1. @RoyMarkWeller

    Two movies-one trailer Unit 10





    Get two movies that have a similar theme and create a mashup movie trailer out of it. Throughout the trailer, it has to show the theme of the story and it’s got to be creative! Have fun as well!

    I have created a fusion of 2 film …

  2. @cilantro_12

    Zurvive the Night


    The time has finally come for me to produce, finesse, and publish my own zombie digital story – starring me, of course!…Well, it’s kind of me…if I were a computer animated sack doll. As I have become fascinated with the world of interactive stories lately, I decided to make my …

  3. @type217

    My VR Reveiw


    VR has become really popular lately and I have got my hands on a cheap VR headset, but it is still very immersive and enjoyable. I may not have been able to use the big brand VR headsets that come with the VR wands and headphones like the HTC Vive …

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