1. @Digler21401

    Weekly Summary (4/2 – 4/9)


    Final month of school. Here we are. Its been a long trek to get here, but it has all been worth it. This week was better than last hands down. I got to think more about a final project and tweak somethings I plan on doing and I go to …

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    Still Thinking Ahead…


    Looking Ahead

    Above is my first post about my project idea for the final project. I talked about making a presentation or vide about finding ones self and our desires of the person we want to become and relating everything to that story. I think something I will do differently …

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    Weekly Summary (3/26 – 4/2)


    This week was a busy one. I have been struggling a lot with assignments and my work load in college, but also everything else. This class specifically was fun because I do enjoy making video assignments, but I just become such a stickler and a perfectionist with it all because …

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    My Video Mission


    This week is the week I will show you my first video that I took actual time to edit and complete. This video was made to be like a kickstarter for my channel. I remember recording it and just winging it and improvising everything I said. I also remember when …

  5. @Digler21401

    Video Story


    I do not have enough to plan out and create something quickly, but I do have something I am a little scared to post about. A few years ago, I strived to become a full-time YouTuber because I thought it was the best job ever, making money by posting videos …

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    Weekly Summary (3/20 – 3/26)


    This week has been pretty nice. I was able to take a break and relax a little bit after working so much on the show and other class work. Of course the grind never stops in college so I was up doing more throughout the week so I didn’t fall …

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    Looking Ahead


    I have thought a lot about this and the first idea that pops to mid is creating some sort of video/audio presentation. I was thinking of making kind of a speech, a motivational one. My whole story is about trying to find one’s self and self desires. Looking for what …

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    Radio Show Progress


    Everything is created, everything is grouped together, and everything just needs to be combined to create our show. I created my story and it was a big one. My entire story ended up being 6 minutes! I was so wrapped up in telling it I could not stop talking. Everyone …

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    Weekly Summary (3/13 – 3/19)


    THAT IS A WRAP!!! The show and it is finally complete. Credits to Matt for the cover. It was a hard choice because the rest of the group made some really great posters/covers for the show. Everyone’s blogs are linked in the description of the show and I highly recommend …

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    Weekly Summary (3/6 – 3/12)


    This week has been busy with planning, creating, and brainstorming things to add to the show, but as a group we are pulling through and slowly but surely compiling everything needed for the show. Next week will be the time to add the stories and mixmash everything together and then …

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    Audio Assignments


    I made this sick beat for our show. It could probably be used as a commercial background or maybe something like a bumper. I am starting to have a lot of fun with the creation of the show as well as using audacity. Being able to create things like this …

  12. @Digler21401

    Radio Show Design Project


    Above I have a very simple logo for the show. It is nothing special and wish I added more detail and pop to it, but nevertheless its a logo and I would probably want to see this maybe not on a promotional poster, but maybe a logo on a building. …

  13. @Digler21401

    Radio Show Progress


    The Radio Show is going very well. Each member was given specific tasks to complete before the final compilation of the show is started and being in a group in this class is really nice. It was nice to talk to classmates again since COVID kind of put a hold …

  14. @Digler21401

    Your Favorite Teams Mashup


    I have merged, or mashup’d logos from two of my favorite sports team. The red and yellow outer ring of the logo is Manchester United, an English soccer team, and in the middle is the logo of the Eagles, an NFL football team based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.…

  15. @Digler21401

    This Doesn’t Belong Here [Remixed]: Go Emo


    Obviously I am not good at photo editing, but this goes without saying how 2 iconic movies clash in a scene mix up. I’ve added a little emo to it according to the remix by adding the most emo-ish superhero, Batman, from the Dark Knight movie. The rest of the …

  16. @Digler21401

    Logo Switch Up


    This advertisement comes from one of Kodak’s camera advertisements. In this case, I switched the red and yellow Kodak header for the ad and replaced it with a similar coloring logo from Shell, the oil company. Honestly, trying to find logos that were similar was a bit difficult, but I …

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    Superhuman In Everyday Life


    If I had a superpower, you know I would want to have the power to memorize as much as possible inside a library and it’s contents. I am sure if this were the case I wouldn’t have to go to college or I would be having an easier time studying.…

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    Weekly Summary (4/9 – 4/16)


    Everyone can agree that life is hard. Everyone can agree that in order to make it in life, you have to put work in getting around obstacles and jumping through hoops. Life can kick you down and hold you there until you feel like giving up on everything you have …

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    Radio Show Ideas


    When I heard of the radio show project I was ecstatic. I really like the idea of having a podcast or something that I could talk to other people, whether they are my close friends or partners or the actually audience.

    For my radio show idea I think that it …

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    Weekly Summary (2/20 – 2/26)


    Rough week all together. Classes and living on campus has been harder considering how long I have been here so far. Maybe it is just me but I am getting really tired really fast. This class has helped, but I am a bit behind which is something I need to …

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    I listened to the DS106Radio show on Tuesday for a little bit and the whole show on Wednesday and also tweeted along with my peers during the show. It was a lot of fun, I have never done anything like it. It was also cool seeing my own professor tweet …

  22. @Digler21401

    My Radio Bumper


    I used sounds from Freesounds to make a radio bumper for DS106Radio. It is not good in my opinion but I had fun making it. I went with the classic dj record scratch sounds with a little bit of beats at the end. I also used a text to speech …

  23. @Digler21401

    My Favorite Sounds


    From the last two audio assignments I have found, downloaded, and listened to a lot of cool and creative sounds. Below are the sounds that ended up being my favorite and I will explain why for each one in the order that they play in the audio clip.

    The first…
  24. @Digler21401

    Sick Beat


    My “sick beat” using Audacity. I was able to find a couple sounds to use to make a generic dubstep beat. Honestly it was the genre I thought of when told to make a “beat.” I hope you all enjoy!

    All credit goes to the creators of the sounds used…
  25. @Digler21401

    Spooky Season


    I made a spooky noise using Audacity and some noises from Freesound! I hope you enjoy! While listening try and picture yourself in a scene that would fit with the audio. That is what I did while finding more noises to add.

    All credit goes to the creators of the…
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    Daily Create (2/24/21)


    My family would always call this dish “breakfast stuff” because we never cared for the official name, but only how good it was. My grandma would overload it will everything breakfast. Sausage, bacon, egg, pancake (bread), and plenty of cheese. To make it always seemed simple enough, but it was …

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    Weekly Summary (2/6 – 2/12)


    This week has been a very busy one with all my classes once again, but there was good things that came of it. My birthday is on Sunday and its also Valentines Day which is cool. I don’t plan on doing much, it’s not like I can anyway, but it’s …

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    Extra Extra Read All About It


    I saw this assignment and the thumbnail for it was a picture of the popular show “Greys Anatomy”. When I saw it my first thought was my girlfriend. She has been watching it a lot recently so I thought I would use it as a perfect example of using extras …

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    Day In The Life Of A Superhero


    In my day of a superhero, I would be known as, according to the superhero generator, Phantom Hex! I am a vampire who has turned against the ways of evil. I apparently fight my own kind, as well as those who would hunt you down for your previously wicked ways! …

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