yes I finally have a weekend to get started on my assignments early!
  10. @Katie73536604

    Video Essay

    This assignment was interesting! It felt very awkward to talk about the scene as it was rolling but I think it turned out pretty okay. This scene is hilarious, the whole movie is really, but I tried not to chuckle too much during recording. ...
  11. @Katie73536604


    For this re-make assignment I re-created and fixed up the dollar bill! This was pretty simple and I am happy that I got to remix my previous assignment. I added a mustache and horns using PhotoShop on my phone, sent the photo to my computer and upload...
  12. @Katie73536604

    My Daily Create Story (Lol)

    So one day a little girl walked up to a Buddha. She said she wanted to know everything there is to know about being a Buddha. He said: Of the Buddha, Truly worthy, Deeply attached, by the life… The little girl was super confused and so she asked the Buddha to rephrase the saying so that she could understand. He refused, so she took his scroll and ran off. The Buddha and his friend ran after her like this: They almost caught her but luckily Lightning McQueen came flying in and saved her while saying “Ch-Ching”! The end. (-:
  13. @Katie73536604

    Super Secret Opinions

    The Super Secret Opinions radio show was great! I think their group did a great job replicating what a real radio show is like. They had a lot of good conversation about the secret agent theme and I like how they incorporated real life characters such as Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Gru, MIB Agents A&K, and James Bond. They did a great job describing each of the characters and their wardrobe. My favorite segment was when they talked about Gru. They discussed whether he was truly a secret agent and how fashionable he was. I think talking about Gru being a sercret agent is interesting because that isn’t his actual title but I think he makes a good agent because he does a lot of secret agent things such as saves the world! They also discuss how great of a character he is, such that he is super kind to his three little girls and tries to best to be a good person. I also thought it was great that they brought up Perry the Platypus! He is one of my earliest recollections of secret agents in the show Phineas and Ferb. I think his character is often forgotten about because he is so secretive in his missions that he runs – saving the world just about every day! They had really good placement of their commercials and radio bumpers. I enjoyed their commercial “Re-Caller”, I think it was a very realistic commercial and it made me want to buy the product! I even tweeted that I need a re-caller in my life!
  14. @Katie73536604

    Happily Ever After

    See if you can figure out this story made out of gifs! This story may have been a difficult one to depict, mostly because this story is a twist to the original, Romeo and Juliet. This 3-star assignment was actually a lot of fun to make. I really enjoy assignments that are visual and have the flexibility to be creative. When I first came across this assignment I struggled with deicing which story I should re-create. I toggled with several stories such as Harry potter and Mr and Mrs Smith and then on eof my favorite songs from middle school came on, Love Story by Taylor Swift came on my Spotify playlist. To create this timeline of the story, I pulled up the lyrics of Love Story then began to choose gifs. I wanted to keep all the gifs Disney themed, and for the most part I was able to except for one. I then placed all the gifs in sequential order that matched up with the story. Overall this assignment was a lot of fun! The most frustrating thing about this assignment was when I put everything in order, typed up a good blog and then the website quit on me! Even though it said it saved the work, when I opened it, it wasn’t there. So I had to re-create the story. Only a few gifs changed but the assignment was still fun to put together (the first time).
  15. @Katie73536604

    Weekly Summary #8

    This week was awesome because we were able to finally finish and post our radio show! Check it out! This show actually ended up being a lot of fun and I was able to get a feel for what an actual radio show is like! We prepped a lot for this radio show, but it was all worth it. The first week was mostly figuring out what we wanted to talk about on our show, and how we were going to split the show into segments. Here was our progress and process throughout the weeks: The preparation that took place the first week really helped set up for the second week and finally, our radio show itself. I was excited about our female secret agent theme and glad that we could incorporate more than just our class theme into the show. During this show we were able to discuss different topics within the female secret agent theme such as clothing styles, stereotypes and even incorporated a secret agent character. I am proud of our group for being able to create a show with thoughtful conversation and spread more enthusiasm about female secret agents! Overall the assignment turned out really well and I am excited to see what everyone else thinks of the show! Daily Creates: Thursday – Wood & Water! Friday – Who kidnapped Prince Charming? Overall this week went well and I am excited to see what next week brings!!
  16. @Katie73536604

    Weekly Summary #7

    Lucky number 7! Overall this week was productive in not only the assignments but also the progress on our radio show, Girl Power! I will start off the weekly summary with our progress thus far on the show. Our progress for the radio show is going well. We are excited about our topic of female secret agents. We have a strong plan as to what we want to do as far as our show and here are the details! Additionally, I created a poster ad for our show! This was fun and I think the poster turned out well. Assignments: For this 4-star assignment I created a bumper for our radio show! I think the bumper turned out pretty well, and I can’t wait to use it in our show! This 3-star assignment was also a lot of fun! I created a story about our group and how our progress will look like over the next two weeks. This 2-star assignment we were asked to use a favorite quote and add music or sounds that go along with that quote. I chose my favorite song ever Its a Beautiful Day by U2. This last 1-star assignment was a simple one, but interesting. I took 4 of the most annoying noises (to me) and mashed them together into a audio recording and posted it to SoundCloud. Daily Creates: Overall this week was not too bad! I think the assignments were fun and I am getting excited about our radio show, Girl Power! I think we are going to be able to produce something really engaging for our listeners, and I can’t wait to see what else our classmates come up with!

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