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  1. @JillianAviva

    An Alternative Cover for ‘The Book of the Unnamed Midwife’

    I created this alternative book cover for ‘The Book of the Unnamed Midwife’ using both Pixlr and Canva. Originally, I was hoping to have an abandoned highway with half a person on the edge of the cover holding their hand in a fist.  I wanted the person to represent the main character as being alone and …

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  2. @JillianAviva

    Shaving my Head for Childhood Cancer Research

    For my second design assignment, I decided to add my own assignment to the assignment bank. The assignment I made is to create an ad for a charity. I created an ad for St. Baldrick’s, which raises money and awareness for children’s cancer research. In about three weeks, I will be shaving my head at …

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  3. @JillianAviva

    Tala in Her Natural Enviroment

    I placed Tala in a lush environment, standing on a rock next to a river. As an ecology major, she would find her self amongst nature quite often. I believe she would find peace and connection with nature because she has minimal connection with other humans. To keep her prepared on the go, I gave her …

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  4. @JillianAviva

    Don’t Follow Strange Noises

    Exploring Frequnecy 2156  was a unique and fun experience. I really enjoyed its collaborative strategy to creating a digital story. It is intriguing to imagine people from all parts of the world experiencing the end and trying to communicate with one another. This crowd-sourced audio lets the listeners add in to the story and continue the stories of …

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  5. @JillianAviva

    My Storage Container Home

    The year is 2025 and I live in post-apocalyptic D.C. in my storage container tiny house. During the years of the apocalypse, my home protected me from viral diseases and extreme, destructive natural disasters. Now that the initial collapse of the old society has died down, I have been adjusting to life after the apocalypse. …

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  6. @JillianAviva

    A Dirty New World

    Finally, the humans are gone. The humans, along with all other “living” beings were obliterated in the apocalypse. Even for me, a mere speck of dirt, the apocalypse was absolutely terrifying. I was thrown around from field to forest to sidewalks to anywhere you can imagine. I am so relieved that horrible experience is over. Currently, I …

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