1. @girlycurlyfries

    Narrative Ambiance


    In order to produce this video, I used Premiere which gave me the opportunity to add music along with my voiceover of the poem called Roads We Travel by Marilyn Lott. I’m not familiar with her other work or sure if she has any other work but I found this …

  2. @ldeitrick

    Weekly Summary 11


    This week had some roller-coasters for me, but once I was on a roll, it all coasted.  – Darn, I’m clever. 

    I started by week trapped in Iceland after a wind storm delayed my return flight by two days. But there are worst places to be trapped and I was …

  3. @ldeitrick

    Twitterverse and trolls


    The American people are under attack form the inside out. Russian trolls and bots have taken over the internet are dividing Americans, pitting brother against sister, child against parent. 

    Someone must save the day. Someone must put a stop to this – how do we heal the twitterverse? How do …

  4. @ldeitrick

    Head in the Clouds


    I was pretty excited to work on this last project with my new found awesome editing software. I chose to do a variation of the Serenity Now challenge. I listen to guided mediation on YouTube on a regular basis, so that makes be qualify to create one, right? …..Right?  

    Fairly …

  5. @ldeitrick

    To the coffee


    After my first stumbling block with Windows Movie Maker, I ran into a brick wall for the my second project, “Where do your shoes take you?” the Window Movie Maker audio component wasn’t working at all. This baffled me, as I had just used the system yesterday without any difficulty, …

  6. @ldeitrick

    Now Playing……


    For my first project this week, I chose to create an intro to a movie about my superhero Khatyrka. As some of you might recall, I created a poster for the movie a few weeks back. 

     I’ve now constructed the first scenes of the movie with opening credits. 

    I began …

  7. nohello

    The Last Of Us Project.


    The Last of Us( 2013)

    Is a golden egg in video games.

    Developed by Naughty Dog in 2013

    Winner of 231 critic awards ( more than any other game)

    Sold more than 5 million copies.

    The Soundtrack developed by Gustavo Santaolalla

    This game echoes deep emotion every time I hear …

  8. @girlycurlyfries



    This is my last assignment for this week and I had a lot of fun making it! I’ve made a Gordon Ramsay creation previously for this class and I thought why not continue that since he’s a person I not only look up to but laugh with. There are a …

  9. @ldeitrick

    Day in the life and Poetry


    Day in the life

    This was by far the most enjoyable project this week since I got to document my life experiences. I downloaded Adobe Premiere Clip, which is an awesome video editing application for your phone. This made compiling my videos and adding a soundtrack really easy and convenient. …

  10. @ldeitrick

    Video Essay


    Of course this assignment made me nervous. Would I have enough time to learn the logistics of creating a voice-over video? Would I pick a scene that had enough depth and character to analyze? Would the final product be something I could be proud of or something that would just …

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