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  1. @jetjenk43

    By Golly I think I Finally Cracked the Code!!!! My Final Project

    Here is how it has all gone down over this past 13 weeks. I’ll let you all be the judge: Samara Wong a member of Apocalyptic Airwave was starting to gather lots of  evidence when all of a sudden her and her group were notified that they had won some kind of “Digital Project Contest”.   …

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  2. @jetjenk43

    Let Me Tell You About my Apocalyptic Airwave Friends!!

    I did the 4 star assignment This is My Story.  I decided to tell my story using notecards.   I told the story of what Mufasa and I are doing these days, and that we sorely miss or friends from the Barn.  It has been two weeks since we presented our story Apocalyptic Airwave a story …

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  3. @jetjenk43

    You get A daily create, You get a daily create.

    My First Daily Create My first daily create, that I shared with the class is I wanted the DS106 class to create or use a pre-existing GIF to describe their experience within the DS 106 class.  I chose this GIF to use as my example, because through out this DS 106 we have had to …

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  4. @Sam_ara106

    Creating Assignments Daily

    I decided to suggest two daily creates, and you can suggest your own here. They have not been published and I didn’t think to screenshot my submissions before submitting, so I’ll describe them! The first one used a random animal generator to choose two animals. A sketch is then drawn combining the two animals, and the new species is […]
  5. @jetjenk43

    Did Someone Say Spaceship: Watch a movie make a movie

    Assignment: Watch a Movie/Make a Movie   I chose the movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still” as my second movie that I watched.  As I have never seen this movie before I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happened.  The copy that I was able to attain was through …

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  6. @jetjenk43

    5 Q’s & 5 A’s with the Great Vanessa!!!

    Assignment: 10 Apocalyptic Questions I chose the 5 questions I felt I could best answer out of the ten that Vanessa provided.  I used the program OpenShot to splice and dice and input my videos in where they needed to be.  I think I was making this a little harder than it should have been …

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  7. @jetjenk43

    Count to Ten and do it All Over Again!!!!!!

    This week was probably one of the hardest weeks yet for me.  I won’t say it’s hard due to the work load, but last Thursday a good family friend had passed away.  Due to this family friend being so close to our family it was only right for me to get in my car and …

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  8. @jetjenk43

    Mufasa’s Transformation from a Pup to an Adult

    I chose this 3 star assignment to show the transformation of the character Mufasa from the radio show Apocalyptic Airwave.  We didn’t really know much about Mufasa other than Carson had saved him from certain death and nursed him back  to health.  Here is a little clip of Mufasa as a small pup to becoming …

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  9. @jetjenk43

    Washing Dishes a 2 min+ Silent Documentary

    I did this 4 star “How to”  Documentary.  I did this assignment because I figured it would be neat to record something but not use any sound.  I was going to do a documentary over how to cook food, but I had already started beef and noodles in the crock pot earlier in the day.  …

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  10. @umwequestrianista

    Reading Movies I Am Legend Video Essay

    Kubrick // One-Point Perspective The Shining – Zooms Examples of Editing Techniques (*Jump Cut) Top 20 Amazing Cinematic Techniques Part 1 (*Long take, steady cam) I watched the above short videos about filmmaking and I never realized until after how filmmaking techniques really make a huge difference in how we view a movie. While watching …

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  11. @jetjenk43

    My College Photo Collage

    So I decided to do this two star assignment to share my journey through college.  Over the past 2 years at UMW we have had our son, served in the Army, have gotten out of the Army and have become civilians.  And now that I am finally out of the Army I can finally devoted …

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  12. @umwequestrianista


    Video Assignment 2058 I really enjoyed doing this video assignment, it gave me time to reflect on some of my most favorite pictures and memories and tell you guys a little bit about my life! Video Assignment 2031 This is a video collage of all my favorite pictures from my last year at UMW!  I …

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  13. @jetjenk43

    Apocalyptic Airwave-A Story about Five Strangers and a dog!!!

    So this week my team “Apocalyptic Airwave” have collaborated through slack to come up with a good plot to share with the ds106 radio listeners.  As spring break has happened over this past week it has been tough for us all to get together due to us all being in different locations. We have still …

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  14. @JillianAviva

    An Alternative Cover for ‘The Book of the Unnamed Midwife’

    I created this alternative book cover for ‘The Book of the Unnamed Midwife’ using both Pixlr and Canva. Originally, I was hoping to have an abandoned highway with half a person on the edge of the cover holding their hand in a fist.  I wanted the person to represent the main character as being alone and …

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  15. @JillianAviva

    Shaving my Head for Childhood Cancer Research

    For my second design assignment, I decided to add my own assignment to the assignment bank. The assignment I made is to create an ad for a charity. I created an ad for St. Baldrick’s, which raises money and awareness for children’s cancer research. In about three weeks, I will be shaving my head at …

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  16. @JillianAviva

    Tala in Her Natural Enviroment

    I placed Tala in a lush environment, standing on a rock next to a river. As an ecology major, she would find her self amongst nature quite often. I believe she would find peace and connection with nature because she has minimal connection with other humans. To keep her prepared on the go, I gave her …

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