1. @Sam_ara106

    Winifred in a Cloud


    This is the word cloud that I created to describe my character, Winifred Hart!

    I used colors that went well together (purple, blue, and green are next to each other on the color wheel), and picked a shape that would separate the words, but clearly become one larger image. This …

  2. @Sam_ara106

    Lost Hat


    Information can be found on the poster! Please help find and return this hat.

    I found two things difficult about this assignment: creating a background image and determining the “last seen.” For the background, I ended up using a free Canva background that looked like lined paper. I then added …

  3. @Sam_ara106

    California Book Cover


    The book cover I created for California is not too different from the original, but I think it tells a lot more about the plot than the forest that the real cover depicts.

    In my initial Canva search, I found many abandoned places. This one caught my eye because of …

  4. @Sam_ara106

    Winifred’s Place


    I tried to base Winifred’s appearance loosely on the picture that I used for her on my previous post:

    The goal was to make her appear kind and approachable in order to match her friendly and loving personality.

    I placed Winifred in front of her house, which I also identified …

  5. @Sam_ara106

    Listening to & Learning Design


    Scher and Carson both made me question my definition of design. Some of the “designs” that they showed seemed like everyday things to me.

    When looking at this image from Scher’s talk, I simply saw a t-shirt. Of course, I knew that shirts have to be created, but I had …

  6. @Sam_ara106

    Talking to the End


    After that frightening intro video (which I will refer to later), I created my character! I loved the archetype I submitted (The Lover, who still sees zombies as humans who can be saved), so I used it to create Winifred Hart. In this post I spent a lot of time …

  7. @Sam_ara106

    Calming Sounds


    For the final star, I created a short audio clip of calming sounds. I included beach waves and birds, which is what I immediately think of when I think of calming sounds. I also added some different instruments, including one that I have never heard of and cannot identify.

    I …

  8. @Sam_ara106

    The Frequencies of Friends


    I found Frequency 2156 interesting and very difficult. Audio is a nice choice since in the case of the apocalypse, I don’t think many of us would have the time or ability to watch TV. We’ll either be hiding or running.

    The use of audio also allows the listeners to …

  9. @Sam_ara106

    Learning to Listen


    My previous experience with audio has been fairly limited. I listen to B101.5 in my car, and my eleventh grade English teacher played a few podcasts for us in class (after talking about how amazing they are, to which we all rolled our eyes), but other than that, I tend …

  10. @Sam_ara106

    Winifred Hart


    With a name like Winifred Hart, she was destined to be peaceful. Winifred means “blessed peace,” and Hart is obvious. Her parents imagined a world with no poverty, discrimination, or hunger, and Winifred grew up with the same mindset. Since her first day of kindergarten, she has been giving countless …

  11. @Sam_ara106

    Vi4eo Week


    Although my temperature is normal, I have been feeling sick all week. The only good part about that is that I was able to finish almost all of the assignments for the week in one day. Before I began working on the assignments, however, I completely redesigned my website. I …

  12. @Sam_ara106

    Films, Movies, Gifs


    Although the post said that La Jetée is told mostly in images, I still found myself surprised when there actually were moments of silence. Not only that, but I found myself paying more attention, and feeling more interested, when there was no narrating.

    I noticed many of the images of …

  13. @Sam_ara106

    A Zom5ie Story


    I will post my zom5ie story first so that you can interpret it before I give anything away!


    Here are the spoilers!


    This story is featuring my sister and my dog.

    The first image depicts a normal life with a girl and her dog. Then, a zombie suddenly comes …

  14. @Sam_ara106

    Individual Differences


    Before and After

    Above I have linked to my before and after (well, after and before) pictures of the apocalypse. I took the before picture in a brightly lit room, looked directly at the camera, and smiled. This is what would be considered a “normal” picture, and is what everyone …

  15. @Sam_ara106

    Photography is as Difficult as 1, 2, 3


    Today is my sick day (so expect a lot of work for this class!), but that hasn’t stopped me from learning. I would also like to point out that I am expecting to feel 10x better when I recover (I’m looking at you, Dr. Burtis).

    I have taken a photography …

  16. @Sam_ara106

    Writing The End


    I began this week with several Daily Creates. The short story wasn’t my favorite (and is what I would change for the week), but I loved the other two I chose.

    I see an explosion not too far off in the distance. My curiosity gets the best of me, and …

  17. @Sam_ara106

    Psycho the Superhero


    I go by Psycho. After all, that’s what everyone has been calling me since middle school. However, I don’t notice anyone laughing after they call me. Not since the apocalypse. I am a psychic overseer, and I use my ability to warn people when the zombies will be arriving where …

  18. @Sam_ara106

    Need For Zombie Hot Sauce


    Amazon would not let me write a review since I have never purchased anything, but here is what I would write.

    I cannot begin to tell you how ironic and useful this hot sauce has been. I spend most of my time hiding from zombies, but now I am able …

  19. @Sam_ara106

    Humans End, Cats Begin


    Domestic cats are told “no” probably more than any other pet humans had. One can imagine that cats were not too disappointed when humans begin quickly disappearing due to a virus that only affected their species. Cats could finally live. Many around the world were locked into houses from which …

  20. @Sam_ara106

    Finis – The Better Ending


    The ending we know:

    It seemed to Eastwood the cry of the perishing world. He held her in his arms and kissed her wet, tremulous face that was strained to his.

    The twilight was gone before they knew it. The sky was blue already, with crimson flakes mounting to the …

  21. @Sam_ara106

    The Apocalypse in a Few Words


    I admit that I chose my two short stories based on their length (three pages was more realistic for me than forty), but I ended up finding them both interesting. I began with Finis. Immediately, I found it difficult to determine the relationship amongst all of the characters, but I …

  22. @Sam_ara106

    The Beginning of the End


    I began this week with nothing other than the Daily Create! My flash fiction about zombies being at my 8:00am class instead of students probably wasn’t as creative as I would like looking back, but it was difficult to tell an entire story in the limited characters Twitter allows. Find

  23. @Sam_ara106

    Apocalypse Reading Reflection


    I found End Day interesting in what they qualified as an apocalypse. I always envisioned it as the end of the world, where all of mankind is destroyed. However, this film defined the “end” as events happening in specific areas, such as tsunamis in New York and the East Coast, …

  24. @Sam_ara106

    My Adult Trip to the Zoo


    A new beginning in my life was beginning. Technically, I have been an adult for over eight months, but I don’t do adult things. Sure, I am a college student. However, I live in the same room I did a year ago, don’t pay bills, and didn’t travel without an …

  25. @Sam_ara106

    Entering the Apocalypse


    I should start off by admitting that this course is not at all what I expected it to be. I imagined the square story boards from my high school programming class, and lectures to listen to once a week about how to, quite literally, create a story.

    Even though this …

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