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  1. @morgan_ds106

    “These are a few of my favorite things!” I mean, sounds…

    For this assignment we were tasked with coming up with 4-5 different sounds that we like hearing. These sounds also played hand in hand with sounds that are relaxing to me. A lot of wind instruments always seem to relax me. I also love being outside so I only found it fitting to include some …

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  2. @JessicaDS106

    My Favorite Sounds: Peace and Animals

    The third assignment I chose this week is to make an audio clip of my favorite sounds, choosing 4-5 sounds. This assignment is worth 2 stars. This assignment was an interesting one as it caused my to wonder what my favorite sounds were, and think of the 4 that were my most favorite. First, since … Continue reading My Favorite Sounds: Peace and Animals
  3. @KaraDS106

    These Are a Few of My Favorite Things…

    I chose to complete the “A Collection of Your Favorite Sounds” assignment. Although it is only 2 stars, it looked fun so I went for it! My top 4 favorite sounds (in order) are: a sleeping baby, a laughing baby, the ocean waves, and food frying! I used  for all of my sounds. I …

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  4. @LeslieMiyazono

    A positive attitude changes everything

    How you begin your day can affect the outcome.  Getting up on the wrong side of the bed is a figure of speech implying a grouchy or irritable state of mind, especially when the day’s activities are not in line with one’s normal disposition.  Your attitude and actions can have a strong effect on your …

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  5. @umwequestrianista

    Audio Assignments

    Here is a compilation of my absolute favorite sounds!  I love hearing my horse call out to me in excitement, the waves crashing down on the beach from the ocean, the sound of birds on the first sunny, spring morning and the timer on the oven letting me know the cookies are done! I chose …

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  6. @eafinto

    “These Are A Few of My Favorite”… Sounds!

    For this assignment from the assignment bank, I was to create an audio recording of four or five of my favorite sounds. This really got me thinking because I’ve never really thought about what sounds I actually like. I know what sounds I don’t like because every time I hear them I want to either pull my […]

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