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  1. @Sam_ara106

    Final Words

    I already shared a few of the Daily Creates I completed, so look at this post if you’re interested! The other three (to finish up seven total) are down below. Overall, I found the Daily Creates easier than usual, and that made them all the more fun to complete! I saw it as something exciting to distract […]
  2. @Sam_ara106

    California 12

    This week was one of my favorite yet! I was beginning to think we wouldn’t do anything substantial with the novels we read, and I have been desperate to share for weeks. I began by creating an alternate ending to California. You can read what I wrote in my blog post, but I essentially did not think the […]
  3. @Sam_ara106

    Government Made Virus

    The E.N.D. virus is not what we thought it was. Originally, I suspected that some virus came to America from a foreign country. After all, how many international flights are there each day? However, after inspecting some evidence and a few radio shows that were aired, I believe that the government created this virus. Of […]
  4. @Sam_ara106

    V11eo Week

    This week’s assignments seemed to take me longer to complete, but I’m pretty sure that’s just because I had so many things to do for my other classes. As usual, I began this week with some Daily Creates! This is just a small part of a very long thread telling a story! I was so confused about […]
  5. @Sam_ara106

    Creating Assignments Daily

    I decided to suggest two daily creates, and you can suggest your own here. They have not been published and I didn’t think to screenshot my submissions before submitting, so I’ll describe them! The first one used a random animal generator to choose two animals. A sketch is then drawn combining the two animals, and the new species is […]
  6. @Sam_ara106

    Analyzing What Cameras Do

    As I read How to Read a Movie, I thought some of the things Ebert listed, such as the left side being seen as negative and the downward or upward angle of the camera, would not be evident in any movies. However, I was proven wrong, especially in the scene I chose to analyze later on. […]
  7. @Sam_ara106

    Wrap9ing Up

    I greatly appreciated the lower quantity of assignments this semester, especially since I have so many essays, readings, and tests coming up in my other classes! I completed three Daily Creates, and this week they were much more spread out than they usually are. In fact, I feel like I have done so little work […]
  8. @Sam_ara106

    Radio Show Completion!

    At 9:00pm last night, Apocalyptic Airwave aired on DS106 Radio! I tuned in about fifteen minutes early, and it was strange going from what sounded like a professional radio show to what my group and I had created seamlessly. Joshua and I were both on Twitter to answer questions, but there were not too many asked! […]
  9. @Sam_ara106

    Recording the End

    Although I spent my spring break working and doing homework, a lot of my group members actually had fun! This made it difficult to collaborate, but we still managed to get a lot done. However, break is now over, and the real work has begun for our radio show! The script was completed yesterday (well, […]
  10. @Sam_ara106

    Des6n Week

    This week seemed to have fewer assignments, but the ones I thought would be the simplest ended up taking me the longest! More on that later. I completed three Daily Creates (I did watch the video, but there were two already created that I really wanted to do, so I did not create my own). This one […]
  11. @Sam_ara106

    Design in the Library

    I walked around Simpson Library on campus, and was able to find alignment, hierarchy, contrast, proximity, and color on the first floor! See my entire post here, but I will add each picture individually on this post so I can talk about them! Alignment Each aisle in the library is equally spaced apart, giving it a clean […]

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