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  1. @ds106_mckayla

    5 important things to me :)

    This is the original link to the assignment. It is worth 3 stars. This video was a lot of fun to create because I got to pick the top 5 things that mean the most to me. I love my animals so I chose my dog and my cat. I also chose my boyfriend and my twin sister. Lastly, I chose my bamboo plant that I have been growing since my freshman year of college. I used a lot of different transitions between the videos. I decided to add in a little background guitar music. I think it all turned
  2. @KaraDS106


    I decided to put all of my stars into one post because they’re all hyperlinked to other videos/uploads! This week was INCREDIBLY hard. I spent about 12 hours on assignments this week and thought about withdrawing about 4 times. It sucked. But I prevailed and am now terrified of the rest of the semester. All …

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