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  1. @justzaying7

    Roger-Year 2156

    by Alright I don’t know why but I used the name Roger yet again for another assignment. I guess it’s just the name of the day. I chose this assignment because I was looking for something that would slowly introduce me into the audio assignments category. This was the perfect introduction! I started by visiting the … Continue reading Roger-Year 2156
  2. @una__vita

    I Can’t Feel My Legs…

    I think that the creators chose audio as the medium because it gives the audience a greater sense of context to what is going on in the message. The way someone projects their voice through the audio messages tells you whats going on. The crowd-sourced audio does a great job telling the post-apocalyptic story because …

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  3. @umwequestrianista

    Frequency 2156, Can You Hear Me Now?

    First off… this is reallyyy reallyyy cool! Love this site.  I think the creators chose audio as the medium because I think it allows the listener to create their own images of who is behind the voice and fully immerse themselves in the stories. I think adding video would distort the cohesiveness of this story …

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  4. @AlyssaMurrell1

    Frequency 2156…Can You Hear Me?

    The Frequency 2156 website is pretty cool overall. It tells a story through different areas of the world where people put in audio after what seems like the apocalypse. I think they did a good job because when you listen to different audios you get an image in your head of where that person is …

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  5. @Chris_tastrophe

    Fictional Nuclear Emergency Broadcast

    My Frequency 2156 Submission I decided to emulate a military emergency broadcast for our Frequency 2156 world’s radioactive state:   Behind the Scenes I wrote up a script to read and recorded my audio using an external USB microphone into Audacity. From there, I modulated my voice to sound radio-like by following this unprofessional, but […]
  6. @JillianAviva

    Don’t Follow Strange Noises

    Exploring Frequnecy 2156  was a unique and fun experience. I really enjoyed its collaborative strategy to creating a digital story. It is intriguing to imagine people from all parts of the world experiencing the end and trying to communicate with one another. This crowd-sourced audio lets the listeners add in to the story and continue the stories of …

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  7. @eafinto

    Hello?… Anyone There?

    This week, I got to experiment with a bunch of sounds and audio! I just finished up posting an audio clip of me to Frequency 2156. If you’ve never heard of this site, it’s a website which is almost its own radio show. When you first go to the page, you immediately see a map […]
  8. @jetjenk43

    My Radio Transmission From Cape Town, Africa!!!! Frequency 2156

      As a digital story I feel this website Frequency 2156  nailed the digital story aspect.  The multiple different audio files from numerous amounts of individuals help to paint a picture of what is going on within the individuals and what is going on around them.  Each audio file from different parts of the world show …

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