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  1. @FlOv_evelyn

    Reading Movies: No Subtitles

    For learning more about video, I read “How to Read a Movie” and watched The Shining // Zooms, Tarantino // From Below and Examples of Editing Techniques. Ebert suggest to dissect movies frame by frame. In a group of people there is so many different ethnicities, backgrounds, languages, experiences and more that can contribute to […]
  2. @FlOv_evelyn

    A&V Makes Magic

    Movie Scene: Fight Club – Do not fuck with us I chose a scene from Fight Club given I have never seen the movie and have heard its quite the iconic one. I broke down my reviews in the three ways I was instructed. Look: The character with his face all in the screen obviously […]
  3. @mto_morgan

    Rocket League Montage

    So this is another assignment this week that I decided to make that is not listed on the assignment bank. This video is a clip montage from some of my gameplay in a popular game called, Rocket League. I lost a lot of clips this year, but still had enough to make a nice video out of. The clips I […]
  4. @mto_morgan

    My Puppies

    For this week I decided to do a couple assignments of my own. This assignment is essentially a time line of all the puppies that have joined the family over the past 3 years. For this assignment I used lightworks for the video editing and the content I have acquired over the years. I have two female and two male […]

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